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Best Revisits of 2021: Remasters, Expansions, Seasons, and DLC

Sometimes games from previous years put out amazing new content that bring us back to them. With so many new games to play each year for Game Infinite, the ability to replay or revisit older games is actually a rare treat. Sometimes these older games are just brought back with upgrades and remastered versions, to justify trying them out. Remasters, DLC, and other such expansions do not qualify for our main Top Games List; however, 2021 was such a great year for this category that I felt it necessary to do this full list as well. In fact, I have somewhat jokingly referred to 2021 as the "Year of the Remaster, as I have had sometimes had more fun revisiting games than I did many of the newer games. Some of the greatest games one could possibly play have received big content updates this year. Perhaps a game released in a previous year and gave me some reason to go check it out, this miscellaneous category deserved its own list. In addition to remasters, we have gotten some incredible DLC, and expansions to some fun ongoing live service games. This list excludes Full Remakes as those count as new games and can go one the regular top ten list.

I want to share with you my favorite revisits of 2021.

7. Plants vs Zombies 2

While Plants vs Zombies would probably not be on on other's lists if other outlets released a list like this, it deserved a spot at least for me. Mobile Games have a bad reputation, and many of them are pretty bad. Plants vs Zombies is in my opinion one of the better mobile strategy games to play on the go. I've been playing it for years, and it is one of the few mobile games to capture my interest to keep coming back to it year after year. More importantly, they keep supporting the game with new events, new plants, years longer than I think anyone thought they would. With PVZ3 delayed indefinitely, with no word on it's release, PVZ2 keeps fans of the franchise engaged. When I'm far from my PS5, Xbox, or PC, and all I have is my phone, and need a 5 minute break, PVZ2 is a great little strategy game with fun art style and fun characters.

6. Nier Replicant

I am a huge Nier fan, with 2b of Automata being on of my all time favorite characters and android characters. The Nier fan community's love for 2B is what lead us to launching Nier Infinite, a Channel for you to check out if you love the Nier universe. So when word came out that Nier's original was getting a remaster of sorts, Nier Replicant was something I was very excited for. While I don't think it reaches the level of Automata, it still delivers more of this amazing universe. Nier's universe timeline is very lengthy and complex, and I don't even call myself an expert on it, Replicant manages to be very different and very similar in an unusual way. Automata takes place in a distant future "post-civilization" setting where the ruins of mankind's existence are in rubble, and machines roam the world seemingly free of us. Replicant exists in a fantasy, more ancient setting with magic and ghostly monsters. Despite the very different time periods and settings, somehow Replicant still feels like a Automata in terms of style, characters, and combat. Instead of a floating robot following around 2b, you have a floating magical book that shoots enemies. It really is clever, and other games could learn from this. It is difficult making such different settings feel the same. Replicant accomplishes that on the likes of something Assassin's Creed. Replicant's side character Kaine is also a very unique and very "nier-esque" character that is a fitting replacement for 2B. If you never knew that Nier Automata was a sequel, or you played the original, replicant is a great addition to your Nier fandom.

5. Destiny 2: Beyond Light

When Bungie announced Beyond Light, that Destiny 2 was going with a more MMO / Live Service model for Destiny 2, that it was going to keep going and going for years to come with major expansions, I was encouraged to dive back in. I had originally skipped the expansions, as I just wrote them off as story DLC, and I would wait for an inevitable Destiny 3. When that was clearly not going to be the case, I didn't want to be left behind. I worked through Forsaken and Shadowkeep, and then Beyond Light. I am eagerly excited for the upcoming Witch Queen, and the future of Destiny 2. I don't play it as regularly and religiously as many do, but I put in a lot of hours to try and get caught up, and I have been enjoying this ongoing sci-fi world. If you haven't tried Destiny 2, it is free to start, and not too late to jump into the story without feeling left behind, as we have several more years of planned updates to come.

4. Fortnite Seasons 5-8

Whether you hate Fortnite and think it's a blight on gaming, or are a massive fan who puts more hours in than most, or somewhere in between, (any opinion is valid), we can all agree the impact that Fortnite offers. I do not follow the game too passionately. I enjoy it. I stop by each season and put a few or a few dozen hours in. I enjoy what Fortnite has done for the gaming industry in showing things like easy cross progression and cross play can look like. It is so fluid and well executed in Fortnite that it does stand as an example for other games. We should be able to log into a game on any platform and have all our progress and loot, no different than logging into Netflix. It should be this simple, and Fortnite leads the pack in this concept. I also love how it leads the example of how much more fun gaming can be when cross-overs become a norm, instead of a rare exception. In the past, it was a big thing when another games armor or character could be found in a different game. Now, Fortnite has brought all manner of Star Wars, DC, Marvel, and countless gaming characters into Fortnite. These types of next-generation evolutions continues to make Fortnite feel valuable pushing the industry forward, doing things other studios told fans were impossible.

3. Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Assassin's Creed is slowly becoming more and more of a live service game whether Ubisoft will admit to it or not. With cosmetic skins, in game currency, live events, and regular expansions, Valhalla takes that biggest step towards the live service model of any predecessor. Valhalla is so large, and offers such ongoing value, that it keeps me coming back. When I finally managed to find a PS5, I enjoyed playing it on the new system. Now, heading into 2022, Ubisoft has announced a massive new 40 hour expansion. I can't wait to keep playing the Valhalla experience into 2022 as we work towards their full Live Service "Infinity" experience.

2. Apex Legends Seasons 8-11 (Best Ongoing Game 2021)

Apex Legends continues to be my favorite ongoing live service game. It continues to launch new weapons, new modes, new maps, new Legends, and LTE's. The game is better than ever, and continues to provide quality content. My only feedback is I would like to see higher quality cosmetics, perhaps some Fortnite level cross-over cosmetics. The game also desperately needs cross-progression. Launching the game on Switch without cross-save was a huge mistake. That being said, it is a community and gaming experience I look forward to seeing the future of; if you are a fan of Apex and want more content, make sure to check out Apex Infinite our channel for all things Apex.

1. Mass Effect Legendary Edition (Best Remaster 2021)

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a game that breaks the 10/10 measurement system. This is because this is a trilogy of games offered in one, and in my opinion the greatest trilogy ever made in gaming. Mass Effect 2 is in my opinion the greatest game ever made. On top of all of that, all three games got a modern 4k remaster paint job, in addition to some gameplay and balance improvements. When the originals were 11/10, how do you accurately measure this modern 4k upgrade a decade later? The story, characters, and journey still holds up and blows away other games. Mass Effect Legendary Edition offers 100 or so hours of top quality content, and some of the best characters and narrative in gaming. This game rekindles hope I have that Bioware can pull off its comeback it's striving for and deliver more revolutionary games in the future.

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