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Blizzcon 2018 Recap

Blizzcon 2018 has brought us some amazing updates, reveals, and cool content for some of the most beloved gaming franchises. Here are some the biggest pieces of news. If you want to watch the full opening ceremonies check out below.

(Blizzcon 2018 Opening Ceremony)

1. Heroes of the Storm New Character: ORPHEA

Blizzard kicked off the Blizzcon opening with one of its first announcements being a character reveal for Heroes of the Storm: Orphea. She is an upcoming mid-range assassin hero, and is going to be free to Blizzcon attendees or virtual ticket holders. We get her reveal with an action packed cinematic. Check her reveal trailer here.

2. Overwatch New Character(s)*

In a weird way, Overwatch fans got a triple helping of character reveals. This is partly because Blizzard revealed a new playable character: ASHE, and she is unique because her Ultimate is summoning a NPC omnic named BOB who aids her in battle. We also learn who an upcoming hero is. Blizzard has never "pre-announced" a playable character before. ECHO, is briefly shown to fans but with the preface that Blizzard needs more time to work on her, but she is coming. All we know about Echo is that she is a shiny white omnic with a blue holographic face. She is very reminiscent of a similar looking omnic hero from the origianl artwork. So we have Ashe, Bob, and Echo to look forward to. Ashe is a gunslinging sharpshooter DPS. She has a rifle for mulitple ranges, a grenade, and a shotgun. She looks like she is going to be a blast to play as.

(Echo, Bob, and Ashe)

3. Overwatch McCree Short:

Not to stop with just reveals, We aslo get treated to McCree's official short! With plenty of action, western style tension, tumbleweeds, and guest appearances from Bob, Ashe, and the teaser reveal of ECHO, it is a jambacked short that is a must for Overwatch Fans!

(McCree Cinematic Short)

4. Diablo Immortal

Blizzard didn't leave Diablo fans hanging. While Sadly, there was no mention or hint at Diablo 4, we did get a new Diablo game. Fans are torn on this but it does look exciting. Blizzard has developed a full mmorpg Diablo experience for Mobile. Diablo Immortal may not be the 4th entry many were hoping for, but it may surprise us all when it launches. Blizzard is bringing the Diablo experience more and more on the go, with a reminding mention of Diablo III launching on Switch this week. The diablo game style lends itself well to mobile platforms, so Immortal may just be awesome. It plays similar to the Diablo experience we love already, and takes place after Diablo 2. Check it out above.

5. Destiny 2 - Free on PC

Some of you may be wondering why Destiny 2 is on a list for Blizzard. That is because on PC Destiny 2 came to PC by taking advantage of the platform. It did come across a little bit like Activision was there with a "We promise it is better than launch, please play it, have it for free". AAA shooters going free so soon since debut and a push for updates and improvements doesn't instill a lot of confidence. However, I personally found the game to be really fun, but with a focus on post release paid content, Activision may be regretting fracturing their player base. Going free even temporarily may be a way to compensate for that. Either way, if you have PC, definitely go get your free copy of Destiny 2 before November 18th.

6. World of Warcraft Classic

World of Warcraft fans will be excited to know that they are getting two big opportunities to enjoy even more WOW. First annoucned last year, We now know World of Warcraft Classic is coming Summer 2019, free* to WOW subscribers. World of Warcraft Classic is described as a "modern interpretation" of the original game from 2004. So if you want to see how much the game has changed over the years, or just have a longing for the good ole days WOW Classic will be for you.

7. Warcraft 3 Remaster

Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil 2, Spyro, Medievil...

Not to be outdone in the remaster department, Blizzard is bring a remaster for WARCRAFT 3! It is a remaster of the RTS PC game coming late 2019. Blizzard said they didn't just want to update the graphics, but to modernize and improve the game as well.

These are just 7 of the biggest pieces of gaming news at Blizzcon 2018. The event was jam packed with fun and exciting news across your favorite franchises. As always, stay tuned for your latest Blizzard and gaming news here at Game Infinite.

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