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Square Enix E3 2019 - Recap

Square Enix is taking a page out of Nintendo's play book and putting all their eggs in one or two game baskets. I have to say Square Enix drastically improved over last years fumble of a conference, but this years success proved largely thanks to two games: FF7 and Avengers. There was a lot of filler, including a awkward "reminder this exists trailer" for Life is Strange 2 that didn't show anything new or what's next and honestly could have been skipped. This presentation would have benefits from some brevity because this was largely a two game show.

If you're interested in the full event you can check that out below.

(Full Event)

Final fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay

Coming 3/3/20

For fans of Final Fantasy this entire event was a Final Fantasy filled love fest filled with amazing details and announcements. For the rest of us...this was a long wait until Avengers. However, I will be the first to admite that even though I know almost nothing about Final Fantasy or FF7, that FF7 Remake does look incredible. We finally got our first detailed look at gameplay for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. They way they managed to offer modern real time combat balanced with the slower turn based classic combat of the original and past games. The action looked fun and fast paced, however, players will be able to build up a meter and slow down time in order to pull off strategic combo attacks. It actually reminded me alot of the Mass Effect Trilogy where you could pause action in the moment to to look around and choose advanced powers. It worked very well in those games, so I imagine this system will please old and new players. This look at FF7 not only gave detail on combat, extended look at powers, but we also go to see some more of fan favorites such as villian Sephiroth as well as see Tifa in action. Square Enix revealed the 3/3/20 release date the day prior, but at the event we also learned of two premium editions: a steelbook deluxe edition, and a collectors edition with statue for a whopping 320$!


Summer 2020

From the makers of Bulletstorm and Gears of War Judgement, is the only real yet welcome surprise coming out of Square Enix's E3 Stage. Outriders is a upcoming co-op shooter from People Can Fly, and it looks pretty interesting so far. Set in a “dark and desperate sci-fi universe,” this scifi alien shooter was a surprise hit for the event.

final fantasy 8 "remaster?"

Many of my Final Fantasy fan friends were excited about this. However, as someone pretty far outside the fandom for Final Fantasy, all I can say is this. If your remaster trailer looks like an old, (and by old I mean ancient), did it wrong. Halo 2 Remastered looks like a modern current gen game. Maybe after a side by side I could tell. But with fresh unbiased eyes, this looked old and unimpressive to me.

final fantasy Crystal chronicals remaster

Two final fantasy remasters in one sitting! Crystal Chronicles from the Game Cube is also getting a fresh coat of a paint. This one actually looks better than FFVIII remaster as well.

final fantasy XIV Shadowbringers

DO YOU LIKE FINAL FANTASY? Have some Final Fantasy with your Final Fantasy, with an XL side of Final Fantasy. Check out the E3 showcase for Shadowbringers the newest expansion for the massively popular XIV MMO.

final fantasy music?

Speaking of a Final Fantasy Love big announcement at Square Enix E3 was that final fantasy music catalog... is launching on the major music platforms like Apple Music or Spotify. Yay?


Developer Tokyo RPG Factory showed more of its game Oninaki, coming to Switch, PS4, and PC. Tokyo RPG Factory is best known for artistic gems like Lost Sphere or I am Setsuna. In Oninaki, Players take on the role of a "Watcher" named Kagachi, where players battle by “manifesting the souls of Daemons" marking a more action focused genre for Tokyo RPG Factory.

marvels avengers

Coming 5/15/20

With the exception of some cool parts, I waited through over an hour of final fantasy love to get to the only thing I cared to see: Marvel's Avengers. Honestly I half expected Cloud to fighting along side the Avengers. (Admittedly that'd be awesome)

At least with Xbox their hour and a half wait until anything Halo was stuffed filled with great stuff. All I wanted was to see some Avengers action. I have to say it was trully as good as I hoped and looked awesome. Many on the internet are already surprised and dissappointed to see that the cast is not the MCU cast. I did not share that ridiculous unrealistic expectation. Does the internet have no idea how expensive the main actors of the MCU are? Do you want the standard edition of Avengers to be 200$? It is a big deal when a huge actor like Keanue Reeves plays in CyberPunk2077. Imagine what it would take to get mega stars like RDJR, Scarlet Johansen, Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth to put in the work that it takes to make a video game. I admit. It would have been cool, but it just was unrealistic and something I never expected. Even if theyr reused the likeness and had different voices, that still would take work on the actors part. Especially with RDJR and Chris Evans stepping down from the MCU it just would not work for the longevity of the game. Speaking of longevity, Square Enix stated that in addition to the main story, they have a lengthy road map for new characters and events to be added to the game all for FREE. It is important to know that this game is not the MCU; it is a separate unique story, which we got our first look at this story.

What was Missing?

Life Is Strange 2

Life Is Strange 2 got an awkard "reminder" trailer that showed nothing of Episode 4. It really felt like a reminder this game exists. If Square Enix really wanted to build up some hype for Life is Strange they should have showed at least a tease for Episode 4, especially with that cliff hanger they left on.

Final Fantasy 16

I know I know, I was complaining about the over load of Final Fantasy content in this event. However, Square Enix spoiled there biggest piece of news by revealing the release date for FF7 the big day. I understand why they wouldn't want the next gen of Final Fantasy to take away from the hype or sales of FF7. However, there was still a tiny part of me that expected a a Bethesda-style next-gen logo tease for Final Fantasy XVI at the end, a "One More Thing" that could have knocked their event out of the park.

Tomb Raider

I know we just got Shadow of the Tomb Raider last year; however, Lara Croft fans still hoped for at least a next-gen tease. 2020 Next Gen throws out any traditional cycles as developers need to have games ready to capitlize on the next consoles. It would have been nice to get a Holiday 2020 tease for TR.

Neir Automata

Where on Earth was Neir Automata? Rumors flew everywhere weeks leading up to the event that there would be a Nier Automata sequel and a Switch Port for the game. Sadly, Neither showed up.

Drakengard 3 Remaster/Drakengard 4

This one was a lognshot but there were some rumors of some PS4 version of 3 or a full sequel in this niche cult classic series.


That's it for the Final Fantasy Press Conf I mean Square Enix Press Conference. Make sure to catch the live E3 news on twitter and here after with full recaps on Game Infinite News.

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