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Game Infinite's Best Performances of 2018

2018 is one of the most important and amazing years in gaming to date. The big three are flourishing. Gaming as a whole is growing, and this year brought us some of the most amazing, beautful, and ground breaking games. While some of this years success is owed to mega phenomenons like Fortnite, as well as other amazing technolgy pushing the boundaries on Video Game aesthetics, we also can thank some beyond amazing performances. These actors and actresses trully brought to life some amazing characters that helped give us some of the best story driven games in recent memory. While service games are rising, it is talented people like these that continue to tell amazing stories, bringing heart and passion to characters. Below are Game Infinite's Best Performances of 2018.

6. Melissanthi Mahut - As KASSANDRA in "Assassin's Creed Odyssey"

Melissanthi Mahut, a Greek Canadian actress, in 2018, provided the voice for Kassandra in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. Kassandra is arguably the more fleshed out character of Odyssey. Her journey in game is an amazing one, aided by the new RPG elements of Odyssey. Mahut helps Kassandra reach a level of depth of character, that is difficult to see in a series that is forced by premise to abandon main characters with each game. The assassin's creed games jump time periods regularly so it difficult to attach to a protagonist. The new rpg elements give us a choice in path, and having a relatable character with emotion and depth helps make the game have more impact. Thanks in part to Mahut's performance, we see Odyssey becomes the greatest game in the franchise to date.

5. Yuri Lowenthal - As voice of PETER PARKER in "Spider-Man (2018)"

American actor Yuri Lowenthal is know across nerdom for his voice acting skills in many games, anime and others. His work includes Ben 10, Dead or Alive, Naruto, Prince of Persia, Afro Samurai, and many more. So he definitely was a smart choice to voice Peter Parker in the newest Spider-man game for PS4. Dispite his experience alone, once you hear him as the voice of spider-man, honestly you are sold at him just sounding like Peter Parker. He was a perfect match. Game Infinite gave Spider-man a astounding 10/10 score, and at least part of that goes to the incredible story and characters in the game. His commentary as you fly across the city, and the wit and humor in the dialogue is also very well made. His performance will make you laugh, and make you cry. The game is definitely worth all the hype, and is one of the best super hero games to date. Read the full Spider-man Game Infinite Review here.

4. Christopher Judge - As voice of KRATOS in "GOD OF WAR (2018)"

Christopher Judge, best known for his role in Stargate, takes on the one and only Kratos. God of War not only won GOTY in Gi's Top 10 Games of 2018, but also won GOTY at the Game Awards. This prestige is well deserved and is largely owed to the performance of Judge as Kratos. Over the course of the game we get to see a distant and somewhat cold Kratos begrudgingly take on a journey with his son, and slowly warm up. The character best known for his blind greek god killing rage, becomes a Father figure. The depth of emotion exhibited by Judge is amazing. He manages to take a colder character, a godlike figure, and manages to make him human, without detracting from him being KRATOS. Kratos becomes more relatable and likeable being, without lowering what he is. He is now a single father with a maturity and depth never seen before. When Kratos gets angry, it now has more emotional justification behind it. When Kratos is forced to revist his past you can feel the emotional weight of that event. Thanks to Judge, "BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" will be forever engrained in pop culture references to 2018. Read the full review of God of War here.

3. Roger Clark - as Arthur Morgan in "Red Dead Redemption 2"

Winning Best Performance at the Game Awards 2018, and understandably so, Roger Clark, born in New Jersey, was raised in Ireland and trained in the U.K. He attended University of Glamorgan in Cardiff, Wales. Roger Clark gives us an amazing performace as Arthur Morgan in the critically acclaimed Red Dead Redemption 2. Arthur is by far the best example of the "cowboy" archetype in video games to date. Roger has a laid back easy going personality that lends well the style of cowbow that Arthur is. The choices made in the game, and the journey you go on with Clark as Morgan is an emotional and beautful adventure that will live on in memory for years to come. For many, Red Dead Redemption was the best game of the year, and this is largely owed to the amazing story and performance of its characters.

(Roger Clark winning Best Performance at the Game Awards 2018)

2. Bryan Dechart - as CONNOR in "Detroit Become Human"

In one of my favorite games of the year, Detroit Become Human,gives us an amazing story, following three characters. I debated who would be the best to choose from this game, but in the end the choice was obvious. Bryan Dechart as the model and voice of Connor is one of the best performances of the year. Dechart plays a machine, a machine who over the course of the game has the opportunity to be more human. Bryan has the challenge of being an actual human, playing a android. He has to first convince us of that robotic nature through his performance. Connor is believeable as a machine, without going to far to the extreme as being emotionless and bland. He has a robotic charm that makes him likeable, yet believeable as a machine. Then slowly over the games progression, depending on player choice, Connor becomes more and more human, all without forgetting the machine underneath. This character progression and performance is what wins Dechart the second spot on this list. It would have been too easy for Connor to be a cold terminator like character, or too human so that to be unbelievable as a machine. Instead, Dechart manages to balance this line perfectly. He is the funniest part of the game, and his wit and lieable nature makes the game one of the best of the year. Read the full review of Detroit Become Human here.

1. Camilla Luddington - as LARA CROFT in "Shadow of the Tomb Raider"

While the others on this list, I can't argue them winning this list for some others. 2018, saw some of the best single player stories to date. However, I think the best performance goes to English actress Camilla Luddington for her role as Lara Croft., namely in 2018's Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Moreso than the other characters on this list, Lara exhibits an incredible range of emotions in the game. Long gone is the cold action hero, and replaced is a diverse and deep character. What impressed me most about SotTR is a very genre diverse game, and to make it maintain tonal sense is for the game to be carried by Camilla's performance. The game jumps from horror, to adventure, to puzzle, to stealth military shooter. Lara gets scared. Her reactions to environment, and the physical struggle of the traversal, are all believeable. The mocap of her face, especially is very well done. There is a scene in the game where Lara believes her best friend has been killed, and the game gets dark. She looks cold and angry, and you get scared of her. I jokingly called the scene a trailer for a new terminator movie. She expresses everything from compassion for the natives, concern for her friends, curiousity of her exploration, fear of the underworld dark explorations, and more. Her diversity of emotion and range of expressions are what win her the top spot today. I would argue that Camilla's performance is the best Lara we have seen yet far surpassing that of big screen examples. Hopefully, we will get to see Camilla reprise her role in a fourth installment or film. Her range definitely warrents her more opportunities in games in the future.

Thank You for reading. Thank you for all your support over the past year, and stay tuned for more content in 2019, starting with the Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2019.

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