ABOUT GAME infinite 

In 2017, Game Infinite launched to bring the latest gaming news, reviews, and other new entertaining content every day.  Later, Game Infinite launched a community called Game Infinite Friends: exclusively available to content creators such as cosplayers, streamers, artists, or indie developers! Earlier this year we launched GiFriends Mods where some talented GiFriends help with the internal nature of Game Infinite. These GiFriends help foster and grow the Game Infinite platforms with added participation and insight. With their help, we launched three Gi Channels on Instagram to bring daily content around a specific theme. I am excited to have this inner circle to grow Game Infinite further. 

Jesse - Owner

Favorite Video Game Series:

- Mass Effect

- Titanfall/Apex Legends

- Overwatch



Jesse's all time favorite video game character is Commander Shepard from Mass Effect. His love for gaming inspired him to create Game Infinite years ago. However, other interest outside of gaming include Photography, Writing, Science, Film, and TV. 



Jay - MOD

Favorite Video Game Series:  

-  Tomb Raider

GiFriends MOD - Tomb Raider Infinite Mod


Jay is a super talented in game photographer. When games feature a photo mode, keep on the look out for incredible shots that will make you wonder how they aren't an actual person. He is a huge Lara fan which made him a great choice to mod TRI. 



john - MOD

Favorite Video Game Series:  

- Rachet and Clank

- Basically anything Star Wars

GiFriends MOD - Star Wars Infinite Mod


John's a huge Star Wars fan. He manages a Star Wars podcast with him and his wife Megan. His favorite character ever is Starkiller from The Force Unleashed. When not working on Nerdherder and Star Wars Infinite he is helping out at the Salvation Army!



Megan - MOD

Favorite Video Game Series:  

- Legend of Zelda

- Basically anything Star Wars

GiFriends MOD - Star Wars Infinite Mod


Megan is the co-mod of Star Wars Infinite and like her husband John is a huge Star Wars fan. However, her favorite video game character ever is Cicero from Skyrim. Growing up she moved a lot and found a love for gaming playing with her brothers. She is a big fan of Nintendo games. When she isn't watching Star Wars or playing games she works at a local book store.