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Game Infinite's Best Ports, Updates, and Definitive Editions of 2018

This is the era of gaming where games can be very grow over time, be different than its first arrival. Games can exist on multiple new platforms, seeing new life with players who didn't get to before. Sometimes games need extra time to get into the mainstream after their year of launch. That is why, I wanted to make a list devoted to these games that got some extra spotlight in 2018 after their first arrival.

6. Arena of Valor (Port to Nintendo Switch)

Final Score: 7.5/10 (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch) (Full Review Here)

MOBA's arrive on Nintendo Switch! Arena of Valor is one of my favorite Switch games of the year, and is super fun. The MOBA genre is one of those genres that rarely leave the PC/Mobile platforms, and honestly it shines on the Switch. The game is Free to Play, so it is an obvious pick to try out. The rotating roster of free characters also keeps the game fresh without a need to feel like spending money; however, the game is pretty fun, purchasing some of your favorite characters also feels like a good investment. The game is not without its flaws, such as balancing issues, pacing, and high cost of characters. However, the game is polished and feels like a great start for the genre on Switch. For Switch owners looking for more mature titles on the platform, or perhaps have never played a moba, AOV is a great pick to try out. The game also runs well, and the port to console was done with polish. Never do the menus or controls feel like a mobile port, but actually feel like a controller was in mind. The only thing that would really put it over the top, if it had the DC heroes. The mobile version has DC super heroes that for now have been left out of the Switch version. Hopefully they will eventually make it over. That being said with a diverse cast of heroes, decent graphics, and fun battles that typically stay under the 15 minute mark, this fast paced game is worth some space on your Switch memory. Read the full review here.

(Arena of Valor Character Wallpapers)

5. Captain Toad Treasure Stacker (Port to Nintendo Switch)

Final Score: 8/10 (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch) (Read Full Review)

Toad Treasure Stacker is a fun little puzzle platformer. I wanted to play it on the Wii U, but I like many skipped that console. It was one of the games I wished would be ported to Switch, and I got my wish. It was totally worth the wait, because the game offers many levels with unique puzzles. You control Toad in an unsual perspective. The map floats in a 3D semi cubicle shape and you rotate the map around to see different paths and perspectives to uncover collectibles and treasures and eventually reach the end. My only negative is the games difficulty, its too easy for a puzzle game. Nintendo has always had a wide appeal, so I am not asking for Souls difficulty; but the game is so easy, the games appeal comes from the journey and fun nature of the gameplay. Read the Full Review here.

4. Diablo III (Port to Nintendo Switch)

Final Score: 8/10 (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)

The acclaimed third installment of the Diablo franchise hits the Nintendo Switch. This port offers more value to the bigger picture of Switch than just the game itself. Its existence only further justifies the Nintendo Switch as a modern console. Until now, Bethesda had been the sole major third party supporting the Switch. Games like Wolfenstein, Doom, and Skyrim sat somewhat out of place as repeatedly major AAA studios sat back unsure of the platform and skipping it for upcoming releases. The Switch certaininly has been more popular than its failed predecessor, but for it to be more than a Indie/First Party maching, it needs support from major studios. Now, Blizzard arrives. I never played Diablo, but I always wanted to give it a try and this is a perfect excuse; but moreso, I wanted to support Blizzard in this reguard. If Diablo III is a success on Switch, it will encourage Blizzard (and perhaps others) to continue to bring their games to Switch. Perhaps Diablo 4, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm could make it Switch someday?

Diablo III itself runs beautifully on the platform. I never once expereinced any graphical or lag issues. I think being an older game helped, since it was original availbale on older less powerfuls sytems like a PS3. It comes fully loaded with the DLC expansions. I played as the necromancer. The necromancers gameplay is definitely fun as the first attack you gain is a ranged maneuver that causes deathly spikes to appear beneath enemies.

If you have never played Diablo before, and want to get prepared for Diablo 4 when it arrives, I suggest that the ability to play on the go is definitely a fun place to start. Of course, if you don't have a switch, playing the Eternal Collection on other platforms.

3. Injustice 2 Legendary Edition

Final Score: 8.5/10 (Reviewed on PS4 Pro) (Full Review Here)

Injustice 2 was a game I missed in 2017, and was happy to have an excuse to visit it again in 2018. With the arrival of the "Legendary Edition" this definitive edition brought us all the major DLC of the game. Honestly, waiting for this edition worked out well for me, because I think I would have been dissapointed at the small launch roster. Seeing games like Super Smash Bros give us 70+ characters has really raised my standard for how I judge fighting games and I think developers of fighting games needs to start giving us more at launch to justify the 60$ price tag. Gamers are getting tired of paying extra for beloved characters and I can't blaim them. The extra characters included in the LE justify the price of the game now with a more reasonable, still not extraordinary, roster. The story is amazing and draws you in especially if you are DC fans. The fighting mechanics have a little bit of a learning curve but are vastly improved over the first game. For the full review on Injustice 2 LE, click here.

2. Player Unknown Battlegrounds 1.0 Launch on Xbox One

Final Score: 8.5/10 (Reviewed on Xbox One X)

2016 had Overwatch. 2017 had PUBG. This is the game that started to Battle Royale phenomenon that has swept and consumed modern gaming. This buggy ugly ex-mod grew into a PC phenomenon in 2017. It became widely popular taking millions of players in this new genre of multiplayer. It existed as early access on PC for most of 2017.

On a hunt to find exclusives to bolster the success of the new Xbox One X, Microsoft did themselves and PUBG Company a huge favor, and helped bring PUBG to xbox in early access.

Since the PC early access success and existing for half of 2018 as early access on Xbox, it finally arrived. 1.0 on Xbox One. "Officially launching" on xbox was a big deal as the game has a new arrvial here in 2018, bring attention back to it and players back to check it out. I myself was one of them. Having played it in early access and was largely unimpressed, I gave it another try at 1.0. I was certainly impressed with the improvements. The One X 1.0 enhancements certainly made the game look much better and run smoothly. I didn't die thanks to bugs, and game assets loaded properly. 1.0 is a arbitrary distinction, a game like this grows with time; however the 1.0 launch made the game relevant again in 2018 and for xbox players. I have since made it an occassional game to visit and enjoy. The Halloween and Christmas events were enjoyable. The growth of PUBG on console helped pave the way for its additional PS4 launch this year as well as Mobile.

1. Fortnite (Battleroyale, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, Worldwide Phenomenon)

Final Score: 9/10 (Reviewed on Xbox One X)

I play a lot of games. I even play the games most people skip. That is part of my job as managing Gi is to play and review as many games as I can. That being said, I remember standing in GameStop when Fortnite launched in 2017, having watched the trailer, for a cartoony zombie defense shooter. I remember just kinda shrugging and goin "nah". Honestly, the game was launching in beta and it looked like another bland forgettable zombie game. For most of you, there are two types of games. The big popular AAA titles you see in comercials, and the Indie Games that are so good you hear about them by a friend or on a major gaming stage event. What many forget is there is this middle category of "B games" that no one plays, arent very good, and eventually get discounted 80% very quickly. Especially with multiplayer, you can get burnt by buying a game that is shut down later. Disney Infinity, Lawbreakers, Deformers, Paragon, are burnt their early adopters. So when I looked at this online game in beta, it wasn't even free to play, I just thought it would be gone in a month or two.

Man oh man was I wrong. Granted, this isn't the same game that I was rejecting. That was "Fortnite: Save the World". Not even the developers seem to care about that mode any more. In late 2017, Epic Games shifted their focus to the new free mode none other than BATTLE ROYALE: the magic mode that has swept the gaming industry, first thanks to PUBG, but largely do to the gaming phenomenon that is Fortnite. In 2018, we saw Fortnite: Battle Royale TAKE OVER. It is impossible to talk about 2018 in gaming without mentioning Fortnite. This game has become a worldwide phenomenon. If you walk through a mall you will see shirts for Fortnite. Ninja has become the world's most popular streamer, gamer, and even arguably one of the more popular celebrities in the world. Fortnite (and Ninja) are household names and known by people well outside the gaming circles. Parents have hired tutors for their children to learn to play the game better. It has top the charts on Mixer and Twitch.

Fortnite is largely reponsible for more focus on bringing "real games" to mobile, as they have done it successfully. Fortnite is responsible for Sony FINALLY after years of push back on cross play, opening up its borders to other consoles after controversy sprung up during the launch of Fortnite on Switch. Gamers found their Epic accounts created on PS4 locked to the console preventing sign on on other devices.

Never has a single game had such an impact on pop culture, and the gaming world. The widespread consequences of this game are immense, and honestly is the biggest release in 2018 by leaps and bounds. Fortnite's success gave Epic Games enough funds to open its own PC store capable of competing with pc mega behemoth STEAM!

Conclusion, many amazing games re-released this year, and are worth your attention. Nintendo Switch owners had the most to benefit from releases as we saw countless great Wii U ports, More Thirdparty Support from Blizzard and Epic, as well as of course particpation in the worldwide phenomenon that is Fortnite. If you don't yet have a Switch, 2019 might be a good year to get one. Stay tuned for the Most Anticipated Games of 2019 right here on

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