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New Game Tuesday, Games Releasing 1/29-2/4

We all have been waiting 13 years for this day. One of the longest waiting periods any of us have probably or ever will probably wait for a game and still have it release, Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally here. This week also brings us Genesis Alpha One across platforms. Ace Combat 7 hits PC, and Dragon Marked for Death hits Nintendo Switch.

New Game Tuesday showcases major game releases from Tuesday to the following Monday. Scroll down to see if any of the major releases appeal to you!

1. Kingdom Hearts 3

Release Date: 1/29

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One

Developer/Publisher: Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts 3 follows protagonist Sora on a journey across multiple disney and pixar universe. In 3, we see worlds and characters from Monster’s Inc, Toy Story, Big Hero 6, Pirates of the Caribbean, Frozen, and more. Sora is on search for the “seven Guardians of Light and the Key to Return Hearts" as they attempt stop the antagonist Xehanort's plan to start a new Keyblade War.

This beloved franchise has a fan base chomping at the bit to play this newest installment. KH3 is a action rpg, developed and published by Square Enix. Dispote its name it is actually the “12th installment” in the franchise thanks to some interesting counting, which means you may want to catch a “story so far” update before trying it out. Make sure to be following Game Infinite on Twitch to catch some KH3 streams!

2. Ace Combat 7, (PC Launch)

Release Date: 2/1

Platforms: (New on) PC, PS4, Xbox One

Developer/Publisher: Bandai Namco

Ace Combat is one of the most beloeved airplane simulators on the market, but this is no ordinary sim. This is a combat sim, and it involves more high octain combat. Have you ever thought that the aircraft sections of COD or Battlefield needed their own game? Well that is Ace Combat 7. This may be a sleeper hit of 2019. Check it out.

3. Genesis Alpha One

Release Date: 1/29

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Developer: Radiation Blue

Publisher: Team17 Digital LImited

Were you one of the people who were disappointed in the launch state of No Mans Sky? If you were one of the two people who enjoyed its launch state and said to yourself, "Hey I want to do that again!", well Genesis Alpha One is here to satisfy those two people. For the rest of us, I urge caution as this less pretty version of an open universe sim looks kinda scary. Hopefully time will prove me wrong.

4. Dragon Marked for Death

Release Date: 1/31

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Developer: Inti Creates

Revealed during Nintendo's "Nindies" Direct, this side scrolling 2D RPG finally arrives on Nintendo Switch. You play as Dragonblood Clan survivors, who plan on taking revenge on the "Kingdom of Medius".

As always, stay tuned here on Game Infinite News for the latest gaming news! Check back next week for New Game Tuesday!

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