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Gamescom 2018 Blizzard Recap: Overwatch

Thanks to timezones, if you missed the Overwatch portion of Blizzard it is understandable as for those of us in the US much of it happened in the very early morning or night, but when we woke we were not disappointed!

Crowd favorite, D.Va received her long overdue Animated Short! has been a very popular character since the very beginning of Overwatch two years ago, and to this day she is one of the few remaining original popular characters who hadn't received her own short. In this short we get to see a brief bit of her life, how her suit actually has a in lore purpose. Up until now all we knew of was essentially she was an ex-pro gamer who now has a mech suit? With this background we now know become essentially a super hero, protecting her city of invading machines. It gave us serious Pacific Rim vibes, (only better). One more cool reveal is details on MEKA the Korean defense program D.Va is a part of. We now know that there are four more pilots in MEKA with different appearances and mech suits. Perhaps a future hero will be another MEKA pilot? Another major reveal is the name and look of the enemy Omnics that attack Korea in the Overwatch Universe, called the Gwisin which is Korean for Ghost. We see a quick clip of a large "Kaiju sized" invader, and in the short several flying squid like robotic creatures battling Perhaps we have a new "species" of Omnic for a future character or perhaps enemy type in an Anniversary event.

What was really impressive was how well they implemented's gameplay mechanics into the story of the short, like her defense matrix, voice lines, rockets, and Ultimate ability. Check it out below!

In addition to the long awaited short, we get our first glimpse of a new map called Busan. It is a control map with D.Va theme elements.

"Travel to Busan, South Korea and battle for control across three distinct locales within one map: Sanctuary, Downtown, and MEKA Base," - trailer description The map is currently available of the PTR for PC players so we should hopefully see it launch for everyone soon.

In other news, we learned there is a new member in the high end collection of fully detailed Overwatch character statues with Doomfist! He is available now only for the super fans at 300$ at the Blizzard Store.

Lego's Empire knows no bounds. Is there anything that doesn't come in the little plastic figures? Well now, Overwatch is coming soon to LEGO! For the latest gaming news and the Gamescom 2018 updates, stay here on Game Infinite News.

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