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Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2019

2019 is going to be an amazing year for gaming, and I am so excited for the amazing titles to come. 2018 was so groundbreaking, that 2019 does have a lot to live up, but with these games in the future, I think it can be amazing. With three powerful consoles well established, technological evolutions, new ip's, and next installments in some of the biggest franchises, it has a lot going for it. I am interested to discover what is going to be the big hit game of 2018. 2016 had Overwatch. 2017 had PUBG. 2018 had Fortnite. What will sleeper hit could 2019 bring us? Below is list of the top 10 games I can't wait to play in 2019!

10. Division 2

Barely sneaking in on this list is Division 2. I put it on here because the trailers do look promising, and the game does look beautiful. I am excited for it really I promise, however, I was for Division "1". That game was so overpromised that the initial release was such a graphical downgrade and buggy mess that many were disappointed. Division 2 may suffer from an a hesitation by gamers. I know I am hesitant of this game. I only hope this game is as amazing as it looks in early demos, and that Ubisoft learns from their mistakes. However, I am stll optimistic because in recent years, Ubisoft has made improvements for launch quality of their games. Games like Assassin's Creed Origins, Odyssey, and Far Cry 5, prove that they have upped their quality of release. Are Watchdogs, Division, and Unity style launchs in Ubisoft's past? Division 2 could be the game we were promised way back at E3 for the first Division.

9. Far Cry New Dawn

*Spoilers for Far Cry 5 Ending*

An unexpected sequel to the hit Far Cry 5. Far Cry 5 was one of my favorite and amoung my article "Game Infinite's Top 10 Games of 2018". The game had a crazy cool premise, battling a home grown terrorist cult on mainland America, and a beautiful open world in the heart of Midwest America. The cliff hanger plot twist of 5 made it ripe for a sequel, but I don't think any of us expected one or at least one so soon. Far Cry games are typically even more disconnected than the Assassin's Creed games, with sequels typically having nothing to do with each other. Far Cry 3, 4, Primal, and 5 were completely different settings and stories. With New Dawn being the aftermath of the nuclear bombs that go off at the end of 5. I am curious to see how the surge of post nuclear games in mid 2019 will end up. By then, Fallout 76 may have possibly improved to a point where it takes back its player base. Even if not, 2019 will see us playing Rage 2, which looks similar to New Dawn from a color standpoint. My only hesitation is its launch sub 60 pricepoint which is usually a red flag. Is Ubisoft launching the game at only 40$ there way of self admiting its lesser quality. Is the game a rushed development, or a glorified stand alone DLC? Will New Dawn be a failed sequel no one expected, or will it put a dent in Rage 2 and the nail in the coffin of Fallout 76?

8. Mortal Kombat XI

Mortal Kombat has never been a series I have played much of in the past; however, the surprise trailer that dropped during the Game Awards looks so exciting. Mortal Kombat X hasn't aged well, and this is going to be the beautiful next installment of the 4k era. The game does appeal to me as I really enjoy fighting games: This year I played through new series like Tekken and Street Fighter. I am looking forward to it as an opportunity to try this series. The mature setting and gruesome tactics will definitely add to a unique experience. The rumor spread that Spawn will be joining the roster; and is one rumor if it turns out to be true will definitely increase my excitement as Spawn is one of my favorite super hero characters. From what I can tell from friends who are fans of the franchise, the game looks good to fans.

7. Devil May Cry 5

As someone who never really played much of Devil May Cry 1-4, I am unsure how much of this game I am going to follow. It doesn't help that the only game I have played is the reboot DmC. I thought that the reboot was going to a be good chance to get into the franchise, (that usually is the case with reboots right?) Well it seems the reboot has been most likely scrapped in favor of continuing the original story. This odd uncommon decision does perk my interest however. So while I may not have any idea what is going on, the game is pretty fun so far. I was able to play the early access on Xbox. The game plays very much like DmC, and the art style is virtually the same. In absence of a good dodge/block system the game can feel a little unfairly cheap at times, and paired with the fact that while playing the demo there was a complete lack of save points death punished hard. However, these are balance issues that can be fixed before launch. This game looks to be the sequel that DMC fans wanted, so I can't wait to play it. If you are like me, and only played the most recent game, you can catch up with the HD remastered collection of the originals.

(DMC 5 Pre-Release Gi Gameplay)

6. Resident Evil 2 Remake

One of my goals in 2019, is to breach into franchises I have always wanted to play but never got around to. Resident Evil is one of those franchises I've always wanted to visit, but just havent. Last I played was a little bit with a friend of RE4 when I was a kid. When Resident Evil 6 released, all my RE loving friends told me it wasn't good so I just skipped it. Umberella Core was total PC trash. Then RE7 came along, and it was just a haunted house simulator that had nothing to do with the franchise, and didn't appeal to me. RE2 Remake is shaping up to be one of the best remakes in recent years, and the game looks really fun so far. With it being a remake of 2, it is far enough back in the story that it could be a good place to jump in. I'm looking forward to doing some streams where you all can watch me scare myself silly.

5. Dead or Alive 6

I love fighting games, its one of the genres that are great for when you only have 20-30 minutes to play. You can sit down and play a few rounds and quit. They make good filler games, but even more so they always have a fun cast of characters. SoulCalibur and Super Smash were amazing games in 2018. In addition to looking forward to Mortal Komabt, I really enjoyed Dead or Alive 5, and 6 looks to take the franchise to the next level. I am concerned at the lack of marketing and chatter so close to launch. The game comes out in a month and a half, and few are talking about. The only chatter about it was some controversy about toned down physics. EIther way, the next installment of DOA is exciting. The game encorporates new improvements to favial animations and more realistic reactions to punchs. It brings back many of the franchises favorite characters. DOA5 hasn't aged well and looks poor on modern consoles, so a current gen 4k version of the franchise is exciting.

4. Code Vein

Holiday 2018 was so overcrowded, to the detriment of many major games struggling in sales, that when Code Vein was delayed to 2019, I breathed a sigh of relief. Don't get me wrong, I am very excited for this game; which is why I am happy that it is going to launch at a more reasonable time. I didn't want this game to be smothered by the dozen other games releasing in Holidat. This anime styled soulsbourne game looks to be a unique new setting for those looking for the genre. It will feature an incredible cast of characters with some really interesting art designs; as well as, a character creator option. We haven't gotten much look at the game yet, we hope to see more closer to release.

3. Yoshi's Crafted World

I seriously can't wait for this game. I love that the Nintendo Switch is seeing major games with its major characters. Stand alone nintendo character games are a guilty pleasure of mine, but they only further validate the support of the Switch. Yoshi has always been one of my favorite Nintendo characters, and one of the fun characters in the recent hit Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and I think this will be a sleeper hit for switch owners. I'm a little weary of once again Nintendo choosing to go with a 2D format. Games like Zelda and Super Mario Odyssey proves that the Switch can handle full 3D games, and with the disappointment of Kirby, I hope that Yoshi can fill some big shoes. The switch has had some big hits, but it needs more first party titles. The fun art style and unique perspective of Yoshi's Crafted World looks to be fun and unique. Players will have to change perspective on the game to unveil the path infront of them, similar to that of Captain Toad. This may be an underrated game, but it is high on my list. I can't wait to take Yoshi on to go with Switch.

2. Kingdom Hearts 3

For many of you, Kingdom Hearts 3 may be at the top of your lists. I can certainly understand, some of my friends have been waiting over a decade for this game. I have never played the previous KH games, so I am excited for this opportunity to check out this universe. I can't wait to see the cast of disney and pixar characters coming together in the biggest way since Once upon a Time. In the modern era of crossovers, will KH3 outshow Avengers and Smash?

1. Anthem

Ok, hold up, keep reading, bear with me. Anthem is going to be great, I am calling it right now. The naysayers are predicting poor reception of EA Bioware's newest game, and with the failure of Battlefield V, Mass Effect Andromeda, and Star Wars Battlefront 2, EA is not exacly on a winning streak. Many gamers are mad at EA still from those sour notes, and Anthem may very well still struggle.

But I want to make a case for this game. I know this is going to be a good game because this is A TEAM Bioware. This is the team that gave us Mass Effect the originally trilogy. They are responsible for one of the greatest science fiction games of all time. Some of you may know that Mass Effect is my favorite game series of all time so admittedly my excitement comes from that. If you don't know, it was another team that made Andromeda. We are about to get the next game by the geniuses that gave us the original Mass Effect games, how can it be that bad? We are expecting something other than excellence because of EA not Bioware. Anthem is that next game we should have gotten back in 2017. Part of the reason I have such high hopes for Anthem, is this is the game we got instead of their "Mass Effect 4". Andromeda was a disappointment becuase the team who should have been making it, was given this instead. If Anthem fails too, Mass Effect Andromeda's disappointment was for nothing.

Besides the high stakes and the caliber of talent making it, this game looks GOOD. This is the beautiful sci-fi Iron Man simulator every nerd has dreamed of playing.

I think that the amazing team at Bioware deserves more than what they are going to get thanks to their association with EA. That being said, if we ever want another Mass Effect game, and want these failed games to not be in vain, we need to support Anthem.


While there are many anticipated games, that I and many of you cannot wait to play, some either have no confirmed release date or just have a low likelihood of release in 2019. Some of these I am even more excited for, but I strongly imagine these will be going on the Most Anticipated 2020 list. Maybe we will be lucky and get even one of these in Holiday 2019.

-Halo Infinite


-Death Stranding

-Cyberpunk 2077

-Elderscrolls 6

-Beyond Good and Evil 2

-The Last of Us Part 2

-Titanfall 3

-Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

-Final Fantasy VII

-Metroid 4

Make sure to comment what your most anticipated games of 2019 (and beyond) are!

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