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Apple Announces New Gaming Features at WWDC23 | #infinitesummer23

Apple's WWDC 23 has arrived and we already have exciting news from the global tech giant. Apple showed up with rare gaming news updates with surprisingly great gaming focused features for Mac as well as Kojima himself showing up to the Keynote.

Apple has made it way easier for developers to port their games to Mac, easier for gamers to play games on their Mac, and easier for games to perform well on Mac.

(WWDC 23 Keynote)

Game Mode

With the all new "Game Mode" enabled in macOS 14, the Mac prioritizes CPU and GPU power for the running game; improving gaming hardware performance.

Porting Toolkit!

Apple announced a Game Porting toolkit for developers makes it easier to port games from other platforms. They claim that a process that used to take months can now be done in weeks or days. This could be a game changer for more games porting to Mac. If porting PC titles to Mac no longer is going to be a long or tedious process, we may see more games release at launch or closer to launch. Game availability is actually a much bigger reason gamers avoid Mac for gaming, even more so than performance.

Better Support for PS5 and Xbox Controllers

Apple claims it has doubled the sampling rate for Xbox and Playstation controllers, reducing latency and improving wireless performance.

Video Kojima Death Stranding Directors Cut coming to Mac and Future.

The biggest surprise of the event was Kojima showing up at WWDC23 to announce that Death Stranding: Director's Cut would be coming to Mac later this year.

Kojima shared that he has been a life long Mac and Apple fan. He praised the tools Apple was releasing, and promised to bring more titles of his in the future.

Vision Pro

Apple announces the long rumored AR headset, Apple Vision Pro. While not technically a gaming headset, but a full fledged Apple Computer on your face, it will have gaming applications. Apple announced that over 100 Apple Arcade games will be playable Day One, and they even featured it with traditional game pads support such as PS5 Duelsense or Xbox Controllers. However, at the absolutely MIND BLOWING price of $3499, this will be out of reach for many.

Stay tuned for even more gaming news coverage with #INFINITESUMMER23 recaps of Xbox Showcase, Summer Game Fest 23, and of course our original IF23 Trailers and Original Content!


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