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Everything Announced at the Call of Duty BO4 Event


  • for PC

  • "Boots on The Ground" (No jump packs or wall running)

  • No Campaign

  • Three Zombies Maps

  • New Gameplay/Cinematic Trailers

  • New Recoil and Gun Mechanics

  • Battle Royal Mode: "Black Out" with vehicles!

  • Specialists Return in Multiplayer

  • Cover Art Reveal

Today, Trearch officially unveiled details for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 during its May 17th livestream! Prior, little was known about this game accept its name and release date. Today we got the first trailer showcasing gameplay and cinematics for multiplayer and zombies. Our most feared rumor was that Trearch was going to abandon the single player campaign. This was confirmed today that BO4 is entirely multiplayer focused. However, we were initially concerned they were simply going to cut the game in half and charge the same price. However what was also announced in its place was that BO4 would indeed have a battle royale mode called Black Out.

Black Out is a massive open map where the winner is the last person standing. This also features vehicles, a major first for Call of Duty multiplayer. Also at launch, the game is going to feature THREE Zombies maps, along with a pseudo-story element. These additional elements makes it feel more like Trearch simply swapped the campaign with other content, rather than simply leaving a hole. This helps with the sting somewhat. More awesome news for PC owners, Black Ops 4 will be launching exclusively on Blizzard’s platform for PC.

Other cool highlights for gameplay include a “boots on the ground approach” with an absense of jet packs and wall running. This is accomplished while still maintaining fluid fast gameplay with a feature they called “guns up”. This means the gun stays raised and active even when doin maneuvers. We also saw new realistic technology behind the new gun recoil technology. Also making an appearance was the return of “specialists”, making multiplayer characters in BO4 more diverse in gameplay and weapons. We are very excited to see where this all goes.

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