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Gamescom 2019 Opening Night Live - Event Recap

Gamescom did something fun and new this year by kicking off the week long event with a live-streamed event, hosted by none other than The Game Awards creator, Geoff Keighley. Geoff is a super cool host and his connections and presentation skills are what makes these game events amazing. He can bring the biggest names in the industry to one place and pull off a great gaming event. Here are some of the world premiers that dropped during the ONL event. Catch the full event below.

(Full Event)

gears 5 story trailer

I'm getting more and more excited to dive into the Gears franchise and this story trailer only got me mores. We have seen a lot of the multiple and order mode at Xbox's Inside Xbox event, but at ONL we got to see more of the Campaign.

call of duty modern warfare (open alpha / More info)

Can't wait to get your hands on Call of Duty Modern Warfare? Well Activision and Infinity Ward have been unusually tight lipped on this game more than past years. Unlike Black Ops 4 which had a huge announcement event and subsequent content at E3, Modern Warfare 2019 was announced solely with a short trailer and had no stage presence at E3. Early gameplay and demos have been behind closed doors and few people have been able to actually play or see much of the game. Here we are in August and we still only have a short amount of trailers and gameplay. Finally Activision is opening up and offering a free open Alpha. You don't even have to pre-order the game to play this. It was be featuring MW's new 2v2 fast paced gunfight modern that pits teams of two against each other. This will be a popular new mode that stands in contrast to longer larger slower Battle Royale modes.


Who doesn't like Helicopters? Well after 20 years the Comanche franchise is returning with this tease of an upcoming Helicopter game.


Described as a "interactive thriller" this is a movie/game hybrid much more in the vein of Netflix's Black Mirror: Bandersnatch than Until Dawn. At first I kind of passed on this as interactive movies are a weird genre to me that I have never tried. The idea that they use real life actors and IRL footage over gameplay is interesting. However they then explained onstage that this is no ordinary gameplay and they used new and clever filming techniques. This game is more than just having the actors pause for a while why a decision pops on screen. You will be able to interact with the environment and control actions more like a video game thanks to clever editing and "filming techniques". Their technobabble promise was enough to intrigue me and some early clips look cool. At 10$ on the PS4 it might be an interesting experience.

Need for speed heat (gameplay)

Need For Speed took a little break as the last game did not receive well. However, early impressions of Heat looks like the time was worth it as the first cinematic trailer debuted to positivity. Now at ONL we get to see a in-depth look at Heat, its gameplay, and even customization. There is a free app that can be downloaded now to customize cars ahead of release. We also know that Heat will 100% now and forever Lootbox FREE!

Little nightmares II

We should have known this was coming. A sequel to the successful indie cult hit Little Nightmares got an announcement last night at ONL and it looks even creepier and better than the first one!

borderlands 3 (endgame and more info)

kerbal space program 2

Another successful indie hit got an announcement at ONL this time with Kerbal Space Program 2! It was only a cinematic look but we have to see it excited me because I never got a chance to play the first one and now I have an excuse to visit the series!

Life is strange 2 episode 4 trailer

Episode 4 of Life is Strange 2 has been scheduled for days away for quite some time now and up until now we still have not seen a trailer for it. Now we know why. It debuted as a Gamescom work premier and I have to say it got me excited. I will admit I thought the first episode of this game was really poorly made, and almost didn't play the next ones. My low review even causes some drama in my local circle, but the subsequent episodes 2-3 have been both really good, and worth pushing through.


Are these robots? Are they cyborgs? Is humanity extinct and all that remains are our machines? Is this a racing game about hover bikes? No, its some kind of new genre shooter? I have so many questions, but Disintegration is from Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto and looks positively awesome so I'm already sold.

This event was jam packed with reveals, trailers, and announcements but for sure the biggest was saved for last. We got more of the enigma that is DEATH STRANDING. Never have I seen a marketing campaign for a game like this. We have had multiple trailers and the game is mere months away and we still know so little. In fact, Gamescom gave us three different trailers and we still barely understand Death Stranding. Kojima and others have repeatedly referred to this as a new game genre. Each trailer leaves us with more questions than answers, and to top it all off it is just so plain WEIRD. I can't wait to finish this game and still not understand.

For more Gamescom news stay tuned right here on Game Infinite News and follow our social media for up to the minute news and releases!

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