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LIS Review Retraction/Error Apology

Previously, an article reviewing the game Life is Strange 2, Ep. 1, was posted on our website and multiple social media outlets. It was posted too early and still in need of review and revisions. This was my error. This is an apology for this article and a retraction of its content. For those of you that did not read it, I found the game offensive and racist. To me its negative portrayal of America was too much, and I spoke rather negatively about it. While that is simply my opinion of the game, in my haste I posted the review earlier than it should have. It needed more editing and consideration by a peer to focus more on the logic and gameplay, rather than an emotional response and It came off as more political than I intended. My concerns about the game came across to some as a criticism over politics instead of the game, and that was not my intent. This was combined with a thumbnail that was used to attract views, and used negative sarcasm to critique the game in a way that offended.

My article and accusations of racism in the game offended a few readers, and for that I sincerely apologize. I wish to foster open minded dialogue and discussion about sometimes controversial content in games and I failed to do that as best as I could have. I hope to improve my writing in future articles and will continue to bring you up to date gaming news and reviews. I realize that I manage a community of gamers and I want to be an example of open communication and discussion.

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