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State of Play 5/9 Recap

This second time around for Sony's new State of Play format proved to be much better than the first. After the first State of Play proved to be a brief why bother event, many were skeptical about Sony's new strategy for informing fans on upcoming games, especially with a lack of E3 presence this year. When the second State of Play was announced, I was skeptical of its impact. However, this one proved to be much more impressive. Here is a full stream, and a list of the major announcements.

1. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Sony kicked things off with showing the newest expansion to the hit game, Monster Hunter World. Many in the GiFriends community are avid MHW fans and this new content looks to bring back those who love the series.

2. Medival Remake

Fans of this beloved classic got a nice look at this upcoming remake. Medival is coming to PS4 in full remastered glory.

3. Predator Hunting Grounds

It's dissappointing we didn't get gameplay or much content in this teaser for Predator Hunting Grounds. It has been quite some time since we have gotten a Predator game so hopefully this game will do the signficant gap justice and deliver a quality game. I don't know what it was however, something about this gave me series Rambo-Quiet Man vibes. Keep your skepticism high and hope I'm wrong.

4. Away

I've been following these guys on Instagram for a while, intrigued by the beauty of their game world and the fun nature based gameplay, so when I saw them up on the big screen of State of Play I admittedly got excited. I can't way to check this out. In Away you play as small animals attempting to survive the dangers of nature and natural disasters.

5. New PS4 "Days of Play"

Sony unveiled the special collectors "Days of Play" PS4 system, coming in June. It’s a beautiful design and features a 1TB HDD.

6. Final Fantasy VII Remake

Lastly Sony ended on a high note about a high value game that has been long in need of some updated information. Announced way back in E3 2015, we have heard almost nothing about FFVII, and finally Sony graces us with a reminder that the game is still being made. I know many FF fans who were in tears when the theme appeared on screen for that beautiful game. Hopefully we will have more to come on FFVII during E3 2019.

Conclusion -

All in all this was a vast improvement over the first State of Play and reassures playstation fans of Sony's commitment to solid updates to the community. We recieved updates and announcements on major games and it just felt better and more thought out. Hopefully we will catch another State of Play soon with updates on games like Death Stranding and Last of Us 2.

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