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10 Marvel Snap Cards That Need to Happen

Marvel Snap has became a essential part of my daily routine. It is just an absolutely fantastic game that I fell in love with in 2022. It ranked top 3 in our Top 10 Games of 2022, and only if not for the incredible competition making it one of the hardest top three's ever, it was seriously considered for my top spot. I just love how this game has made me fall in love with a genre of games that I normally don't like, card battling.

For this article, I am going to pitch characters we've yet to see in Marvel Snap! Below are cards and characters we haven't seen yet that I think might be cool to add to the game! Now it is possible some of these cards are already planned in some way, but these below are purely my ideas with just a idea for what their abilities could be. It is possible these characters will come about or may have already been in the works and will be different from my imagining. At the end of the day, these are just my ideas and have no inside connection. I also don't claim to be an expert at the game's balance so if you think a card is too powerful or broken, let me know in a comment section.

Some art is official comic art under fair use, while others are fan art used in permission and collaboration with artists. Credited Artists are listed. Please support our collaboration partners. We want to thank the talented artists who partnered with us to help bring some of these cards to life!

10. Arishem

The Eternals may have been personally a disappointing film in my opinion, but it did one thing well and that was inspire my curiosity and interest in the Celestials! These massive cosmic beings are just visually really cool. Arishem shows how Galactus could be done in the MCU as these massive beings have been difficult to adapt to film in the past.

I think Arishem has a really cool design and needs to come to the game. I made him very powerful as not only a 6 cost card but he destroys a location where you are losing.

9. X-23

Artwork: Provided by Douglas Bicalho

I feel like this game needs official "team up" cards. Cards that work well together for actual lore reasons not just gameplay reasons. Heroes that have a special in-comic connection maybe get a boost when played together. X-23 is a humble 1/3 card but she can boost Wolverine +3 Power. Thank you to artist Douglas Bicalho for helping bring this card to life.

8. Kitty Pryde

Artwork: Cosplay Image provided by @simplyarabella , Original Edit by @gyarmati_sandor, Further Edited with Prequel by Game Infinite, Photographer @cosbotphotography

I feel like this game needs more indestructible cards. Cards like Armor or Collossus are really are there is and with Destroy decks being so powerful and fun to play, it would be nice to have more protected cards. What is more indestructible that being able to phase through walls? Plus, playing on the "passing through" power, she can pass through a card and take up their space. Thank you to cosplayer @simplyarabella who helped bring this card to life.

7. Power Princess

Artwork: Provided by Douglas Bicalho

Power Princess is a character I only recently learned about. Marvel and DC are well known to have copy heroes from each other's side. In fact more major DC and Marvel heroes have some type of counter part in the other comic universe. But I had no idea Wonder Woman had such a similar counterpart in Marvel with Power Princess. She has such a visual similarity. However that being said, Power Princess while similar to WE would still make for a fascinating card in Marvel Snap.

I gave her the ability to protect cards at her location similar to Armor but with the added bonus of not protecting the enemy cards. This boost comes of course at a higher cost and lower power than Armor. I feel like so many cards center around destruction that the game needs more protection cards. Thank you to artist Douglas Bicalho for helping bring this card to life.

6. Yelena Belova

Yelena is by far my favorite character of the MCU Phase 4 and the Black Widow film. She is just super cool. We have Black Widow and Red Guardian, I think it's time for the other member of the family to arrive. She could also be a great booster for Black Widow.

In addition to being a humble 2/3 card, in the idea of wanting more "team up cards", She is boosted when played with Black Widow.

5. Mary Jane

Mary Jane is a beloved character from the spider-man comics. While she doesn't have powers herself, I gave her the ability to boost Spider heroes such as Spider-man, Spider-woman, Spider-Gwen, or Miles Morales, while also being a decently valuable 1/3 card. Being a potential 1/(3+5+5+5+5) card could make her invaluable to Spider-man decks.

4. Infinity Ultron

Marvel Snap so far has treated Variants just as that, Variants in the form of different artwork rather than whole new characters. Typically if a variant becomes a whole new card they have to be an entirely different character underneath like Spider-man vs Miles Morales or Thor and Jane Foster. Infinity Ultron is still Ultron just from the What If multiverse Disney+ Show. However, I absolutely LOVED the villain from What If. He is different enough from Ultron and Vision to warrant a whole new card. Plus I made him potentially one of the most powerful characters in the game, IF you play him right. Thanos shouldn't be the only card able to benefit from the Infinity Stones. I think other heroes should get buffs if certain Infinity Stones are played such as Captain Marvel, Vision, Dr Strange. Infinity Ultron is only able to be played if all 6 stones are played. Each stone played lowers cost -1. So if all stones are played by turn 6 her should be 6 cost. Put in all the work and you have yourself a powerful 6/25 card that could even defeat an Infinaut!

3. Gwen Stacey AKA Spider-Gwen

Artwork: Provided by

Spider-gwen is a personal favorite, and I gave her the ability to debuff a random enemy card. Not only does she have a decent power for a 6 cost T6, but she also can be very helpful for negating massive T6 moves. I want to thank Nickocreates for providing this fun Gwen that helped bring this card to life.

2. 2b

Artwork: Provided by Alma Magi @risalmagi

So far the developers have to my knowledge never said anything about the idea of cross overs. To be fair, why should they, Marvel has an absolutely massive catalog of characters to pull from. This massive list has lead to an already massive 200+ list of characters already. I also realize that crossover cards, would need to be done very sparingly. as this is MARVEL Snap after all. Too many could impact the games identity. However, If one could allow for one cross over card, I think it should be the Queen of crossovers herself, 2b. 2b has appeared in more games outside her own universe than most characters. She has appeared in so many different genres and games already, so why not Snap? The Nier creators have stated that they are pretty much willing to put 2b in any game that wants it. One of the reasons she has been so frequent a guest in many games, is that open willingness to license her. She is a fan favorite and brings people in. If the developers of Marvel Snap wanted it, I think the games popularity and 2b's creators willingness, I think this could be a non-zero chance.

For her ability, I took inspiration from her death and resurrection ability in Automata. When destroyed, she is "reborn" in your hand, and a slightly less powerful copy is left in its place.

Thank you to artist Alma Magi for helping bring this card to life!

1. Stan Lee

My number one pick is for none other than the creator of Marvel comics to arrive. It is only right that he be immortalized further into a card. I took inspiration from the fact that he is the creator of the universe we all are such a fan of, that his ability is based in creation. He creates up to 3 random cards in a location, at least 4 cost cards. He could be a great T6, and I think fans would love having him in the game assuming they could secure the rights to his likeness and name.


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