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December State of Play 2019 Recap

Sony decided to sneak one last State of Play before the end of the year, and it also served as a great way to hype up the impending Game Awards. Watch the entire roughly 30 minute stream below, and scroll down for the biggest announcements to come out of the event.

(Full Broadcast)

Untitled Goose Game Coming to PS4 (and Xbox One)

One of the indie games to hit mass appeal and make a presence in work break rooms everywhere is Untitled Goosegame! This goofy indie game where you terrorize city folk as, you guessed it, a Goose, is now coming to PS4 (and Xbox One). The fact that Sony picked this game to kick things off with just shows how massively popular the internet-meme loving game is.

Paper Beast

Another interesting game is the first look at VR game Paperbeast, that looks like a NatGeo VR experience, if the Serengeti was populated with Origami creators instead of lions and gazelles.


The underrated standout of this event, a new addition to our upcoming "Most Anticipated 2020" list, and my favorite part of the event was SUPERLIMINAL. I for-see this game reaching sights of popularity of maybe even SuperHot? I remember hearing about this game during early development, and now we are approaching its launch next year. Superliminal has players navigate a dream like world where perception alters the world around you. For instance in the trailer we see holding an in game item in different ways changes its physical size to match its perceived size. If it looks bigger to you, it become big when you let go. It's quite an interesting concept that opens up a world of possibilities.


In case you still haven't gotten enough Battle Royale, Spellbreak is coming next year to entertain players with an interesting twist on the genre with Magic based combat. If PUBG, Apex, Fortnite, COD, Realm all don't satisfy your skydiving and last player standing needs, check out Spellbreak next year.

babylon's fall

Remember when Babylon's Fall was announced? Two something years ago and a no show at this year's E3? We didn't know much about it other than it was a new IP from Platinum Games. So it's surprise reappearance in this random State of Play was a nice treat; however, It isn't much a surprise that the makers of some of this generations best hack n slash action games like Bayonetta, Astral Chain, Nier: Automata and more are bringing us yet another high octane action game. This one for some reason gave me a Dragon Age vibe but mixed with Platinum's visual flair. I still haven't forgiven them and Microsoft for the cancelled promise that was Scalebound, but Babylon's Fall looks great. Just look at this anime-worthy sword action!

Predator: Hunting Grounds

We have had a tease that a new Predator game was coming, however now we got a full trailer with more details. We know it is a asymetrical shooter that pits a team of four humans in first-person against a Predator in third-person. We also get a first look at the different classes of Predators that will add some variety to the Apex hunter's gameplay. This is the first game like this from these developers, IIIfonic are the minds behind Friday the 13th.

Kingdom hearts 3 remind DLC

For a game that features Disney characters, is sure featured a story that was not for kids. I don't mean that it was graphic, but Kingdom Hearts 3 featured a story that gave zero cares about bringing new players up to speed. You were just throw in to a time-wimey story that would make any Dr Who fan proud and confuse even the nerdiest of Star Trek fans. With parallel universe clones and weird spirit ghosts I was lost at the weird juxtaposition that was Donald Duck fighting guys with swords. I kind of expected a Spyro, Mario, or Skylanders level story; boy was I wrong. This game was weird, and I never did a full review but it was almost, ALMOST Death Stranding levels of weird. Now, we get a trailer at the whopping 30$ DLC expansion (as if 13 years for 3 wasn't enough punishment for fans), Remind's trailer is just as weird and desiring to leave behind anyone not caught up on the story of a 13 year old game.


Playstation's upcoming "create your own game simulator" promises to be a weird pseudo-platform for not just experiencing a game, but help create it? It's kind of odd and hard to explain so just watch this trailer. We now know the full game is launching Valentine's Day 2020.

Resident Evil 3 (and Project Resistance)

Resident Evil 3 remake is coming to PlayStation 4 on April 3rd, 2020. While Resident Evil 3 existence was leaked by Sony itself by mistake, this state of play was the official announcement with a trailer. One interesting turn of events, is a previously announced RE title "Project Resistance" we learned about about 3 months ago, is actually going to be part of this game. The Resident Evil 3 Remake is being treated as the "campaign" to the multiplayer component Resident Evil: Resistance in the same game. It is an interesting added value as both these games are going to be sold together. It is also surprising and impressive that 3 is coming so soon after the remake of 2, that Capcom must have been banking on the success of the remake to have green-lit a remake of 3 early enough for a release the following year. That gamble paid off with RE2 receiving GOTY nominations on top of being a commercial and popular success.


Sony gave us a tease of Ghost of Tsushima at the end of the stream by amping up tomorrow's impending Game Awards with a promise of a full trailer at the big event.

For more Playstation Gaming News make sure to stay tuned on Game Infinite News here or on social media.

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