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5 GAMES That need to be made - Miscellaneous

While back I had the idea for my "5 Games" article series where I pitched game ideas set in particular universes. I have so many game ideas that usually it is easy to pick any fictional universe and just come up with a bunch of games I would like to see made in it. So far I've pitched games for Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, Nier, Halo, Life is Strange, DC, Star Trek, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Assassin's Creed, Apex Legends.

However, I have several ideas for stand-alone games. This installment of 5 Games is a miscellaneous assortment of some game ideas I have had for a while, but didn't fit in one of the previous themes. These are also my full original ideas, and unlike most games in the 5 Games series, don't fit into an existing IP. You could imagine them in indie form, or full budget AAA projects. While it's possible the ideas could be fitted into an existing IP, these are just IP's I have come up with. I think the genre or gameplay styles may very as some of my ideas may be more high level. Overall, I've had all of these game ideas for a while, and I am excited to finally share them with my readers.

(Disclaimer: We support human artists. We regularly support hundreds of fan artists and other creators. We do commissions when we can and help monetize human art with our GiFriends Creator Collection. AI Art as a tool has its place in terms of helping visualize ideas. These images were created to help visualize these completely fictional game concepts that exist only in the writer's mind. Typically in "5 Games" we prefer to use fan art or cosplay with permission or original art to help bring games ideas to life, but as these games DO NOT EXIST this was not feasible. These images are not monetized and for entertainment only.)

5. Project: "Cupcake Friends"

I have an idea for a fun and non-violent family game called "cupcake friends". It is a cartoon style 3D third person adventure game. What makes this game more unique is that it is entirely non-violent. Players customize their very own Cupcake hero and go on an adventure exploring a candy and sweet filled fantasy land. They solve platform and obstacle based puzzles and make friends along the way. They play fun mini games along their adventure. A big aspect of the gameplay is friend making. You can befriend various characters on your adventure and they help you in meaningful ways. The game is filled with fun RPG social features, puzzles, and beautiful sceneic landscaoes to explore. The end goal is to reach Caketopia, a eutopia type end game destination.

It is to be available as a free to play, full cross play and cross save game between Mobile, PC, and Console.

4. Project: Cows vs Aliens

I have my pitch for Cows vs Aliens. This is a cartoon 4v4 third person multiplayer game. I take a lot of inspiration from Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare. I pitch a similar cartoon artstyle, with a goofy non-serious premise. In this game, cows grew tired of being abducted by aliens, so they stood up on their hind legs, made milk based weapons, and now fight back against the aliens. The aliens are very typical Grey's, running around with 1950's ray guns. The maps are all 1950's country towns. Cows stand up and come in four classes. They all have some kind of Milk or Burger based weaponry, like a Milk Machine Gun or a Burger Rocket Launcher. It is goofy, weird, and I think it could just be a very funny time.

It is to be available as a free to play, full cross play and cross save game between Mobile, PC, and Console.

3. Project: Singularity

Singularity opens with a black screen. After a few seconds, a small speck of light appear. A little white light, surrounding a spherical shadow. It is a tiny little anomaly, a singularity, a microscopic Black Hole that manifests into existence. The player moves the controller or mouse and the little glowing black hole moves around on the black screen. As you float around nothingness, you eventually come across other weird glowing particles. The really big ones can hurt you, but the smaller ones, when you touch them, you absorb and eat them and grow a tiny bit. Eventually you get bigger and bigger. The bright neon orbs that used to be huge are now smaller. You can now eat them. You keep eating them until you get bigger. The camera zooms out to the see an atom. The big particles were protons and neutrons, and the little ones were electrons. Now the size of an atom you start eating the smaller atoms and avoiding the bigger ones until you grow. This slow growth and zooming out continues until your micro black hole is now chasing and eating viruses, then waterbears. Then as you grow you start fighting bacteria and other amoebas in what looks like a watery world. Continuing to grow you eventually find yourself on a sandy shore, fighting ants. Then eventually you grow bigger and you are moving around a beach as tanks and jeeps and soldiers are firing at you. You swallow everything in sight. The humans create anti-gravity weapons to fire at you, so you have to avoid those, but eventually you grow bigger. The Earth starts to come into view as you devour across the surface. Nuclear weapons denote at you but they only make you bigger.

Eventually we see the black hole swallow of the Earth, and now is left to float around in space, much similar to the beginning, floating around a big black screen. Floating around long enough you first find the moon, then the smaller planets. You grow and eat up Jupiter and the other larger planets. Finally big enough you float over and see the Sun. We see it eat the Sun, and the screen zooms out more as you grow, starting to eat solar systems. We see space ships flying at the black hole trying to shoot it with anti-gravity lasers for you to avoid.

It zooms out more and we see the Singularity eating galaxies, floating around destroying galaxies. Eventually the game ends with the Singularity eating all of reality into a bright white light. The bright light holds for a moment for a moment. The screen is white.

Shortly, a black dot appears. A color inverse of the very beginning. The inverse black hole can move around the screen.

Roll Credits.

2. Project: Time Collapse

Time Collapse is actually my oldest game idea...EVER. I pitched it way back in college for a project over a decade ago. I've only really ever shared it with a few people back then. I think it could still be a cool idea. The gaming world has evolved a lot in those many years, but I think it would still work, if not work better now.

When I came up with the idea, the idea of a live service games were actually not common yet. Sure there were some MMO's but the modern version of the free to play live service model really wasn't around yet. This idea was pre-Fortnite, Apex Legends, Warzone, all of those.

Time Collapse takes place on an island, a big massive map not unlike the BR maps of today. it wasn't a Battle Royale, but it could easily be adapted to such a genre. The Map was unique in that Time was fractured and items, vehicles, and creatures from all of time would appear on this island. Time broke, and this island floats in an else world location where Time dumps everything onto it. A giant space time fracture exists in the sky, and things periodically fall from it onto the island. Scattered throughout the island would be dinosaurs, as well as pieces of old or ancient buildings. You could find vehicles and airplanes from across time crashed across the island. In my original idea this was an open world multiplayer game with a story. It did have some early pre-live service ideas. It could act as a platform for a free to play multiplayer game. You could find weapons from various different eras, and have to fight other players as well as dinosaurs. It could feature a type of permadeath where when you die, a different character spawns from the portal and they would have to collect the weapons and armor from your dead previous character.

1. Project: GodMode

Project Godmode is actually my second ever game idea after Time Collapse. It's never been done before. It would be a technical marvel. I came up with the idea over 10 years ago...and even with today's technology it would be hard to pull off.

"Imagine a cloaked figure, taking steps along a ridge towards a dark and mysterious valley. Cosmic and electric energy zaps and sparks at the figure as he eminates mysterious energy. There is thunder and lightning in the sky.

As he steps over a small hill we see the valley before him is filled with a massive modern day army. We see a close up shot of hundreds of tanks and thousands of soldiers marching towards him. Helicopters and Drones fill the air as this massive army approaches.

The mysterious figure unhoods his face to reveal a scared and intimidating man with glowing red eyes.

The army pushes towards him with the roar of tank treads and helicopter blades.

The mysterious man reaches out his hand, and with a hand wave gester, we see out of nowhere, a massive tidal wave, a tsunamis crash from left to right, across the army."

Cut to Black.

GOD MODE is my idea for what I call a "super-asymmetrical game" The rise of the asymmetrical gameplay concept has proven popular. Players typically take control of some kind of monster or creature in a 1v4 or 1v5 style gameplay. These games gave me the idea for a "super-asymmetrical" game. What if we took the idea to an extreme? What if instead the game was 1v100 or even 1v1000?

Could the idea of a slightly more powerful player taking on multiple players be expanded upon in a way that remains fun?

In my game, one player takes control of a super villian with unimaginable environmental powers. The super villian can summon tsunamis, tornadoes, lightning, earthquakes, and other arcane abilities that can decimate armies. However this world has no super hero to meet this super villian. He is alone on a world with no heroes. No Superman. No Avengers. The armies of the world must unite to stop this foe.

Each round, one lucky player gets to take control of the super villian. While the other 99 or 999 must defeat them in a massive open battlefield.

Godmode brings the concept of the Boss Battle to multipayer where sometimes you get to BE the boss. The other players take control of tanks, fighter jets, helicopters, drones, or the most unlucky ones foot soldiers.

While there's a good chance playing as one of the mortals means you won't survive, if you do, and Earth manages to defeat the super villian, you get all manner of loot, power ups, access to better vehicles and more. Vehicles and others power ups makes the gameplay most players will play as just as enjoyable when not playing the super villain.

Because playing as the Villian will be uncommon, Players can increase their chances by surviving until the villian is defeated and earning Villian XP. Also to help with the fun factor, it is important that the gameplay most players will spend most time as will be surprisingly fun thanks to vehicles and other objectives. While the Supervillian is a more rare occurrence, playing as the humans will be the bulk of gameplay. However, in my pitch I also imagine a 6-10 hour single player campaign where players can practice as the Super Villian. I think if executed well, super-asymmetrical gameplay could be the next big thing after battle royale.


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