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My Friend Pedro Review

Final Score: 8.5/10 (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)

My Friend Pedro from Devolver Digital is the latest small game craze, selling a whopping 250k copies in its first week. The social media buzz around this game helped it reach hights rarely seen for a game like this, but for good reason. Have you ever wanted to be in the Matrix and move like Neo? Do you want nonstop action-movie style gameplay with a unstoppable gun toating hero taking on countless foes, often is slow motion crazieness? Well then My Friend Pedro is the game for you. I’ve said before that for a 2D platformer to survive in 2019 it needs to do something unique and different in its gameplay. Don’t get me wrong I love 2D platformers, but with the modern era of massive open worlds, photo realism, and branching stories, simply getting from A to B isn’t enough any more.

(Official Trailer - Devolver Digital)

My Friend Pedro tasks the player to be a gun slinging action hero that runs across various worlds taking on countless bad guys with a gameplay mechanic that slows down time. This allows you to aim and shoot enemies in a more stylized fashion. My favorite is the duel wielding guns that allow you to shoot enemies on either side of you.

The game also has an element of whimsicality with the narrartor/guide being a talking banana... In a violent gun toating setting, the comical banana helps the game not take itself too seriously.

The simple nature and charm of this shooter lends itself very well the the platform of choice being the Nintendo Switch. I cant think of a better place to play then on the go.

In the end while the game is simple in premise it has an unusually high amount of replayability, and the gameplay never gets old even in later levels. This game definitely earns its spot on your Nintendo Switch memory card!

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