30 Best Super Heroes of All Time (Opinion)

During Quarantine I discovered a love of comics I never had before. I’ve always been a gaming nerd; someone who loves super hero movies and scifi tv. I felt like there were parts of nerd culture I was missing out on. Last year I got into Anime and discovered characters and stories I absolutely loved like some of my favorites One Punch Man and My Hero Academia. Enjoying the anime made me want to read some of the manga, and I really enjoyed it. Quarantine gave me extra free time I never had before and sometimes I needed a break from tv and games and actually got to do some reading. I’ve been enjoying delving deeper into Star Wars lore and books, and recently I’ve been on a big super hero kick. I subscribed to DC Universe and Marvel Unlimited and have been really enjoying the all the comics they have to offer. I’ve loved super heroes since I was a child. One of the earliest Super hero movies I remember seeing was the Sam Rami trilogy. I loved the Justice League and Teen Titan cartoons when I was a kid. When I was a teenager the MCU took super heroes to a new level of mainstream I don’t think we’ve ever seen before.

During my comic book loving super hero kick during Quarantine, I thought now would be a fun time to do a list of my favorite super heros and my favorite depiction of that hero. I’ve put a lot of thought into the order of this, but I don’t consider it a definitive list, as my feelings may change. Fact is all these super hero characters are ones I just love and want more content with them in it! Here are some rules, they have to be actual super heroes. They can’t be villians or action heroes. I considered characters like Harley Quinn or Venom which are depicted mostly as villians with some appareances as morally grey anti-heros. Either in-universe or in real life they need to be considered “super heroes”. The term super hero has a certain meaning beyond just maybe having abilities or capes so that also means there are no Jedi or Harry Potter characters. Some characters could be on this list but they better fit other genres more like Godzilla or John Wick.

There are some superheroes on this list that I understand some might feel are missing such as Wolverine, Deadpool, Robin, etc... but these are heroes who I just never personally cared enough for and didn't make the list. If your favorite hero didn't make my list, make sure to comment why they are your favorite on the corresponding post on social media for this article!

30. Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter is a character I am most aware of thanks to my childhood love of the Justice League cartoon series. His ever-calm demeanor during combat always seemed so cool and collected. He also has a bad-ass list of super powers including shapeshifting and non corporeal phasing. He is easily one of the most powerful characters on this list yet is so often forgotten.

29. scarlet witch

Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff is one of the few female heroes we have seen in the MCU and I have always enjoyed her character. She has a weird and intriguing set of reality warping powers. In the comics, she is so powerful she pretty much deletes a universe. While the MCU version is way more scaled back, it was awesome to see her go head to head with Thanos directly and actually give him trouble. Elizabeth Olsen does a awesome job as the character in the MCU, and hopefully we will see her get the spotlight she deserves in the upcoming Dr Strange multi-verse movie. Seeing those two traverse the multi-verse would be incredible.

28. captain Marvel

Ok I so liked Captain Marvel ok, don't hate me. What is regarded by some as one of the least favorite MCU films, (I don't really see why, Don't you all remember Iron Man 2 or Thor Dark World?) Captain Marvel to me was funny and had an otherworldly, out of place, stranger to earth, kind of vibe. I think it was about high time the Avengers gained an ultra powerful female character also. The MCU will need some more powerful characters to fill the power vacuum left by Iron Man and Captain America also. I also thought Brie Larson did a great job and very much enjoyed the twist on the story arc of the Skulls. When Captain Marvel shows up in Endgame's final battle I cheered at the bad ass way they did it. Plus, can we all agree Goose stole the show in her film? I loved the subversion of the backstory of Nick Fury's eye patch so much too. Overall, Captain Marvel makes for a fun and entertaining hero.

27. Dr. Fate

A hero I wish got more spotlight is the mysterious and enigmatic Dr. Fate. He is unique in that Dr Fate isn't really a specific person, but a helmet that controls or overtakes a human host to become Dr Fate. Dr Fate could be anyone inside who is unlucky enough to put on the helmet. He is a super powerful being in the DC universe being bound to Fate itself. His loyalties are little more "lawful neutral" as Fate is more important than right and wrong. I would absolutely love to see him in the DCEU someday.


Say what you will about the DCEU, it did manage to revitalize some heroes I didn't care too much for before. Aquaman has had a notorious history as being a unliked joke of a character. However, Jason Mamoa singlehandedly saved this super hero by giving us one of the most surprising successful reboots of a hero into a hero that is not only respected but well liked by fans. The film also was a surprising success being one of the better films of the DCEU. It is one of the examples of a time when a lesser known, even unliked, hero can become mainstream. He would be higher if it weren't for the fact that only the one example is likable and memorable. Jason Mamoa single handedly gets Aquaman on this list; without him he would be no where near it.

25. Mera

Alright, Jason Mamoa was fantastic, and singlehandedly turned an otherwise universally panned hero into a mega hit film and a fan favorite hero. He gets his due. I am glad his character exists. But I have to say they did such a good job at Mera that I left thinking, why wasn't she just "Aquawoman?" The Justice League only has one female member in the DCEU and in many iterations of the of Justice League and substituting Mera would not only add some diversity to the Justice League, but I would argue that the DCEU version is more powerful than Aquaman. It never is really explained other than "being royalty" or the "rightful heir" what makes Aquaman so special. Biologically speaking she would be more powerful, stronger, and tougher, being that she is 100% Atlantian. She also has a super useful hydro-telekinesis, meaning she can control water. Her hydro-telekinesis in the film is superpowerful. She is able to turn water into hardened projectiles and create massive swarms of water. I think she has a huge advantage. Plus, Amber Heard gives an incredible performance, and watching her discover the surface world really gave her a similar "stranger in a strange land" charm similar to that we see in DCEU Wonder Woman or MCU Thor. I think in an alternate universe a Justice League with Mera as Aquawoman would have been even more interesting than what we got. We already have enough brutes with the likes of Superman and Batman on the DCEU JL, Mera would have helped balance the team.

24. Rocket racoon

The Guardians of the Galaxy proved that Marvel could make successes out of ridiculous sets of largely unknown characters. They must have felt like they could do no wrong when they green-lit a talking tree and raccoon in space for the MCU, but it isn't hubris if you pull it off. The first Guardians of the Galaxy film was awesome, and introduced many of us, including myself, to the characters. My favorite is by far Rocket. He is hilarious, and just somehow perfectly at home in the MCU despite his ridiculous premise. Also, I just love his interactions with Thor, whoever thought to team those two up are absolute geniuses. Thor calling him Rabbit the whole time is just great.

23. Black Widow

Admittedly, Black Widow is a character much like Aquaman that makes it onto this list based on Actress performance alone. Scarlett Johansen makes a character that could be boring or forgettable (Hawkeye anyone?), one of the most liked characters in the MCU. Black Widow would be higher on this list if it wasn't for the fact that we like Johansen's performance more than the character itself. Despite having very little backstory and abilities far overshadowed by her MCU peers, she manages to make the character likable and invaluable to the MCU. However, Black Widow in other media is not as good in my opinion, relying so heavily on the MCU version, but her performance alone makes her ripe for this list. Black Widow is set to finally get her own film, which was delayed in 2020 due to COVID-19, and its looks to be another amazing film in the MCU. Perhaps the film will give us more insight and backstory to the character beyond just Johansen's performance.


Next up is Susan Storm aka “The Invisible Woman”, as depicted in the 2005 film. Now, despite the fact that the movie hasn’t aged well, and doesnt stand up to the post-MCU era of super hero films, back at that time it was a super fun super hero movie. I enjoyed it very much, and I enjoyed the Invisible Woman character. She was different than other heroes of the day and had a cool power. Back then I was a Jessica Alba fan and thought she did a great job as the first female super heroe I ever saw brought to life. Invisible Woman is another character that would be higher if she wasn't so reliant on Jessica Alba's performance. In other media, and subsequent attempts at the character have been less so. If the MCU ever does introduce the Fantastic Four, it is a pipe dream that they recast Jessica Alba for the role.

21. The Flash