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Milwaukee Comic Con 2019 Recap

I had the opportunity to attend the local Milwaukee Comic Con. While definitely smaller than other local cons like Midwest Gaming Classic or Wisconsin Comic Con it was definitely filled with a lot of amazing content creators. I got to meet some super cool cosplayers and artists showing their art! I picked up some art for my new office and made sure to snap some pics of some local cosplayers. In addition to these there were many vendors selling and displaying some really cool nerd culture memorabilia. Two favorites were a foot and a half tall Spawn statue, along with an absolutely massive 2 feet talk Hulkbuster Ironman Statue. Here are some talented and awesome content creators I got to check out at MCC.

@QueenofArkhamCity - Cosplay

Queen of Arkham City was at the event rocking some super cool carnage cosplay! She's a super cool cosplayer with an impressive following and portfolio of cosplay. Follow her Instagram here.

@MightyPegasus - Artist

I got to meet Victor who is a local artist and actually picked up some of his art. His Almighty was my favorite and can't wait to display it on my wall. Check out his sick portfolio at his Instagram here.

@D2K_prime - artist

Meet Antonio, he's a super cool local artist. His talent for characters was really impressive but he also has a huge catalog for custom characters of his own design. Definitely check him out at his Instagram here.

@CaitCaitRose - Cosplay

I got to meet Cait who was cosplaying Harley Quinn. Her model Harley hammer was super cool as it was as tall as she was. Definitely check out her cosplays at her Instagram here.

@PandamoniumCosplay - Cosplay

I got to meet Pandamonium Cosplay at Milwaukee Comic Con and I thought her Moana cosplay was super cool. It was definitely a unique and fun addition to the con. Support her at her Cosplay Facebook Page here.

@Pyrodragon19 - Cosplay

I got to meet Daniel who was cosplaying a super impressive Deathstroke. The armor and sword were really fun to see well done and you can check out his content at Instagram here.

@JproIllustrate - Artist

Jeremy and his fiancé were at the con selling art raising money for their up coming wedding. They had some really cool Marvel and DC content. Go show them some love by following them on twitter for more amazing art here.

@oneinchtacks - cosplay

Bailey was at the con representing the Fallout cosplay community with her epic fall out cosplay. You can see more of her and support her at Instagram here.

Check out some more shots of Milwaukee Comic Con 2019.

For more con and event recaps stay tuned on Game Infinite, as well as catch the latest in gaming news. Follow us on Instagram and leave a comment!

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