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N7 Day 2018 - Top Mass Effect Moments

Today is N7 Day 2018, and if you don't know what that means, then you must not be a Mass Effect fan. N7 Day is the unofficial holiday that celebrates the Mass Effect games. In the lore, N7 referes to a special class of Alliance soldier, who consideres some of the best of the best, and is the famed logo on the chest of Commander Shepard, the main character. As some of you may already know Mass Effect is my favorite game series of all time. The first trilogy contains one of the greatest stories in gaming, driven by player choice, immense lore, and character depth. It is one of my favorite scifi stories and contains some awesome moments. Today's N7 Day is epecially cool with the news that Mass Effect Andromeda is now Xbox One X Enhanced with 4k and HDR support! We also got a beautiful tribute to the Mass Effect series along with the announcement.

(N7Day 2018 Tribute Video)

Below are 5 of the "best" moments in the Mass Effect Trilogy. Note, while some moments were very memorable they were not very positive. Major deaths or saddest moments would be another list. Beware, These contain major spoilers for the original Mass Effect trilogy.

5. Citadel Party

(Source: Youtube Channel - Mass Effect)

The Citadel DLC for ME3 was by far the best DLC for the games, as it not only gave a unique and interesting mission, it also added multiple experiences to get to know your team more before the final mission. This DLC brings us a funeral for Thane. It gives a interest villian. You have the opportunity to have Shepard go on a date with their Significant Other. However, it's best part is a party you get to have with your all friends. The mission from start to finish offers more closure than the actuall ending of the game.

4. Seeing the Normandy SR2 for the First Time

(Source: Youtube channel - GameScenes)

Nothing makes you feel more like the Captain of your own starship than this scene from Mass Effect 2 where you see the Normandy SR2 for the very first time. You feel like it is YOUR ship, and the ship is just beautiful in space. You get to see it depart. Everything from the cinematography to the music is perfect. It is an emotional moment from start to finish, and you get to share it with none other than Joker, your friend and pilot from the first game.

3. Suicide Mission

(Source: Youtube Channel - Hoodaticus)

All of Mass Effect 2 was preparation for massive mission. It was reffered to from the get go as the "Suicide Mission" You discover early that a distant threat is coming. The collectors have abducted humans from colonies, and you suspect they are working for the real villians, the Reapers, the impending doom of all the Galaxy. You spend the bulk of all of the game building a crew of chracters and preparing for this final encounter. Mass Effect 2 is often reguarded as one of the greatest scifi games of all time, and many to be one of the greatest games of all time. It's final act lives up to that legend. Everyone can die. Or everyone can survive based on your decisions before the mission and during. It is tense, and feels like a suicide mission. Even upon multiple playthroughs or having looked up proper choices, it has weight even if you do everything right. Knowing your choices are going to dictate who lives in Mass Effect 3 adds even more weight to your decisions. The suicide mission of Mass Effect 2 is a once in a lifetime gaming experience that deserves a play.

2. Reaper vs Thresher Maw

(Source: Youtube Channel -J.C.'s Channel)

The story arc of the plight of the Krogen and the genophage is an arc that comes to an end in Mass Effect 3. It is one of the most emotional and gut wrenching stories in the entire game. This is the mission that for most of us, Mordin dies. This is the mission where we have to question ethics and the morility of helping the Krogen who suffer from an infertility virus given to them by the Salraians. These are a people who were brought to the modern spacefairing age way to early. Their population reproduces too quickly to be sustainable outside their harsh envirnoment. Their aggressive nature endangers the galactic society. Curing them could be dangerous, but leaving them be seems unethical. This mission causes you to cure them or betray your friend Wrex. It is an amazing mission and it concludes with one of the coolest scenes in the series. You trigger a local kaiju creatur called a Thresher Maw to battle a Reaper. It is just awesome, and makes up for the tears you will shed in this mission.

1. Return to Earth

(Source: Youtube Channel -Varibash)

Three Games, Hundreds of hours, Countless multiplayer hours spent... Romance. Action, Mystery, all lead up to this moment. The return to Earth scene is the culmination of every action in Mass Effect 3 and before. Did you work hard enough to save both the Geth and the Quarians? Did you save the Destiny Ascension way back in ME1? Did the entire galaxy rally behind you to save Earth or did you fail to bring everyone with you? This scene is powerful as members of every species in the galaxy joins forces for the first time to help you retake earth from the Reapers. Mass Effect 3 begins with an emotionally difficult decision to leave Earth when Reapers are invaiding, so that you can bring help. Earth has fallen and it is your job to convince the galaxy to help you save it. It is one of the largest fleets assembled in a scene and it contains a massive face off against the Reapers. It is impressive on the surface, but given the context of three who games behind it, it makes it one of the most powerful scenes in the game.

(Gi Mass Effect Andromeda Screenshots)


Game Infinite hopes you enjoy your N7 Day! Post in the comments what your favorite moment in Mass Effect is, and remember to check out the new update for Andromeda on Xbox One X! Stay tuned for the latest Mass Effect news here on GAME INFINITE.

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