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5 Games That Need to be Made: Transformers

In This installment of 5 Games, I will be pitch games set in the greater Transformers universe. This was actually a submitted idea by TikTok user u/optimusprime_thegoat So we thank them for this idea.

This was actually a harder list to make...because Transformers has actually had a lot of game adaptations, none of which I've played.In fact they have been making transformers games longer than I have been alive... Most of the more modern ones I've seen are low budget, AA, or just movie licenses style, or kid focused. A quick Wikipedia research revealed much to my surprise, around 50 of them. For a while there Activision seemed content to milk the IP for low effort quick cash grab movie tie in games matching the movies. To my knowledge there's really never been a big, main stream, big budget AAA game, at least not in a long time. I think that it is past time for Transformers to get the main stream AAA treatment. On the likely chance that something I pitch is similar to something that has been created in the past, I would argue that it might just be time for a modern current technology generation version of that genre, or done with a great degree of budget and quality. I claim to be a fan of Transformers but I do not claim to be a lore expert on the subjects, but I promise to do my best.

So it is long past time for a series, AAA, main stream game, that can attract both hardcore games and casual gamers.

5. Transformers WWII

(Bumble Bee Film 2018)

In some of the movies we are shown flashbacks or images that Transformers have been around through all of human history. We are shown they have been around for millennia, and yet we only ever see media center around their visits to modern day. I think that trend needs to end. There is a quick glimpse of a scene showing Bumble bee fighting during freaking WWII and they decided to give us another modern day story instead of telling the obviously way cooler story. Imagine Captain America: the First Avenger but with Bumble Bee instead. How cool would it be to see a WWII story but with a Transformer.

I picture this darker, grittier, WWII setting. A group of Allied soldiers are behind enemy lines. There's war and destruction all around. They're after some target. There's a meteor that lands somewhere and they investigate, only to find it to be an alien robot. The Nazis are studying some ancient deception relic and Bumble Bee shows up to stop them. Good lord this story writes itself. Tell me this isn't a fantastic game idea.

4. Transformers VS Dinosaurs (Transformers Primal)

(Transformers: Are of Extinction 2014 Film)

Speaking of visiting other eras, we have multiple examples of Transformers visiting ancient Earth. I know there are some transformers that look like Dinosaurs...but imagine how cool it would be to see Transformers actually fight real dinosaurs. I picture the plot looking like a small squad of Autobots crash landing on Earth in the ancient past. There's only a few of them, and they are waiting for help to arrive. However, they are not alone on this primitive alien world called Earth. They are under constant attack from vicious organic dinosaurs. There's no technology to scan so they have to fight them in their normal form and they are losing. Slowly, one by one the squad is cut down until the protagonist remains. He must learn how to transform into a dinosaur, and in the final act is able to defeat the Alpha T-rex in a climatic end battle. That surviving Dinosaur Transformer could even be the same one we see in Extinction. I want to see Transformers VS Dinosaurs, because can you tell me a more epic face off?

3. Transformers Open World RPG / Shared World Experience.

We need a massive, open world, create your own Transformer RPG. Picture this, you create your transformer, customizing everything about it, you can unlock cars and other vehicles to transform into. You can befriend humans and other transformers you meet along the way. You'll fight in third person humanoid or transform into a vehicle or plane to get an advantage. With today's technology I think this game could be an absolutely incredible experience. It would have a main story, but could easily feature some shared world or live service (if done well) elements. You could meet up with friends and fight along side their Transformers. I think this project is just so obvious to me.

2. Project Buddy

(Bumble Bee Film 2018)

One of the things I really liked about the transformers movies is when they explore the emotional relationship between a human "owner" and their car; The bond between robot and human. I think it was done well in the first film, but done best in the Bumble Bee movie.

This would be a more mature, more emotional story, that actually puts players in control of the human for most of the time. Making players play as a human in a Transformers game is a recipe for disaster I admit. That's not what you'd expect. But it can be done. I would argue that Bumble Bee film is just as much about Hailee Steinfeld's character Charlie as it is about Bumble Bee. We could tell a story that is emotional, narrative driven, and heart felt. I reference to how Titanfall 2 handled this, and replicate it in a transformers game. The bond between pilot and robot can be leveraged for a really good story. Titanfall 2 did this and to this day has one of the best campaigns of this generation.

I like the idea of creating your own human character, having them meet and befriend a giant alien robot, and having them go on a dangerous adventure together. However, they could license the likeness of Hailee Steinfeld, Megan Fox, or Shia LeBeouf to play as them.

Honerable Mention: Transformers Reactivate beats me to the punch

There was one obvious pick for this list, that I didn't include because (thankfully) someone has beaten me to it! I think a first person, sci-fi shooter, set in the Transformers universe is super obvious. Let me control a giant transformers and go on a AAA FPS sci-fi adventure. Thankfully, I don't have to pitch it...because I think that's exactly what this upcoming "Transformers: Reactivate" game looks like it wants to be. Granted this is only a CGI announcement I am guessing and extrapolating a lot from it. We don't know much about it. Still, I thought it deserved a fun shootout.

1. Titanfall 3: Transformers DLC

Speaking of Titanfall...I will admit that is probably the biggest stretch I've done for a pick on a 5 Games list...but I don't care it needs to happen. When I thought of the idea, it had to not just make the list, it needed to be number 1. I am very much not alone on the internet that I have been lobbying hard for years that Titanfall 3 needs to happen. EA is an absolute IDIOT for ignoring their fan base demanding this game exist. In fact what makes it hurt even more is they have tried and failed to make it not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES. Titanfall 3 was in development when EA saw the rise of the Battleroyale phenomenon and they wanted some of that Fortnite and PUBG money. They shifted Respawn into taking their project and making Apex Legends. Back when Apex was announced and same day shadow dropped, EA and Respawn promised a "main stream Titanfall experience" was still coming later that year that never happened and was cancelled. Fast forward to this year, we got word that Respawn had been working on a single player game titled "Titanfall Legends" that was cancelled. Why EA and Respawn can't get a Titanfall game off the ground is beyond me, because they MUST KNOW the fans want it. Titanfall 3 is years over due. It is demanded by fans. Titanfall 2 was absolutely phenomenal and we are still talking about it to this day, especially it's campaign and that one mission.

Now...what on Earth does this have anything to do with Transformers? Well on the .0000001% chance anyone from Respawn or EA sees this, I hope maybe I can appeal to the money making greed of their overlords. You know one reason to make Titanfall 3? Fortnite prints money with its incredible cross overs. Titanfall is a universe centered around big tall 20-30 ft tall robots. Do YOU KNOW WHAT OTHER BILLION DOLLAR IP CENTERS AROUND 20 FT TALL ROBOTS?

It is so obvious to me! This was even an April fools Joke by IGN back in 2014. The opportunity for cross over events, cosmetics, is just insane to me.

I pitched one idea way back in Titanfall 1 that is was crazy to me no one thought to put Star Wars AT-ST's in the original Titanfall! EA had the exclusive Star Wars license and the idea for a AT-ST DLC for Titanfall never occurred to them. Now, how amazing would it be to see Transformers running around the map alongside Titans? They're the same size. You could do it lazy and just make it color skins for existing Titan assets, or go full on and model Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee in the game. They fit so perfectly and would elevate the game to a whole new level.

The game I want most in the world is Titanfall 3. I hope that From Software's Armored Core VI will inspire a new era of Titan games that could maybe finally get us TF3. In my mind I see AT-ST's and Optimus Prime running around the map because it would be EPIC. Come on EA do you not WANT MONEY?


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