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Inside Xbox, Gamescom 2019 - Event Recap

Xbox came in swinging with their latest Inside Xbox event on the kick off day to Gamescom 2019, they had a lot of fun news, trailers, GamePass additions and more. Microsoft has really gotten Inside Xbox to feel like a tour of a xbox convention rather than a stage show so it definitely feels more casual and fluid which is an interesting change from all the other events. Below is the full event, and listed here are some of the biggest announcements and showcases at Inside Xbox Gamescom 2019.

(Full Event)

gears 5 order mode reveal trailer

I'm getting more and more excited to dive into the Gears franchise and this story trailer only got me mores. At Inside Xbox we got to see more of the multiplayer and Horde mode.

If there is one thing to draw in hard core Xbox fans that still haven't played much's of course HALO. Halo Reach characters are making an appearance in Gears 5!

ghost recon breakpoint pVP trailer

Ghost Recon is another franchise I have largely skipped especially with the last entry in the franchise releasing in an overcrowded month. I however am very much intrigued by Breakpoint and at Inside Xbox we have new look at PVP!

gears pop

Gears POP is the latest trend AAA studios bringing mobile game tie-ins of their franchises. This will either be a fun simple mobile game that Gears fan will enjoy or it will continue the trend of greedy pay to win low budget mobile games out there. I hope it is the first one but we will learn soon enough because it was announced at Gamescom that it will be launching this week! While it was announced at Gamescom to be 8/22, pro-order options have it listed as 9/2 so we will keep checking if there is an error or last minute delay.

surge 2 gameplay

The Surge looked to me like a B title that was attempting to enter the soulsbourne genre and it honestly looked rather lack luster to me. I never played it and reviews were average to ok. For this reason I didn't care to much when a sequel was already announced and on its way, seemed to fast to me. I will admit however that the trailer may have been enough to change my mind and perhaps this is a series I must try.


Greedfall intrigues me. It is trying to be Dragon Age and Mass Effect in a world where Bioware is struggling to offer us those games. Gamers want massive story based games with branching stories and BioWare style romance missions. However with Bioware in shambles who knows if we will ever truly get an old school Mass Effect or Dragon Age again. The 50$ price point gives me pause as usually a voluntary pre-launch sub-60 discount is indicating of a sub par game. Perhaps it is just meant to tempt players during what is shaping to be a very crowded fall/holiday 2019. However no explanation has been give and all pre-release footage and gameplay looks to be quite intriguing! I'm super excited for Greedfall and think it will be a surprise hit for 2019. Here at Gamescom we got to see a much deeper look at how companions and choices matter in Greedfall.



Gamers like everyone else like free games...When they are done right of course. Looking at that $200 Axe there Respawn...

Vigor is a shooter that has gone 1.0 and leaving early access on Xbox and the trailer got me excited to try it. At Free.99 it can't hurt to try it.

empire of sin

Do you want to oversee a vast criminal enterprise without the threat of life in prison or death by enemies? Well Empire of Sin is here for your crime empire dreams. I have to say it looked pretty incredible the level of detail and content this game may offer.

Blair withch is coming to gamepass

I'll be honest, I haven't seen the movies, but I am a fan of the found footage horror movie genre. I haven't played a lot of horror games, but the few I have played scared the shit out of me. I play games to relax so games that are designed to stress you aren't necessarily my cup of tea. However, since it is a major 2019 release and will be free thanks to GamePass I may just have to bite the bullet and review it.

PUBG Cross Play

PUBG is not just getting visual updates and a season 4, it is also getting a much anticipated feature. Console Cross Play is coming to PUBG adding it to the very short list of games Sony is willing to include in its "beta" for PS4 cross play.

All in All...

Gamescom is one of the "biggest" events of the year for gaming, maybe second only in familiarity to E3. So I found it odd that Microsoft didn't bring ANY Halo Infinite news to Gamescom. It could have been another simple cinematic trailer or something. They need to build hype over the next year and a half and I thought a reminder would have been warranted. That being said I felt that this years Gamescom Inside Xbox was super fun and had great content. We also got word of X019 the biggest show for Xbox outside of E3, so we get to look forward to that!

For more Gamescom news stay tuned right here on Game Infinite News and follow our social media for up to the minute news and releases!

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