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Black Desert Online Xbox One Beta announcement

Black Desert Online "Open Beta" has been announced for Xbox One starting November 8th 2018. This is exciting news for xbox fans who have been waiting to get their hands on this PC MMO for quite a while. Originally announced to be coming to the xbox one as a console timed exclusive a year and a half ago during the E3 2017 reveal of the xbox one x, Black Desert has seen some delayes making it to this platform. This game was originally announced to be an early 2018 title for Xbox One as part of Microsoft E3 2017 efforts to bring more exclusives to its new Xbox One X platform; with no news at E3 2018, and the significant delay was disheartening to xbox fans, we at least get to start playing the title this year in the beta. It will support full 4K capabilities on Xbox One X and was shown off as an example of the new console's power. When Microsoft unveiled their newest "most powerful console", they showcased games that would really flex the new machines muslces, like Assassin's Creed Origins and Forza, and Black Desert was no exception. The game looks beautiful and is one of the more beautifully detailed MMO's. While many MMO's due to their size and server demands can often look a a generation or two behind, Black Desert shows us what MMO's can look like with the right power and effort, something which is made even more impressive by the fact it originally released on PC back in 2014, granted it has seen many updates since then. The game features many character classes, a detailed character creator, and a beautiful open world. It also has character modeling that is top notch, and something you would expect from an offline RPG. We hope it's success will encourage other PC only devlopers to bring their games to console in the future. As always, stay tuned on Game Infinite News for more information on Black Desert Online on Xbox One as it becomes available.

(Xbox One Black Desert Online Reveal Trailer 4K)

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