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Game Infinite Channels are HERE - Tomb Raider Infinite is LIVE

Sunday we launched our second Game Infinite Channel along side a new tab on for our channels platform. Channels is our way of reaching out to gamers with theme specific content. Game Infinite focuses on the whole gaming industry bringing daily gaming news and entertainment, however our channels will bring even more content of a specific nature. The first experiment was with Apex Infinite. Apex Infinite brings daily Apex Legends news, cosplay, fan art, clips, screenshots and more! The early success of this beta page and the channels approach, I have decided to work with the mods on expanding this exciting adventure.

We are taking the Channels further into the spotlight with a new tab on the website directing our web viewers to these channels, as well as launching a second channel yesterday Tomb Raider Infinite, and a yet unannounced third Channel in the works. Tomb Raider Infinite will be modded and managed by GiFriends MOD Jay of @scionjay96 His long time fan and support of Game Infinite and unrivaled passion for the Tomb Raider community made him a prime candidate for the spot. Already we have seen early success with over 100 followers in its first day. We will be using the channels to grow the Game Infinite platform to even more gamers, as well as using it to help uplift even more talented cosplayers, artists, and streamers into our GiFriends community for continual support! If you are a fan of Game Infinite, and happen to be diehard Apex Legends or Tomb Raider fans make sure to stop by these new channels as they will definitely appeal to you. Even if not, these channels are platforms that will help support small and growing content creators so dropping them a follow will help support small creators!

We look forward to amplifying the daily gaming content coming to you and meeting more amazing and talented content creators!

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