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(This article series “5 Games that need to be made” is where I pitch 5 games that need to be made in a particular franchise, crossover, company, genre etc... If you enjoy and want more of these lists let me know in the comments on social media! Tell us which of these 5 was your favorite, and what franchise or theme you want to see next!)

It's been quite a while since my last installment in 5 Games. In the first run, I exhausted many of nerd fandoms favorite universes. However, 5 Games is BACK and the wait is over as our next installment is here. We've done so many game universes where I've pitched game ideas, and I started to run out of fictional universes. However, some variant ideas came to me, and I wanted to try some different approaches. We already did a 5 Games that need to be made in the Nier Universe, but today we are revisiting the Nier universe for a specific reason. I realized this the other day when yet another 2b crossover was announced: 2B is the QUEEN OF CROSSOVERS. Move over America Chavez or Ciri, 2B is the real Multiverse hopping heroine. It dawned on me that 2B has appeared in LOT of games outside the Nier universe. I googled it, and she has appeared in even more games than I even knew. She has been in PUBG, Soulcalibur, Final Fantasy, and many more. I could be wrong, but I don't think there is another character that has appeared in more other universe games than her, and if so she is one of the top. There is of course, an IRL reason for this as the creators of Nier have stated before that they are happy to green light virtually cross over request to a game that pays for it. Combine that with 2B's immense popularity across fandoms, cosplay and fan art especially, she continues to be a fan favorite character. Virtually any game can approach to buy rights to have 2B appear in their game, and players will flock to try her out. So for this reason, I was thinking, what are 5 Games that need a Nier Crossover and have 2b make an appearance?

I have some honorable mentions with Super Smash Bros and Multiversus. I didn't include Super Smash Bros Ultimate for two reasons: first, because I didn't think it was a super original pick as 2b was much requested by fans. Also with Super Smash Bros. Secondly, Nintendo has officially ended DLC characters for the game so it is a moot point until the next installment. I considered Multiversus, but considering WB has so many characters in their arsenal, I just don't think it would make much sense for them to license a character for the game when they have so many character IP's already. Multiversus is very much about the WB multiverse, so I don't see that changing any time soon.

As always, if YOU are a Nier fan, check out NIER INFINITE our Gi Channel for all things Nier cosplay, fan art, news and more!

5. Anything Star Wars

This one is a little more vague, as I don't have a specific game, but I have been arguing for a while now that the Nier Universe and Star Wars are such a fun mash up. In my 5 Games Star Wars pitch, I pitched the idea of a Nier type game, with a female 2B-esque Jedi and letting a Japanese studio bring the JRPG treatment to a Star Wars Nier-type game with lightsabers. 2B has such a fluidic combat style, and I believe that "everything is better with lightsabers". So this pitch is just the reverse. We know there are a lot of Star Wars games in development, and any one of the them could somehow include a Nier crossover content. I just really want to see 2b with a lightsaber. Star Wars Hunters is an online arena battle game with various characters, perhaps 2B could be a crossover skin or cosmetic? Ubisoft is working on an open world Star Wars game that we know very little about, but Ubisoft is usually open to crossover outfits in their games. Jedi 2b needs to happen some day some how.

4. Assassin's Creed (BONUS - Watch Dogs?)

Speaking of Ubisoft, they have done many cross over skins before in the Assassin's Creed universe. They've done Final Fantasy and other variants of various universe brought into Assassin's Creed. Imagine a 2B x Assassin crossover outfit. She could be incredible with a blend of her famous black suit and the white assassin's cloak. That is a mash up outfit that I think would be really cool. With Assassin's Creed Infinity, Ubisoft's long rumored about upcoming live service version of Assassin's Creed, that would be a perfect platform to introduce more AC crossover cosmetics, and 2B would be a perfect character to bring in curious players.

Honerable mention goes to the Watchdogs universe. I didn't list Watchdogs Legion as a main pick because it may had its development ended, but I can still give a shoutout to that series. Watchdogs Legion innovated with this truly interesting "Play as Anyone mechanic that was just truly unique and interesting. I could have very much seen this mechanic been used as a cross over dream. Ubisoft could have introduced more DLC and cross over characters had Ubisoft been able to develop and bake this game more. If it had reached the popularity a properly baked version could have this game could have had really cool character DLC. I think a next-gen version of Legions All Player Character system could really become a multiverse dream mechanic to bring in characters. I really think Ubisoft should start bringing in more cross over content to its franchises. There should have been more Assassin stuff in Legion from the get go. Legion should have some cool cross over character DLC and maybe actual Assassins. Jacob and Evie Frye would have been some obvious choices for London. 2B is a multiverse queen, and she would just be right at home in both games.

3. Naraka Bladepoint

This one might be a less obvious pick, but I have a very specific reason for this one. Naraka Bladepoint exploded in popularity as a Melee/Fantasy focused battle Royale, and defied all reason to succeed in an over crowded over saturated genre. It eventually came to console, and even launched on GamePass. It really is a fun and fresh take on the battle Royale genre, with a focus on a Chinese Fantasy setting and melee weapons it really doesn't feel like all the other BR games on the market.

I think the game is perfect for a 2B cross over for a couple reasons. I think Naraka needs to start doing some cross over content to bring in even more players and doing so will really boost the games player base. Another reason, is the games art style. It has an absolutely beautiful and realistic and quality crafted look that I think fans of Nier would love to see 2b represented in. She would just look incredible in the game. Lastly, Naraka has a very fluidic and acrobatic combat that I think seeing 2b fight would just FIT. Her combat style and Naraka's combat would just blend very nicely. This may be a more obscure pick, but I know it would be amazing. They could include her simply as a cosmetic skin for one of the female characters, or they could go all the way and make her a full DLC character with a unique move set and powers.

2. Apex Legends

I have been saying for years, that I DO NOT UNDERSTAND what EA and Respawn are doing with their APEX cosmetics. I am a huge Apex fan, I play both the main and the mobile versions regularly. I love so many of the characters, and the gameplay is just always fresh. It is a solid infinitely replayable game. What I don't get, and I am not alone in this, is the cosmetics are just very bland. I think even the Legendary ones, the ones you are supposed to be "most tempted" to want to buy are just boring. One of my favorite youtuber groups, the Angry Joe Show called Apex cosmetics as "One Guy with a box of crayons" and I think that's fair. I love you Respawn, but for the love of god go hire some more artists.

I haven't bought the battle pass in so many seasons, despite regular play because its just quantity over quality. I understand it is subjective, and if you enjoy their cosmetics, great for you. However, I am not alone in the idea that Apex's cosmetics are just subpar. Apex still makes plenty of money, so obviously people are spending money, but it could be better. To me, what makes even less sense, is that EVEN IF EA is being cheap, and doesn't want to pay for the licensed content to get cross over cosmetics that players might enjoy more, EA has the rights to so many amazing characters and weapons from their own franchises, that players would happily rush to buy. The fact that there's none of the cool armor or weapon skins from Mass Effect in Apex is shocking to me. Does EA have any idea how many players would spend money to see their favorite Legend in an N7 Armor? Or Wrap a R-301 as an Avenger rifle? Or how about Loba in Miranda's suit? That alone could single handedly fund Titanfall 3. What about Dead Space armor? What about Dragon Age armor? Good lord they don't own these but they already have access to the rights of Madden, Star Wars, and FIFA, and yet NOTHING. Jedi Ash? Stormtrooper Caustic? Mirage wearing a Football jersey? It's like they don't understand what gamers want. It wouldn't be that hard to put some effort into skins.

The odds of EA paying for a 2b cross over when they won't even use their own licenses, makes the chance of this cross over .00000000000001%; but I can pipe dream. I think a Loba 2B skin would print money, but that's just me. Or what about Ash? They already have a Sword wielding android, why not dress her as 2B? 2B is such a popular character, and it would be really cool to see her outfit brought to a few of the Legends.

1. Fortnite

My number one pick for this list I think might be obvious, and forgive me for it's lack of originality, but it just needs to happen. If 2B is the character queen of cross overs than Fortnite is the game king of cross overs. Like her, Fortnite is the game with the most multiversal crossovers from so many different universes. Fortnite has seen everything from Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Tomb Raider, Halo, God of War, and countless others. It has crossed console platforms to let Master Chief team up with Kratos. It has let us see Superman fight next to Darth Vader. Batman fighting next to Ironman. We never have seen this level of universes together in one place. It is the king of crossovers so it is only right that the queen of crossovers join in. 2B and Fortnite seem like such an obvious fit, as she is such a popular character that would undoubtedly be welcomed by players.


If you enjoyed this article, stay tuned for more "5 Games" lists, and much more on Game Infinite social media. Tell us in the social's comments which pitch you liked best and what games you want to see get made!

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