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5 Games That Need to be Made: Call of Duty

In This installment of 5 Games, I will be pitch games set in one of most successful franchises in gaming history. Few games will ever live up the financial success that is the Call of Duty Franchise. Love them or hate them, there is no denying that the Call of Duty franchise is a massive behemoth in the industry. It is an IP so large that even those outside of the gaming world know it well. In this article, I will be pitching 5 games that I would like to see Activision deliver in the future installments of the franchise. Like it or not, this franchise isn't going anywhere, and with the pending and controversial acquisition with Activision Blizzard and Xbox, Microsoft is going to want to get their money's worth from this massive franchise. I think that the future success of this franchise depends on more than just the Black Ops and Modern Warfare branding. With failures such as Vanguard and Cold War, Activision will have to take some risks on new ideas, and possibly revisit some of their established universes, now that fans have had time to appreciate them.

5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Remastered

Activision has given us remasters of first two original modern warfare games, so it would be a mistake I believe for them to leave that task incomplete. Their naming scheme has been confusing for many as they release reboots with the same names. We have gotten Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare II in their new reboot era. I could understand Activision wanting to wait until the reboot Modern Warfare III happens before considering a remaster of the original III. It's confusing just to type those sentences, so I can imagine that they don't want to confuse consumers too much. Releasing the remaster too early could hurt the reboot 3's sales. They could do it as a bundled package with the reboot III as well, and that would help. However, I think it is important to complete that classic trilogy's remaster sequence. I enjoyed playing through both OG's remastered campaigns, and MW3 needs it as well.

4. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare II

This pick is one that I know is incredibly unlikely. Call of Duty is too big and too expensive to make a sequel to a game that didn't do well financially. The problem is that Infinite Warfare's campaign was actually FANTASTIC. If you didn't play that campaign you really missed out. I think it just was that players were having future fatigue and didn't want a future based game. They wanted to go back to COD's roots, and instead they got the most sci-fi COD ever made. Infinite Warfare was the most sci-fi the franchise has ever been, and had more in common with Halo than Call of Duty. However, I think enough time has past we get another far future set Call of Duty. With Warzone living on as a live service, Infinite Warfare II could even just be treated as a Campaign only expansion. I know this one will never happen, but I want space aircraft carriers, space jet fighters, and battles on other planets.

3. Call of Duty: Blackout II

Activision has already proved that they will be launching new versions of Battle Royale, rather than just continuously updating Warzone. With Warzone II, it was more of an Overwatch 2 style pseudo sequel that replaced the original. They may keep doing that, and just keep Warzone going with Warzone III and so forth. However, I still remember their first attempt at battle royale, Blackout. It wasn't perfect, and it was treated more like a "mode" in Black Ops 4. However, Call of Duty Blackout II to me could be a way to inject some freshness into the Battle Royale of the future. They could let Warzone II live for a while, and let Blackout II be it's successor with Warzone taking a break. I personally enjoyed Blackout more than Warzone. I would love to see that map and that style come back in a sequel.

2. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare II

This may be a uncommon opinion in the Call of Duty fan base, but Advanced Warfare is still my favorite campaign. It just was the perfect balance between near future and modern. It felt like the future but still not quite as far future as some of the other games. I also loved the narrative. It had a fantastic antagonist, and the evil corporation aspect was just well done. I want to see the world after Atlas and Johnathan Irons. I want to see more of Atlas. This game just had some incredible world building. We've had WWII and Modern Day long enough that I think the COD community might be finally ready to revisit the controversial near future eras for COD.

1. Call of Duty: Timelines

I've had this idea for a Call of Duty game for a while, and with advances in technology, I think it could really be a fantastic evolution. In the past, each installment focuses the majority on a particular time period. We have WWII, Cold War, Vietnam, Modern, Near Future. These really are the main time periods that the games visit, and with rare exception, stick to one for a whole game. What about a game that visits MULTIPLE eras in one game, and not just for brief one off story moments, but for large extended segments. In Call of Duty Timeline, players start the campaign in the far far future. You play as a Time Agent in the far future who protects history against incursions. The antagonist of the story is someone who is using time travel to try to rewrite history. You are sent back in the past, in a time hopping adventure trying to chase down this time travel criminal. Throughout the course of the story, you are thrown back in time to multiple periods. Players will visit Modern Day, WWI, WWII, the Cold War, the Far Distant future, Civil War, Revolutionary War, and even the ancient past. These are era's that have never been visited by Call of Duty because it would be difficult to place an entire game in them. The technology and historical limitations would keep it from "feeling" like Call of Duty. Loading a musket wouldn't feel like Call of Duty. But with time travel elements, we could briefly visit eras never before in Call of Duty. You could even be equipped with future tech on your journey. It would be interesting to see the juxtaposition of a sci-fi weapon fighting in a Civil War or Ancient setting.

The antagonist is one step ahead of you so incursions are already happening. The only way to save the timeline is to stop them from starting it all. With the incursions in progress we could see how the changes in the timeline are rippling. For Instance, the WWII setting could be alternate history with Axis powers in North America. We could see a alt history setting the Confederate States of America decades after their victory against the Union. All out nuclear war has broken out in an apocalyptic post Cold War setting.

Over to multiplayer, there would be a "Primal Mode", to replace the Zombies. In this multiplayer mode, temporal agents are overrun when a Time Agency Lab is overrun by invading dinosaurs who escaped containment. This is a dark, horror-esque mode with terrifying Dinos on the loose! It is time zombies got a break, and we fight dinosaurs instead. For traditional multiplayer, this opens up multiple maps and weapons from across time to be played all in one game. In Battle Royale, we could have a map that is experiencing incursions that would bring unique weapons and vehicles from across multiple eras, dropping into the map via fractures and portals.


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