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The Game Awards 2019 Event Recap Part 2: Announcements

This year's Game Awards was definitely a event filled to the brim with new game announcements, with it partially feeling more like a E3 Event than an awards ceremony. However, I'm not complaining, it was a real treat getting the announcements we did. In fact, we got a massive announcement that no one saw coming, something that has never happened outside of a major E3 event.

If you want to see the winners of the Awards, see Part 1 of the this article. This event was so jam packed with world premiers and new game announcements that this will be a rapid fire article with a focus on trailers. Check out the major game reveals below.

New Xbox is called "Series X"

The absolutely surprising announcement of the night was Xbox showing up to name and reveal the design of the next generation of Xbox, something that never happens outside of E3. A new console reveal happening at the Game Awards is just unheard of and in Geff's own words, we weren't expecting it at all. I have opinions on the design and name (something I want to save for upcoming article), but for the sake of this article alone here is the trailer.

Hellblade 2

Xbox followed up their new console name and design announcement with an extended look at Hellblade 2, a sequel to the massively popular game that Microsoft purchased the developer. Microsoft really wants to position the fact that they are acquiring massive first party ip's to build up Xbox.

GODFALL (First Official PS5 announced game)

Described as a "looter-slasher" I got massive Dragon-Age meets Destiny vibes. What makes Godfall special is this is the first game officially announced as coming to PS5, while we strongly expect next-gen versions of many titles, this is the first to confirm it in the trailer.

Bravely Default II

Weird West

League of Legends - Ruined King

Hope you like League of Legends, Riot is hitting hard with league spin-off games.

D&D Dark Alliance

Rumor has it that there are 9 D&D games,


PlayerUnknown, the makers of massively popular PUBG announced they are working on...something. Probably the most unnecessarily obscure trailer of the night, "Prologue" was a brief blurry glimpse at a forest. Yep, that's it. That's all we know.

Fast and Furious Crossroads

Winner for the worst trailer of the night is a new Fast and Furious game. What is amazing is this huge mega-franchise for Hollywood can't seem to conjure up enough of a budget for a real effort at this game. This isn't the first Fast and Furious video game; the last one was pretty awful, but this one with its awful PS2 era graphics and unrecognizable cast make it shocking that this was used to END THE SHOW of premiers. Something as show stopping as a new console announcement was used as middle announcement, when this garbage was used to wrap up the show.


My personal favorite new game announcement was the goofy and awesome Shark game Maneater where you play as a variety of sharks. You play as sharks and eat people in a gloriously violent Goat Simulator with sharks.

Ghost of Tsushima

- Lengthy new look at Ghost of Tsushima.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

- Lengthy new look at Final Fantasy VII Remake

Gears Tactics

Lengthy first look at Gears Tactics, Microsoft's upcoming tactical focused spin-off of Gears.

Control - "Expeditions"

The Wolf Amount Us 2 - It LIVES!

The Wolf Among US 2 is alive and still coming after any telltale series games lost all hope early last year


Another super stylish and slick look at a very intriguing fighting-samurai inspired game, this one named Naraka.

Apex Legends - Holo-Bash Christmas Event

In a hilarious interruption from Mirage during the Event with a funny pseudo-video call, we got a goofy and fun ad for the Holiday Event in Apex Legends.

New World

For more Game Awards and other gaming news, make sure to stay tuned on Game Infinite and social media for the latest.

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