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SOULCALIBUR VI - 2B Character DLC Game Vault Review

2B arrived in SOULCALIBUR VI as a DLC character and I have to say she is definitely one of the most fun characters to play as. Her move set and combat is so fluid smooth and acrobatic, it is like she floats and dances in the air. Her two swords also float behind her and dance around her in a feather light motion. It is just really cinematic to watch, that stands out more than any other character. From a power and balancing standpoint, she is formidable without being broken. Thanks to her Pod robot her laser based ranged attacks are effective when done correctly. Her Ultimate is also really cool, It is cinematic and cycles through her different melee and ranged attack styles. It does expose a flaw in SOULCALIBUR' VI's timed arcade. The clock keeps running on ultimate moves, so it punishes players for using the ulitmates which take longer than their damage could be done normally. Her ulitmate adds a few seconds in a mode where every second counts. The time based mode encourages fast paced quick attacks with less flourish.

(2B DLC Game Play

Also from a DLC value standpoint, she is more than just a playable character. Her DLC comes with the fallen post apocalyptic city setting from Nier Automata, as well as two extra outfits in character customization. Her weapons and Hairstyle are also added to the character customization options as well.

(2B DLC reveal)

All in all, My final impression of 2B is she is worth a revist to the game if you haven't played since launch. She is super fun to play as, and definitely worth your time and money in the game. If you never got to play Nier Automata then I definitely recommend you circle back to that game as well to play her in her original environment. For more revists to games, stay tuned for more Game Vault reviews right here on Game Infinite.

(2B Screenshots - Soulcalibur VI)

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