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E3 2019 - Most Anticipated Wish List

This year's E3 2019 is going to be an interesting one for sure. 2019 marks for an interesting element, that Sony is skipping the event entirely. While not new to hosting their own event, we also see EA skip their usual press conference in favor of several smaller live streams similar to the big three's Direct-esque formats. However just because these two are skipping traditional conferences doesn't mean the rest of the event is going to be light on content. Xbox has stated this year they are going big, with many games and announcements, apparently taking full advantage of their lack of competition with Sony. They reportedly have over 14 first party games to show off. Will they use this time to unveil new hardware? Release info on xCloud Game Streaming?

Also with heavy hitters like Avengers and FF7 Remake, Square Enix might be able to make up for their short awful show last year. Epic Games is also hosting the PC Gaming Show, no doubt to build some love for the controversial Epic Games Store. Will this essentially be as close to an Epic Games Conference as we've ever gotten? Perhaps this will make the PC Gaming Show a new heavy hitter to watch. Having the reigns on juggernaut Fortnite, might make this a show to see.

Below is a list of some of the most anticipated things I hope to see at each conference.


Halo Infinite:

Its been years since Halo 5 and we are passed over due for a new Halo game, especially since Halo 5 felt like it barely counted. The new engine, soft reboot/sequel mysterious nature of Infinite, and apparently a new art style as well makes the anticipation of this game even more. However, as a long time Halo fan I am eager to get any news. Many expect Halo Infinite to take the largest portion of the event. However, as overdue as Halo feels, all rumors still point to 2020 for new hardware, and it would not surprise me if Microsoft reserved Halo Infinite to be a next gen launch title.

Xbox Game Pass for Nintendo Switch/Game Pass Streaming:

Microsoft has been openly discussing their desire for game streaming, even going so far as to demo what game streaming lookes like playing games like Forza on a smartphone. With the imminent arrival of Google Stadia, many believe Microsoft is ready to bring its game streaming competitor to market. Where gamepass comes to play is many believe Microsoft will enhance and leverage its existing subscription program, Game Pass with xCloud streaming. While, having a library of games and the ability to stream them on the go does seem like a match made in heaven, the possibilities of this are even greater. The growing partnership between Xbox and Nintendo, such as first party xbox studio games coming to Switch, and the launch of Xbox Live on Switch, many think and many rumors have leaked that a streaming version of Game Pass may come to Nintendo Switch. As great as the Switch is currently, imagine if you could play Halo on the go with the Switch.

New Hardware:

While rumors have been circling that Xbox will reveal at least in some way new hardware, all the rumors point to Holiday 2020 for the next gen consoles. Is Xbox going to surprise us with a Holiday 2019 launch and beat Sony by a year? Is this going to be simply a minor tease with more info and full release next year. It's hard to tell what Microsoft is planning.

Cyberpunk 2077:

Last year CD Project Red stole the show at Xbox E3 with a false interupt full reveal of their first trailer for Cyberpunk 2077. We got to see this amazing game in action. Here's hoping to an unlikely Holiday 2019 release date, or at least a 2020 release window.

Square Enix:

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date:

Last year Square Enix had a short unsatisfactory event reusing the same KH3 trailer we had seen multiple times before, the plain awful Quiet Man game, and a unfinished ugly looking shadow of the tomb raider trailer. This year could spell redemption for Square Enix. Final Fantasy 7 is easily one of the most anticipated games at E3 for many, and if they drop a Holiday 2019 release date for episode 1 they could easily steal the show.

Nier Automata Sequel/Switch Port:

They have been many rumors recently about a Switch port for the critically acclaimed Nier Automata, and if they revealed this it could also be a big win for them. However, I want more from them. I want them to announce an obviously needed sequel.

Marvel's Avengers:

This could be a sleeper hit of E32019 and show winner if they pull it off. It is confirmed by Square Enix to be at the event, even though I wish they had left it for a show stealing surprise. However, they could use the opportunity to give us a full trailer and pull it all off with a 2019 release date. In the year of Endgame, it needs to come out soon to capitalize on the success of the MCU. This could be the next Spider-man PS4.

Nintendo Direct:

Metroid & Bayoneta 3

Many are excited for updates on the next gen Pokemon game and for Animal Crossing on Switch. While I am sure those will be exciting show stoppers for some, I am most excited for Bayoneta 3. Hopefully we will get our first full trailer. Also, while sadly production on Metroid was essentially restarted, it would be great to get at least a update on the new production.


Assassin's Creed 2020?


Skull & Bones?

Far Cry 6?

Ubisoft is a beloved and a favorite developer of mine, with hundreds of hours spent in the Animus myself. However, I suspect this might be a little bit of a chill year for Ubisoft. Watchdogs 3 (reportedly called Watchdogs Legion) will probably be announced however early reports claim this game has already seen one internal delay, probably pushing it to next gen. Same for Skull & Bones, Ubisofts online pirate ship game that many thought would rival the long ago release Sea of Thieve. Reports have claimed this game has seen another delay, possbily skipping the event alltogether. Dispite being a bland average "shrug emoji" game, Far Cry 4.5, I mean Far Cry New Dawn; I just dont expect Ubisoft to reveal Far Cry 6 in the same year, let alone any time soon. FC6 will probably be a true next gen successor taking advantage of new hardware. Ubisoft has also stated that there will not be a full Assassin's Creed game in 2019 to allow the developers more time, and to probably also prepare for next gen. Aside from more Ghost Recon news and possbily a long rumored Splintercell, I don't expect many surprises. Perhaps they will take advantage of their new partnership with Google to announce more Stadia ports?

EA Play:

Apex Legends Season 2

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order gameplay

Titanfall 3 News?

Battlefront 3?

Poor EA. At what point to start to feel bad for them? EA also looks to be taking a bit of an off year, not even bothering to put on a full press conference, instead offering multiple short livestreams. EA honestly needs to give their developers some time to breath and let all their in progress games bake for as long as needed. They just can't afford another failure. It is my opinion that aside from sports games financially speaking, from a gamer perception standpoint Respawn Entertainment is single handedly keeping EA affloat in the minds of gamers. EA needs to give Respawn as much leash and breathing room as they need to keep that team in good morales and energy because they cant afford to let what happened to Bioware happen to Respawn. Bioware was burnt into morale oblivion which lead to one of the worst game launches in recent memory with Anthem. EA's only recent success is Apex Legends, thanks to Respawn. Even though this game is losing some steam in the short term, I think it is because EA and Respawn know they cant push the devs. They even have come out asking for patience on new content as they let the developers take their time. I'm sure that Season 2 of Apex will inject some life into the player base.

We also will get a much closer look at Jedi Fallen Order and hopefully gameplay. If this game is a success, hopefully it will turn around the sinking ship that is EA Star Wars games.

Due to Respawn and EA giving the developers more time, it is reported that a next installment in the Titanfall franchise is also delayed, but hoepfully we will still see a glimpse of what it will look like.


Doom Eternal

Bethesda had a really awesome E32018 press conference. There were able to showcase games that many were excited for. Rage 2 was really exciting and crazy looking. Bethesda was able to bring in some humor throwing hilarious shade at the Walmart leaks. We saw some awesome updates on existing games. They had an actually promising and awesome looking mobile game, Elder Scrolls Blades. Fallout 76 looked promising and exciting. They ended with not one, but two bangs, revealing Starfield, a mysterious new scifi new IP for Bethesda, and then stole all of E3 by announcing Elderscrolls 6. Fast forward to 2019. Not sure what happened. ES Blades was delayed a year and was a buggy micro transaction rilled mess. Fallout 76 was a total disaster that angered fans, caused lots of controversy, and dramatically hurt the Bethesda brand. Rage 2 has come and gone and honestly its fun but its just average. It's one of those games that I'd recommend if you have no backlog and nothing else to play. It's just ok. Bethesda has made it clear Starfield and ES6 are far away, next gen, and not even going to be at E32019. So honestly I'm sure what is left to expect from Bethesda E32019. There's really nothing left to port Skyrim to. Rumors say no Dishonored 3; no Prey 2.

All that remains is Doom Eternal. While I admit I am excited for Doom Eternal, I am curious to see what Bethesda has planned to float an entire conference.


Without Sony present, is Xbox going to give Call of Duty Modern Warfare the mainstage? I want Activision to have a major presence and see more of Modern Warfare. Also, especially before we knew about Sony's plans for Direct-esque "State of Plays" their decision to skip E3 always felt odd. Will they completely sit on the side lines and let others get all the spotlight or will they give us a surprise State of Play?

While writing this post, Google announced a Stadia Connect live event. While (like EA Play) not "Technically" apart of E3, it coincides mostly with the events. This event promises to answer all our questions such as price, launch games, and more.

I am excited for this year's E3 and these are just some of the things I am anticipating seeing. Game Infinite will be doing full recap articles for most of the events, and also doing live tweet sessions of major news through out the weekend. Stay tuned on twitter and for all the E32019 updates!

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