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Everything we want to see at E32018

Here is everything we want to see at E3 2018, from reveals, more information, to just plain wishful thinking. Also watch Podcast 18 where we cover the teams wishlist for E32018. E3 is just a round the corner, and you can count on Game Infinite to be bringing all the latest E3 news. We just cant want so let us dive in to what we want to see!  What we want revealed

1. Elders Scrolls VI

Or at least Skyrim on more platforms because it isn't quite on enough yet. Image what the greatest fantasy franchise on the planet could do with current consoles and pc. Something built for the 4k era. An era which gave us games like The Witcher 3, could yield the greatest fantasy open world game ever made. If Bethesda has audacity to break a way from ESO and give us a massive open world single player game in an era where some publishers seem to think otherwise, we could see something truly great. 

2. Halo 6, on all platforms including PC Microsoft needs a major win. It needs its golden goose to lay a pretty big egg. That goose is none other than Halo. Halo is why you buy an Xbox in the first place. With monsters like God of War, Detroit Become Human, Horizon Zero Dawn, and more Playstation is luring in even the most dedicated of xbox fans with such amazing titles (and fairly so as they are amazing). The Xbox One X is my favorite console as it truly is as great as Microsoft says. But it needs more exclusives, and not just exclusives, it needs heavy hitters. Halo 5 released all the way back in 2015! With that, it wasn't even well received with a super short campaign, and Mast Chief taking a back seat. We need not just Halo 6. We need the best Halo game ever made. We need it to have a campaign three times as long as 5. As much as it pains me to write, It needs to have a battle Royale mode. It needs to not just reignite Halo, it needs to reignite xbox one. Halo 6, especially (free with game pass?) holds the power to light the fire that will spark a rebellion that will burn the first plays- wait. sorry. wrong franchise.  

3. Nintendo 64 Classic

The only thing that would be better than Nintendo 64 Classic, would be seeing Nintendo do the right thing and give us all the virtual classics on Switch in an easy and affordable way. It makes all most too much sense for them to actually do it. 4. Doom 2

This one is easy. Doom was pretty great, and it is even better on the go as my copy is on my switch. I enjoyed the game and I enjoyed even more as the first AAA shooter on my switch, proving that all the developers that said the switch couldn't handle their games were just...wrong. 

5. Splinter Cell 

Splinter Cell content in Wild Lands? Check. Original players coming out of the wood works? Check. Major leak by Walmart? Again... Check. It is almost to obvious, but we have to say. We want to sneak around and be a spy. Give us Splinter Cell!

6. A new Perfect Dark This one is simple. Microsoft needs major first party exclusives and heavy hitters. Not timed exclusives. It needs a title with enough weight to garner enough attention, but something enough out of left field that it will surprise fans. Perfect Dark would be ripe for the taking. 

7. Game Pass Streaming Service

For Game Pass to gather the attention of the hard core players who prefer to own their games (like me) it needs to add a little bit of flair to seal the deal. Promising all first party exclusives to be on it was a great move on Microsofts part, but it still needs one more thing. Streaming. This will help off load gamers who are full on storage on their xbox ones that still max out at 1tb on board hard drives. Even more important is taking on valves desire to stream pc games to ios. Xbox games need to stream to iOS. I have one dream in gaming. I want to play Halo 6 on my iPad, and I want to play it when I'm not at home. Make. It. Happen. Xbox.  8. Xbox VR

We have said multiple times that VR is the future of gaming. Fully immersive 3D environments. We even put a VR game on our top ten 2017 list with Farpoint. Vr is definitely going to be a big part of Playstation's conference, Microsoft has to get in the game soon. When "project scorpio" was announced which later became the Xbox One X, it was announced as a VR machine. No, we didn't forget Microsoft. There was no mention of VR at the actual reveal of the One X and Microsoft has been very quiet about VR since then. When is the world's "most powerful console" getting VR support? 9. New Fable

For the same reasons, Xbox needs Halo 6 and Perfect Dark, it needs a new Fable game. Not just any fable game. It needs an amazing Fable game. 

10. Portal 3 To be honest, this probably won't happen. Valve has an unusual aversion to the number three. Portal 3 will sit in the eternal hopes of gamers waiting for Half Life 3, Team Fortress 3, and so on. Either way, with 4K, VR, and other new technology. Who wouldn't want to eat some more cake?

What we want release dates on These are all games we know are coming, some of them even still slated for 2018. They still all have wide or completely unannounced release windows. 

1. Final Fantasy VII

2. Kingdom Hearts 3 3. Crackdown 3 4. Super Smash Bros Switch 5. Code Vein 6. Beyond Good and Evil 2

7. Walking Dead  8. Darksiders 3 9. Cyberpunk 2077

Craziest Theory? We want the Playstation 5. Microsoft has been calling the One X the world's most powerful console. Our biggest request from E3 is for Sony to surprise us all with a new Playstation hardware. One that drawrfs the PS4 Pro and One X in power and performance. We want native 4K 60FPS on playstation. Does it make sense for Sony to bring us a new model to one up Microsoft? It would be amazing to see it. Whether they call it a 5 or something else is one thing, but new hardware would be awesome.  Tell us what you most want to see announced at E3 2018. Stay tuned for our live tweet sessions and racap of the conferences! 

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