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EA Play'18 - Gi E32018 Recap #1

Today kicks off E3 2018, and we couldn't't be more excited! We premiered Game Infinite last year around this time and we are so happy to see the growth thanks to you our fans. Stay tuned for our official one year announcement. If you want to watch Game Infinite's E3 2018 Wishlist, click here! This year EA starts with a bang with one killer of an EA Play.

1. BATTLEFIELD V First things first. Battlefield V gives us anew trailer! We learn much more about the destruction and rebuilding in Battlefield V. We learn that destruction is being taken to a new level. For example, tanks will be able to crash through buildings, and there is more realism to bullet travel to buildings and the environment. To help counter this added destruction, Battlefield V adds the ability to repair and rebuild elements in the map to keep it from being completely leveled in a map.


We give EA props for starting off with almost of an apology and admittance of failure that seemed genuine. EA admitted that they didn't get Battlefront 2 right and reminded viewers that they removed all the loot box based progression all together. Now, Star Wars BF2 is completely skill based progression, and loot boxes are only for the brand new bunch of cosmetics that are unlock-able in the game. They announced much more with saying that more Clone Wars content is coming, with Genonosis (their largest map to date) and heroes/villians like Obiwan, Skywalker, and Grevious.

3. Anthem

We got to see a lot more gameplay of Anthem, a brand new trailer, and some background and lore (like the meaning behind the name). It turns out that the Anthem is the name of some cosmic power that the heroes can utilize. (Destiny Light?) We also got sad news confirming that Anthem is delayed to 2019 with the official release date being February 22, 2019.

4. Unravel Two

A break from all the shooters and death, we get to see a surprise sequel to the EA Originals heartwarming and relaxing Unravel series. Even more surprising, it was immediately released as of today on Xbox, PC, and PS4. The developer expressed a desire to come to Switch, but that it was a big task that they hope to have time for in the future. The game can be played alone or with a friend introducing co-op capabilities.

5. Sea of Solitude

A new EA Originals titles was announced. This is a beautiful dark indie game that can only be seen rather than described.

6. EA Sports Expected but anticipated Annual Updates with NBA Live 19, Madden 19, and Fifa 19 were all announced. Sports games as feel secluded from the gaming world in their niche. Many gamers care nothing for them, but their die hards come only for their sports titles. Due to their polarized nature if you care for them, you can watch their trailers here! - FIFA 19

7. Command & Conquer Rivals

We have an unexpected mobile game bringing the beloved Command & Conquer games to mobile. Many hardcore fans already torn, seeing this as a dumbing down simplified version of their beloved franchise. However, the game did look pretty fun and may surprise even the hard core fans willing to see past the "mobile" nature of the games platform.

8. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order In a surprise polar opposite to the in-depth nature of the conference with a heavy focus on gameplay and detail, we got the reveal of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order reveal from Respawn Entertainment. Thats it. No logo. No teaser. Just the Exec in a pull out chair with a mic in his face saying the name of the new game. It was so random and so unexpected, we don't think they were ready to reveal it yet. Oops... Who care? A STAR WARS JEDI GAME IS COMING! Summary

We were pretty pleased with EA Play's press conference. For the most part, they focused on giving us in depth looks at games rather than brief announcements. One surprise absence was the rumored Plants Vs Zombies GW3 which was expected but nowhere to be found. Even if they were saving the in-depth content for a Sony or Microsoft partnership they would have most likely at least revealed it here. Switch content would have been a welcome addition, but the conference was all but devoid of the Nintendo console. We are excited to see what more EA content may appear in the coming days and in general over the weekend. We will see you guys over the course of the next few days with all your E3 2018 News right here on game

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