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A break from it all... #protests2020

The gaming industry has seemingly pressed pause this past week as virtually every large gaming studio has postponed gaming news events, seasonal launches, etc... all in support for the those speaking up for equality and protesting racism during the tragedy that befell the US recently. The loss of George Floyd due to an act of police brutality, and the many subsequent deaths that have occurred, such as retired black police officer David Dorn killed by rioters. This situation is so emotionally charged and highly political for some. The gaming industry has risen to the charge to raising awareness, and pausing news that can wait. Activision and Epic Games are two large gaming publishers who have delayed the new seasons of Call of Duty and Fortnite respectively. IGN, EA, Playstion, GameSpot, GameAwards' "Summer Game Fest" have all postponed their June summer gaming news events that were planned, all stating in some way a desire to allow more important voices to be heard or allowing their teams the freedom to be with family or protest. Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Spellbreak, are a few of the games that have added in game banners supporting the larger Black community, with statements of support and anti-racism messaging. Slightly outside the gaming industry, Lucasarts stated support for an impassioned speech given by Star Wars's own John Boyega as he spoke against racism and violence in America. Other prominent examples of raising awareness abound across the gaming and related nerd culture industries include Riot Games pledging $1 Million in support of various charities to help promote inequality. Personally I am a fan of Star Trek's own Isa Briones, who took to Instagram to raise money for Charity by selling paintings she has down for equality focused charities.

On our small corner of the internet, Game Infinite has made efforts the best we can towards promoting equality in our world. I and the GiFriends Mods have been in discussion of what types of alternate content to provide. We felt moved to follow much of the gaming industry and pause our normal gaming related schedule for the time being to allow of more important content to be heard. Also paused was the launch of our new GiFriends progam, "GiFriends Elite" and our Twitch streaming schedule. When the time feels more right, we will resume regular content soon. When we do plan to resume content, I want to make it personally clear that it doesn't mean we forget about equality or the discussion stops. "Getting back to normal" doesn't mean the discussion is over. The pursuit of freedom and equality for all is never over. During this down time, as a white straight male, I have been educating myself of ways to best be an ally to those who do not have the same freedoms. I have also tried to use my voice to call for peaceful protesting and no violence. I have taken partners with some Black creators in our GiFriends community on ways to best support. I will say that these events have weighed heavily on me and my team which is why I am happy we are taking this time to help spread positivity and equality.

I have said multiple times that I want Game Infinite to be a safe open platform, welcoming to all. The diversity in the world around us is a gift that we should treasure and utilize instead of fight over. Unfortunately, just the message of love and peace alone can be enough to anger some. We lost a GiFriends member who didn't like my condemning of the pointless death of George Floyd and the subsequent violence and death on my personal page. I just can't imagine being so hateful that a simple tweet or two of disapproval would make anyone quit a brand. The oddity is the hypocrisy of this person. They privately messaged me and quit over my message against racism and peace, but they act like an ally publicly. This kind of toxicity is something I am glad ended up leaving our community on its own; we don't need or want that.

While the content is largely paused, I have been working to gather content relevant to the discussion of current events, for example sharing the equality supporting news releases of major gaming platforms and other equality related content being shared. I am working on sharing more as best as I am able. We are also sharing links to equality focused charities on Instagram.

If you know of any creators or charities that need to be spotlighted during these times, please send Game Infinite a message on your preferred social media.

Readers, Stay Safe, Protest Peacefully, Love thy Neighbor, Wear a Mask, and Keep an Open Mind.

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