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Best of 2022 - Recap and Community Winners

The Best of 2022 Event went way longer than I anticipated with it encompassing all of January for the first time since we launched this event. There were a couple of factors. I wanted to finish God of War Ragnarok as it was obviously a major GOTY contender, which ultimately won our pick. It took extra amounts of my time and I wanted to finish it before I could crown our winner. Also, I have had some IRL things eating an exorbitant amount of my time that just stretched this event. However, while this is later than I intended, I want to say we got to do some absolutely amazing celebrations of community created content. In addition to our several major Industry lists and discussions, our Best of 2022 Event also celebrates cosplayers, fan artists, and Virtual Photographers in the gaming community. We bring in several communities across our Gi Channel system as well to celebrate artists who love certain games. Most of our winners are selected by you, the community in a series of polls! During Best of 2022, we also delivered multiple List articles and crowned several industry winners. For a recap of our event, scroll down below!

Industry Recap -

Community Content Creator Celebrations -

Best Apex Cosplay -@justnaction

Best Apex Fan Art - @neuemaschine

Best Nier Cosplay - @unitato_cosplay

Best Nier Fan Art - @milostaddic_art

Best Tomb Raider VP 1&2 @scionjay96 @my.croft

Best Tomb Raider Cosplay-

Best Tomb Raider Fan Art - @Leon_85th_street

Best Final Fantasy Cosplay - @si.yarta

Best Fan Art - @_adayka_


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