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Bethesda E3 2019 - Recap

Bethesda is one of those game studios that you watch during E3 to see what empty promises they may or may not give you. They have had a tremendous amount of back lash this last year. Mostly due to the disappointment of Fallout 76. That’s what happens when you advertise a game as an open world MMO and it ends up just being a glorified LAN party DLC. Todd Howard, the Studio Head, even makes a crack at the audience saying “After all the excitement this year, I’m surprised you’re all here.” Which, we all know Bethesda knows they mess up but they don’t really care. They know players will come back. This holds true as they had the most players their games had ever seen, sitting at a nice 60 million players throughout the year. They also held the rank for number one mobile game for a second year in a row. Because while they are the king of game glitches and disappointment, Bethesda still puts out beautiful outstanding games.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo

From navigating the frozen wasteland during a time of madness to fighting the supernatural in Tokyo, there were many exciting games announced at Bethesda E3. We’re going to take a quick look at those games.

Tango Gameworks will be releasing Ghostwire: Tokyo, a game about figuring out why the residents of Tokyo are disappearing. You will fight supernatural creatures and interact with NPCs to figure out the reason behind the disappearances in this action adventure horror game. Ghostwire: Tokyo puts an interesting twist on the typical Japanese horror game. Yet, I still hope we will see call outs to classic Japanese horror mechanics, such as paper charms and cameras.


Arkane Lyon is working on Deathloop, a frozen wasteland game that is Borderlands meets Bioshock meets We Happy Few. In this game, you will be either fighting to shut down a city or you will be fighting to protect it. But this isn’t the only game that will be dealing with the wasteland this year.

Rage 2

Before moving on to Fallout 76, there is Rage 2, which will update soon. This time there will be more community content, new vehicles, new cheats codes, and a new expansion. The new expansion will be called Rise of the Ghosts. There is a mountain of new content to expect from this expansion: new pilotable merch, new enemies, even more new vehicles, new gameplay modes, new weapons, and new arenas. Keep a lookout, this expansion is supposed to drop later this year. By the way, the cheat codes are “Bloody Mess”, “Low Gravity”, and “Rejector Seat”.

Fallout 76

Speaking of bloody mess, Fallout 76 will also be getting a laundry list of new content come Fall of this year. This update is called Wastelanders and will be free to all Fallout 76 players. People are coming back to reclaim Appalachia. Players can either fight with or against this group of wastelanders. All choices will be provided in full dialogue boxes, as well as consequences for those choices. With this new game, human NPCs will be returning. Along with a new main quest, new weapons, and new gear. Plus, a new battle royale gamemode that will help decide the new leader of Vault 51. Who will be the victor? The free trial for Wastelanders starts Monday, June 10.

Fallout 76 isn’t the only game getting a PVP mode. Elder Scrolls: Blades, will not only be coming to Switch, but will be getting a solo arena mode and another arena mode. The newest update dropped on Sunday, June 9th. With this update, players got solo arena battles, new classes, a custom jewelry system, and a new dragon question line. That isn’t the end of the updates for 2019, though. Later this year, Elder Scrolls: Blades will allow for visiting other player towns, a whole new arena mode, guilds, and will be available on Switch. With the Switch update, cross-play and cross-progression will be available for everyone, so no worries about losing progress.

elder scrolls online

ZineMax Online Studios also had some exciting news for Elder Scrolls Online. The trailer for the 3rd installment of the year long Dragon quest was shown. ESO: Elsweyr put the spotlight on the Khajiit and brought back a beloved NPC, Sai Sahan. Sai will also be a main feature of the final installment of the Dragon quest year, Dragonhold. ZineMax will also be putting out a dungeon DLC in August called Scalebreaker.


Also coming soon, will be 2 Wolfenstein games. Personally, I’m very excited as Wolfenstein was a childhood game for me on the original Xbox. Machine Games will be releasing a VR game in July called Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot. According to Jerk Gustafsson, executive producer of Machine Games, players will take on the role of a “hacker for the French Resistance, taking over the creations of the Nazis to use against their creators.” This isn’t where the Wolfenstein train ends.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a game about twins named Jess and Soph. They are on a quest to find their father, who is fighting against the Nazis. In Youngblood, there will be new weapons, new upgrades, more playstyle customizations, and even more Nazi killing. Except, this time, there is co-op play. Wolfenstein: Youngblood will be released on July 26th for PS4, Xbox1, Switch, and PC.


At Bethesda’s E3 press conference was the announcement of Orion, the new Bethesda streaming technology. Orion is streaming tech that optimizes game engines in a cloud environment, according to James Altman. According to Robert Duffy, Chief Tech Officer of ID Software, this streaming service is 20% better per game and can run on 40% lower bandwidth. This will drastically cut the cost of streaming. Plus, Orion can also be used within Stadia. If you want to try out Orion for free, you can register at to try testing the streaming service with Doom.

Doom eternal

Speaking of Doom, the finale of the Bethesda E3 conference was the much anticipated Doom Eternal. Players will take on the role of the Demon Slayer, the strongest, fastest, demon hunter in the universe. As always, Doom Eternal stays with the gory theme of the Doom series. There are more amazing, grotesque creatures with a new and interesting storyline that adds a new spiritual aspect to the world. There will be a collectors edition sold of Doom: Eternal, which will include a wearable helmet. That’s not all, the creators of Doom Eternal will also be releasing a new battle mode. Players will be able to control 2 demons to fight against a demon slayer in a 1st person fighter arena battle. There will be multiple demons to pick from, including one that summons minions to fight alongside the player. The release date for Doom Eternal is November 22nd, 2019.

If you want to stay on the Doom Eternal hype train, there will be many more announcements at QuakeCon in Dallas, TX on July 25-28. Also, London on July 26-27.

Overall, Bethesda’s E3 conference was jam packed full of exciting news and exciting games fans will not have to wait long for. This year actually seems pretty promising for Bethesda and players alike. From wastelands to Tokyo to the lands of Elder Scrolls, Bethesda fans will not be bored this year.


Make sure to stay tuned for more E3 2019 News as we bring you the lastest on all your favorite and most anticipated games right here on Game Infinite.


Credit and much thanks to GiFriendsMODS Brooke (Aka Random Lullaby) Follow her amazing cosplay here on Instagram or here on Twitter. Article Edited by Jesse J @gameinfinite

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