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Midwest Gaming Classic 2019, Blog Recap

This years MGC'19 was a blast, filled with amazing merchandise, rare retro gaming content, aspiring Indie Devs and cosplayers (AKA Future GiFriends), and more. I was able to meet some local artists and pick up some cool artwork, as well as meet some new Indie Dev friends. Here are some of the highlights from the event!

Pixelakes the dev team behind the amazingly fun puzzle adventure Treasure Stack was at MGC'19, and it was great to meet up with these guys. Pixelakes has been apart of the Game Infinite Friends community for about a year now. In fact I first met them and came across them at last years MGC. These guys have been an awesome supportive crew working on their game Treasure Stack. It was great to be a small part in helping promote their successful mulitplatform launch. I personally favor the eShop version playing the game on the go with Nintendo Switch. The game is like a cross between a platformer and tetris, and has quite an addictive puzzle quality to it. Treasure Stack is available on Switch, Xbox One, and PC now. Check out their website here for more updates as well as here on Game Infinite News

One of my college professors Seth Swanson heads up the awesome team at Digital Iris. While they have some awesome games in the pipline, the next up is Salvo: Space Repo, a 3D space shooter that they had running on a massive projector. This was my first viewing of this game, and it looks to be a blast. They are shooting for a Xbox One 2019 release, with PS4 and PC in 2020. Definitely keep up with them on their website.

I also happened to bump into Jordan Price, better known by Savage Giggles. She is a popular streamer cosplayer, but really known for her amazing Spartan Kat cosplay. Her presence in the halo community is well known and her cosplay is even used in the MGC billboard! I was able to speak with her briefly and definitely recommend you all support her cosplay at SavageGiggles

There were so many cool sights from the back to the Future Delorean, The Ghost Busters car, and the Jurrassic Park Jeeps. I also saw a really cool 2B Cosplay, as well as met an amazing artist I was able to pick up some work from. The entire main floor was filled with merchants selling many old and retro games, consoles, and collectibles. There were a few stands selling massive quanities of retro consoles really cheap. One of the off shoot rooms head the indie dev room where I got to meet some talented new devs.

One game really stood out to me and the first was "Just Drive: It's a Racing Game". This cell shaded comic style racing game was super fun and is in development by FT Gamers. While I didn't get any video of this game, Imagine Borderlands meets Mario Kart. The art style was super cool and I can't wait to watch these guys up to release. The Racing genre gives zombie genre a run for its money in saturation and it is hard to stand out amoungst the others. I love the racing game genre so when I see a developer accomplish to build something new I really give them props. You can follow and support them here.

I came across Stephen Raffil and he had some really amazing gaming art, and I had to pick up a few of his pieces. His genji art was just unreal, and had a lot of great Overwatch characters. If you come across him at cons definitely check out his work.

In conclusion, if you are ever in the Milwaukee area around April I definitely recommend hitting up MGC. It is a great place to test smaller dev teams new games, and get some rare collectors, merch, or art.

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