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QuakeCon 2018 Keynote Recap (Doom Eternal Update + More)

If you missed the Keynote from QuakeCon 2018, you can click above for the full press conference! Below is some of our favorite highlights.

DOOM ETERNAL We got a HUGE first look at Doom Eternal's gameplay. As a reminder for those unaware, make no mistake, Doom Eternal is a full sequel to the hit 2016 Doom, not an expansion or DLC. It is in fact "Doom 2". Doom Eternal looks to be awesome high octane wild ride. We get to see details on new weapons, including a grabble mechanic that allows for fast traversal. In Doom Eternal, we get to see the player able to fly around grappling demons in order to get a close up kill shot. Now, with this added agility, they show that worked to make the character feel even more bad ass and tank like. Some other cool mechanics, we get to see evolution to the way Demon's take damage. Demons will have armor and chunks of themselves break off as they take damage in a way that looked pretty cool. One of our favorite new mechanics is a the game feature which will allow other players to invade your game and play as demons. This sounds like a super fun new game mode. Check out the full gameplay break down here!

Also revealed is that like its predecessor, Doom Eternal will be coming to Nintendo Switch. This shows Bethesda's commitment to bringing AAA titles to the Nintendo console when other third parties are still giving it a wide birth.

QUAKE CHAMPIONS In addition to Doom, we also got some really cool news for Quake Champions. Bethesda previously had implied that Quake Champions would be a paid game after its free early access. However, during the keynote, Bethesda announced that Quake Champions is going to remain a free game permanently. Now we just can hope for a console port!


We learned that the next expansions for ESO are going to include werwolves and swamp creatures! The expansions are called Wolfhunter and Murkmire respectively. Wolfhunter has a release date of August 13 for PC and Aug. 28 for consoles. Murkmire’s release date is TBA. As always, for the latest gaming insight stay right here on Game Infinite News.

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