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Nintendo Direct September Recap

Nintendo dropped a treasure trove of new info for switch games. We got news on release dates, ports, official names, and new game announcements! It was great to see such a huge updates, as the last direct was 100% super smash focus. While we are super excited for Smash, there hasn't been any major Switch news lately, and this definitely hit the mark. Below are just some of the biggest announcements. For those of you that missed it, check out the full live stream below!

1. Yoshi's Crafted World (2019)

We have been super excited for the yet to be titled Yoshi game for a long time now. This was announced way back in 2017 alongside a new Kirby game for the Switch. While both games were slated for a 2018 release, Kirby received a name, a release date, and have come an gone all with zero news about the untitled Yoshi game. When E3 2018 came and went with zero news, we were kind of clued in to the idea that Yoshi wasn't coming soon. Now, we have news that Yoshi Crafted world is its final name, and it is coming in Spring 2019. The unique alterable perspectives in the game look promising, similar to how Captain Toad's game worked, we will see how much a 2.5D platform can do in 2019. Kirby felt hollow and repetitive, so time will tell if Yoshi can bring it home.

2. Luigi's Mansion 3 (Working Title)

This was a surprise gem from the Nintendo Direct. Luigi's Mansion 3 (working titles) was announced with a cinematic trailer. Not much is known at this point, but we are excited to hear about a sequel to this beloved series.

3. Civilization VI (Nintendo Switch)

The beloved multi era civilization tactics series is coming to Nintendo Switch. This popular PC series has come to iOS, and is now available on both the big screen and on the go. We can't wait to check out this series on switch.

4. Final Fantasy (Nintendo Switch MEGA DROP)

Do you like Final Fantasy? Well just watch as multiple major final fantasy titles are all being ported to Nintendo Switch. The timeless Final Fantasy VI is probably the most exciting. The remaster for Final Fantasy 7 isn't coming for quite a while, in fact the developer has admitted they announced the game way too early. If you need an excuse to play the original again, just wait for it on Switch.

5. Super Mario Bros U Deluxe

Nintendo has done an excellent job bringing us some of the greatest games from the failed Wii U generation to the widely successful Switch console. While the Wii U didn't see success doesn't mean it didn't have some great games. We have already seen Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, and Captain Toad come to switch, and while we are not getting a smash port, we are getting a full new even better release. Only a few titles remain, and Super Mario U Deluxe is one of them. Coming This January, we can look forward to the first "traditional" side scrolling Mario game on switch. Super Mario Odyssey was amazing, and honestly my favorite game of 2017. If you have the urge for a more nostalgic feeling but with a modern twist then look no further. Super Mario u deluxe introduce two new characters and offers the Super Luigi U version for free!

6. Town (Working Title)

Town is a new upcoming RPG story from the makers of Pokemon. We don't much about the story with this new story, so it is just worth watching the trailer.

7. Animal Crossing Switch (Working Title 2019)

With nothing more than a tease, we find out the the beloved Animal Crossing Series is getting a full new game on Nintendo Switch in 2019.

These were just some of our favorite announcements for the September Direct but there were many more! Others included: Cities Skylines coming to Switch, More details and pricinging for Nintendo Switch Online service, a showcase of Diablo 3 on Switch, a Prequel DLC for Xenoblades 2, and a Hardware Bundle for Super Smash on Switch, table top games on switch, updates to platoon. This Direct is jam packed.

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