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Apex Legends Creator Round Up: APEX FRIDAYS KICKOFF!!!

The Apex Legends franchise is an essential core to Game Infinite. It was a basis for our very first idea for our Gi Channels. Apex Infinite was a fantastic Channel we had a while. It allowed us to meet so many amazing creators in the Apex fandom. We made the difficult decision to merge Apex Infinite back into Game Infinite as Game Infinite moved to its instagram page. The Apex Infinite page went wide audience and became the new home for all things Game Infinite. When we went through this merger and transition, I promised that Game Infinite would still continue to support our many past and future Apex friends and creators. I promised something would be coming that would still deliver Apex news, cosplays, fan art and content to our many many Apex first followers. I am thankful to our many Apex fans who stayed when the page went wide audience and general gaming. Just because Game Infinite is about the whole of gaming and nerdom, doesn't mean we don't have our love for Apex Legends.

Today I am announcing we are kicking off Apex Fridays on Game Infinite. While Game Infinite brings news and entertainment across all of gaming and the nerdy fandoms, Fridays will celebrate our former Apex Infinite with weekly cosplay, fan art, or other news and discussion. To kick off and celebrate, we are dropping this Creator Round Up! This article we will feature several amazingly talented Apex Legends creators you should be checking out! At Game Infinite, we love featuring and supporting artists, cosplayers, devs, and streamers, so here are just a tiny few that we want you to see!

ICYMI: Apex Legends Discussion Panel Infinite Summer 2022

(See two of our Apex Creator Round Up Collaboration Partners guest appear in our Apex discussion panel from 2022's Infinite Summer event!)

These creators have not paid for this feature and may or may not be affiliated with Game Infinite. Some creators may be GiFreinds members, but GiFriends is a free program. Content used with permission. Content is not featured in any particular order.

1. @Zeistnn - Fan Artist

Zeistnn is an absolutely fantastic fan artist who has been delivering consistent quality Apex art for a while now. They are actually one if the first wave of artists I recall seeing get into Apex art. We love their street style, as Zeistnn often draws Apex characters in more casual street style wear. Their Wattson's and Wraiths are some our favorites!

2. @jahsoka.tano - Cosplayer

Jahsoka.tano is known for their amazing Loba and Wraith cosplay. We absolutely loved their latest Wraith cosplay, and we can't sait to see more! If you want a genuine and talented creator to follow, definitely check out Jahsoka!

3. @scarletrosecosplay - Cosplayer

Scarlet Rose is one of our long time partners. We have been supporting their cosplay for a while now and they are just a joy to work with! We even collaborated with them on a Apex themed discussion panel back in our Infinite Summer Event!

4. @justnaction - Cosplayer

Justnaction is another fantastic Apex cosplayer who we love supporting. They also were a panelist in the above Aoex Legends Infinite Summer video. Their Mirage cosplay is so detailed and impressive. We don't get enough Mirage cosplay!

5. - Fan Artist

Warren continues to deliver just absolutely incredible Apex art. Their Wraith and Wattson are to this day some absolutely iconic and detailed pieces worthy of official art. Respawn should be hiring them to create the official artwork for future characters! Their Wattson Pilot art to this day is one of the most impressive pieces we've seen in this community!

6. @eternal_reine - Apex Streamer

Eternal Reine is a fantastic and entertaining streamer in the Apex community! They continue to deliver fun clips and exciting gameplay! If you are looking for a creator to watch, consider checking out Reine!

7. @fumika_owo - Cosplayer

Fumika is just EPIC as their Wraith cosplay looks like officially commissioned live action made by Respawn. They just absolutely deliver in quality content. You definitely should follow them to see their full catalogue!

8. @Kittykeihara - Fan Artist

Kitty is an absolutely fantastic Apex artist. They deliver a wide variety of style and scenes. They really bring Lova and Wattson to life with fun and imaginative art.

Artist quote: "[I] started off with cute little doodles of games like Dead by Daylight, Apex and Overwatch for fun ... so many lovely people from the community commissioned so (many) lovely ideas - like my recent Goth Loba piece. But I'm happy to be able to make others happy while I'm at it 💕"

Their Goth Loba and their Pink Kawaii Wattson rank high in our favorites for Aoex art!

9. Meowsy09 - Apex Streamer

Meowsy is one if the furst Aoex streamers we discovered back in the early days of Apex Infinite. She continues to deliver fun clips and exciting gameplay. If you want a new creator to watch, consider checking out Meowsy!

10. @honeybcosplay Streamer / Cosplayer

HoneyB is a fantastic cosplayer / streamer, and they always deliver amazing content. They If you are looking for a new apex creator to follow definitely consider checking out her.

Creator Quote: "I’m B (HoneyB Cosplay) I’m a cosplayer and it’s always been a huge hobby of mine. I got into apex about two years ago and it has easily become one of my favorite games, and I even hope to add it to my gaming tattoo sleeves soon! I also love art and I draw and paint alongside my cosplay crafting."


Thank you to our amazing Creator Round Up Partners! Thank You for reading our brand new article series "Creator Round Up"! It is a article series where we highlight epic creators in various gaming communities!

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