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Announcing "Game Vault"

"Game Vault" is the newest subset of “Game Infinite Reviews”.

While I will continue to focus Game Infinite and upcoming “Reviews with Friends” on reviewing the latest releases, I found the need to add an additional area. Based on today’s gaming industry, older gamers are frequently updated. Games as a service are on the rise, and games often times are very different after release. Also with other variables like mid cycle upgrades like the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One X, and PS4, we are seeing games having more unique life cycles. I thought it would be beneficial to sometimes revist (or try out for the first time) older games when they becomes relevent again. "Game Vault" will review and revisit older games that have been updated in some way.

This could include a variety of scenarios such as:

  • Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Update

  • Post-Release Update to 4K on Console

  • New Characters, Maps, Modes on service based games

  • DLC

  • Recent Console Ports

  • Definitive Editions

  • Other Significant Game Changing Updates

While Definitive Editions are updated versions of games, full Remasters/Remakes (ie. Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Resident Evil 2 Remake) will continue to be treated as new games as a Game Infinite Review.

I hope that offering Game Vault will offer more entertaining reviews, screenshots, and clips for you all. As always, stay tuned here on Game Infinite Reveiws for the latest reports on games.

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