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Wisconsin Comic Con 2019 Recap

I am sorry; I know its been over a week late, so I blame my vacation and the Fourth of July in getting around to recapping Wisconsin Comic Con 2019. However, I still want to share some of the amazing things I saw this year. If you are into gaming or nerd culture art this is definitely a place to go, as well of course comic books, cosplay, and nerd march. I honestly could have spent multiple days just going through looking at all the stuff on display and for purchase. The amount of art, comics, merchandise, and cosplayers to see were amazing for a small con here in Wisconsin. The two biggest highlights were getting to meet two voice actors of characters that mean a lot to me.

Steve Downes

For those of you that don't know, Halo is the game I credit for making me a "gamer". While it wasn't the first game I played, (that honor goes to Frogger on my GameBoy Color) Halo was the game I first played on a big screen. I would spend hours at my friends house playing it with him, and Halo 3 was why I picked the xbox 360 over the PS3 when I was able to get a console of my own. I have spent hours waiting in line at every midnight release for Halo since. In fact, in many ways Halo could be credited for why I ever became a big enough gamer to care about making a gaming platform such as Game Infinite. Which is why getting to meet Steve Downes the voice for Master Chief himself was just a major highlight of my year. He was super nice and chill and down to earth. I managed to snag an autograph and photograph with him as well as chat briefly. I thought it was cool that we both share a favoritism for Halo 4. I thanked him for helping voice such an amazing character and helping create such a great gaming franchise.

Ali Hillis

Not to be over shadowed in the very least, I also got to meet another amazing talented voice actor. While I credit Halo as the game that got me into gaming, it isn't my all time favorite game. The title is held by Mass Effect. No video game has more respect, time, or money devoted to it for me. It is in my opinion the greatest gaming franchise ever created. I have played all 4 games multiple times, have accumulated a considerable amount of

collectibles over the years, and just have nothing but respect for the original trilogy regardless of Biowares and EA's woes. Ali Hillis the voice actor behind Liara T'soni, who also voiced Lightning from Final Fantasy was there. She was super nice, and we able to chat briefly. I got to hear her do the Liara voice, and I have to say it was just amazing. She was even nice enough to follow Game Infinite on Twitter! I told her Mass Effect is my favorite game, and told her I hoped to see another Mass Effect someday.

While meeting these two individuals was definitely one of the best parts of the event, I really want to point out the other amazing content I saw at the event. I saw the Chalk Girl who was doing a live art demonstration drawing Master Chief and she was super talented! I also got to speak with countless artists who were at the convention selling their art. I met with some aspiring comic book writers, and got to see just so many amazing new ideas I hadn't seen before. Also there was an amazing cosplay presence, with the likes of Superman, Harley Quinn, Lara Croft, and even K2S0 from Rogue One!

For more con and even recaps stay tuned on Game Infinite, as well as for more gaming news. Follow us on Instagram and leave a comment!

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