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Purin - Creator Interview | IF24 Special

It is #INFINITESUMMER24 here on the Game Infinite platform! It is our annual month long celebration of gaming and creators! We have cosplay, fan art, and indie games all month long. We have an extra special creator interview today, a creator we were hoping to get the opportunity to interview. This super talented creator is none other than the incredible Purin! Purin (@aka_purin on socials) is a cosplayer we have been following for quite a while now, and we never stop being blown away at their talent that they bring to these beloved characters. Our Gi Channels love their Tifa and 2b cosplays. They always bring incredible settings, poses, and energy to these cosplay creations. We have assembled just a small taste of their portfolio here, and also had the opportunity to sit down with them to do another installment of our Creator Interivew series. In this article, you can learn about their passion, craft, process, and journey.

If you enjoy these cosplays, make sure to show suome support and follow them on Insta @aka_purin, on X @aka_purin_ Patreon, or on TikTok @aka_purin

Misc. Cosplays:

(Misc. cosplays from the incredible portfolio of Purin. We probably could have easily showcased dozens it was hard to select our favorites for this collaboriation. Make sure to check out Purin for their amazing pieces. Photography Credits: @photoruruw (D.Va, Eula,)

Game Infinite: We were absolutely blown away at your catalog of amazing cosplays. Can you tell us how you got into cosplay? What brought you to where you are? 

Purin: Thank you! I think what brought me into cosplay as many other cosplayers was watching my first ever anime and then getting into conventions. My friend of that time actually took me into one and she has already been a cosplayer so  I think that’s when I fell in love with cosplay. I think it was 2011/12? I started taking cosplay more seriously when pandemic happened - I had more time at home so I started doing photo shoots regularly thanks to having more time at home and I’ve been doing that ever since

League of Legends - Star Guardian Kai'Sa

Gi: Your Star Guardian Kai’Sa cosplay from League of Legends really jumped out at us. Could you tell us some of the backstory on this cosplay? 

Purin: Actually, it’s a cosplay I got for a collaboration - I work with a lot of cosplay stores. I’m also a big League of Legends fan and when the new Star Guardians came out I knew I just had to cosplay Kai’Sa. I also bought the skin in the game because I liked it so much! So I got this costume for the collaboration, made the blasters and that’s basically how it happened, from pure love for the character and the design 

Baldur's Gate 3 - Shadowheart

Gi: Bladur’s Gate 3 and Shadowheart have really taken the gaming community by storm. Can you tell us what drew you to the character and how you brought her to life? 

Purin: Well, I think it’s just that BG3 is an incredible game and many people love this universe for itself. And I’m no different - I fell in love with that game the moment I started playing it! My favorite character is actually Astarion, but I knew Shadowheart would fit me better. I think I chose her cosplay mostly because she’s the easiest girl to cosplay (I mean you don’t have to use bodypaint) and I really enjoy her complexity and duality. I don’t want to spoiler much, but the possibility of cosplaying two completely different versions of one character is amazing and I’m always happy to go for the strong and hot women.

Nier Automata - 2b

Gi: Our Nier Infinite Gi Channel community loves your countless phenomenal takes on 2b. Tell us what it is about the Nier universe that speaks to you so much. How do you bring so much variety to her? 

Purin: Hmmm, I think it’s thanks to the NieR universe itself that we have the countless possibilities of exploring and reimagining the characters. For example we are getting all the different collaborations with many other games (such as 2B appearing in the NIKKE: Goddess of Victory etc) and that’s why we can explore all the possibilities of other universes where 2B looks and behaves slightly differently. As a cosplayer it’s amazing to have one of your favorite characters appear in so many franchises and arts - thanks to that we can keep living with them and keep enjoying it, and of course, keep cosplaying!

Photography Credits: @photoruruw 

Final Fantasy - Tifa Lockhart

Gi: For our Final Fantasy Infinite Gi Channel community who love your Tifa cosplays from Final Fantasy 7, why do you think this character resonates with so many cosplayers? Why do you love her? How did you bring her to life?

Purin: For me, personally, it’s that she is strong and kind at the same time (and also beautiful, but you know, that’s obvious). I believe women cherish those characters who can represent both strong and kind femininity and it’s good to have such representation in one of the best games out there! I think Tifa is like a hero for us. For me she is also a great inspiration for working on myself (both physically and mentally), that’s why her cosplay means so much to me. She also always brings a smile on my face when I see her, so when I cosplay her I’m always hoping I can do the same thing for others. That’s why I’m so thrilled to upgrade her cosplay for an upcoming photoshoot, and show my love for her even more!

Genshin Impact - Shenhe

3D Editing: @thatmaskey Special Effects and Editing: Aka's edit account @ph_purin

Gi: Your Shenhe cosplay from Genshin Impact is nothing short of a cosplay masterpiece. Can you tell us what it took to bring this cospaly to life? 

Purin: My Shenhe “project” was definitely a challenge for me and the people who worked with me at that time to bring her to life. It was our first big 3D project and just planning it all was quite challenging. We had to come up with a specific lights, studio and mood that would match our imagining of the final photo. Beside the photography aspect, I also had to style the wig and upgrade some parts of the costume. But it wasn’t as hard compared to the preparations and all the post processing. During the photoshoot itslef we actually had 3 people helping us take those photos - some were helping us with the lights, some were throwing up the costume and/or wig and some were checking if everything matches our reference. Now, I would probably prepare for and edit this iconic photo a bit differently, but you know, everyone has to start somewhere and that’s totally okay.

Marin Kitagawa - My Dress Up Darling

Looking Ahead:

Gi: For our readers who will definitely want to keep up with you moving forward, can you share a wishlist character or upcoming project they should be anticipating? How can Game Infinite and our viewers best support your cosplays moving forward? We look forward to continuing to help boost your work!

Purin: Thank you for even thinking about this! I always appreciate all the shares and other forms of support!

Well, my list of cosplans is always never ending. But here are some I can tell you about “in secret”: Red Hood (NIKKE), Tifa (upgraded + other versions), more 2B of course, Shadowheart x Karlach (duo photoshoot), Juri (Street Fighter) and many more!

As for the support - you are always welcome to share and comment on my work, I think this is the best form of supporting your favorite creators for free! And if some of you want to support me directly, you can join my Patreon - cosplay is my full time job, so this is how you can help me keep doing what I love the most.

Beside that, I’m always happy to guest at conventions, so if you’d like to see me at your local con - be sure to recommend me to your local cons organizers!

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Thank you for stopping by our latest Creator Interview! If you are (or know of) a cosplayer, fan artist, indie dev, or streamer that would like to interview with us, let us know! Make sure to support the amazing creators in this series with likes and follows!


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