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Mortal Kombat Gameplay Reveal Event Recap

Fans of the infamous Mortal Kombat series were treated to a full first look event at the latest in the franchise, Mortal Kombat 11. Initially announced during the Game Awards back in December, with a surprise trailer, we now get to learn more about the gameplay, characters, and overall feel of the game. For those who missed the event, this is the recap of all the major details we learned about MK11, but if you wish to watch the full event, click below.

(MK11 Full Reveal Event)

This short event was jam packed with details about the game. From new characters, new cinematics, collector editions, to gameplay all I can say is it succeeded in getting me hyped for this game. As a new comer to the series, it reminded me very much of Injustice.

Before we get to the reveals, make sure to check out the original Announcement teaser we got as a surprise at the Game Awards.

(MK11 Announcement Trailer - The Game Awards 2018)

1. Ronda Rousey is SONYA BLADE:

Probably the biggest deal of the show is the one and only RONDA ROUSEY is going to be playing Sonya Blade in MK11. What was interesting to learn was that not only would she be portraying the character, but actually Ronda is a long time fan of the franchise and the character. Her connection to the character will hopefully bleed over into good voice acting for the character. Having the best female fighter in the world be the voice behind one of the most famous characters in MK is definitely a big win for NetherRealms, but you could definitely tell she was excited to bring this character to life. I still think they need to have a Ronda UFC skin for Sonya though, Ronda is scary enough to be her own MK character.

(Sonya Blade is RONDA ROUSEY)

2. Other Character Reveals:

(Geras New Character Reveal)

New Character Geras looks to be a real bad ass. He has sand based powers and moves, where we see him summoning sands clouds in various ranged attacks. In this trailer we see him dashing and teleporting around enemy characters, with the ability to really out maneuver his opponent. His ending fatality includes him literally punching someone's face off. If that isn't the embodiment of Mortal Kombat I don't know what is.

(Sub-Zero Gameplay)

(Scarlet Gameplay)

Scarlet is definitely one of the most "bloody" characters in MK11, literally as she uses blood based attacks that would make even a Blood Center Volunteer squirm. She uses blood as spikes to impail her victims or even as chains to restrain her opponents.

3. Opening Prologue Cinematic

We get a full look at the opening prologue cinematic that shows dark Raiden torturing his victim, showing Raiden has gone full darkside. The story picks up right where the end of MKX left off.

4. Kollector's Edition:

Also announced during the event is the awesome "Kollector's Edition". Available at $299 US, its steep, but features the 99$ Premium edition (season pass) + steelbook, magnet, and a large lifesize scorpion collectible statue head. This is definitely exciting for hardcore lifetime fans of the franchise.

(Event Screenshots)

I can't wait for MK11 and to see the full roster of characters. For more MK11 news, and all your gaming needs, stay right here on Game Infinite.

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