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Best Video Game Weapons of 2020

In this Best of 2020 Event, one article I really wanted to write was the Best Video Game Weapons of 2020. Video games are well known for having a vast array of instruments of destruction. From swords to lasers to blades made of keys, video games are no stranger to different ways to mowing down countless enemy NPC's. This is my list for some of the crazy and awesome weapons to hold in your virtual hands in 2020. So many amazing games released in 2020, partnered with extra time at home for better or for worse to play them, this year was one of the hardest to create my top ten lists, both in the quantity of quality games, and in the line up of amazing GOTY contenders. This year for one thing, gave us an arsenal of amazing gaming weapons that will raise the bar for great gun and swordplay in the future.

6. The Volt SMG - Apex Legends

One of my favorite on-going games is Apex Legends, in fact it is my go to that I try to play at least a few rounds each day that I get to game. In fact, I can't express how depressing it was to get kicked off my account. An unknown error on my EA account kicked me off all EA multiplayer games for months. I did NOT forget my password; what kind of mortal do you take me for? Hours of discussion with EA support was to no avail. To make it worse, there is no easy way to remove an EA account from Xbox or PS4, making all current and future EA multiplayer titles forever burned for me. I was saddened mostly to lose all my countless hours of Apex Legends progress and skins. Adding further insult to injury, Apex added one of my beloved Titanfall weapons to the game! I have sung the praises of Titanfall 1 and 2 for years before Apex became popular. So anytime a Titanfall 2 weapon enters Apex I am overjoyed. Thankfully, eventually I was able to create a new account and play Apex on my new to me PC. The Volt was worth the two season wait I had to do to actually play it. It has the fast rate of fire of the R-99, but the advantages of the energy ammo. I love this energy gun, but it would rank higher if it managed to dethrone my still more favorite weapons in the game. I will still drop this gun for the Devotion or Spitfire because I love riddling the battlefield with unnecessary carnage.

5. The Super Shotgun - Doom Eternal

I am not a huge Bethesda fan. I have struggled to finish any of their titles as they all fail to impress me or hold my interest. The closest I ever came to a Bethesda game I enjoyed was trying 2016 Doom, but I made the mistake of trying out the low-res disappointment of the Switch version, made worse by my at the time lack of a "real" controller. Doom with joy cons was awful... Doom Eternal however, has actually made me hopeful for the future of Bethesda, especially now with their Microsoft overlords. Good god if I could get a Halo, Doom, Gears super team up I would die of happiness. Doom Eternal is a phenomenal shooter, that was best described in a meme I saw. "I don't know what is happening. I don't know why I am shooting. All I know is...I. MUST. KILL. Doom is for basically a "shooter simulator" in the purest sense. As someone who never played much of the 2016 version, I had no idea what had happened or was happening. You are handed a gun and told to go kill things. There are so many amazing guns to choose from for this list. Doom Eternal has one of the most complex combat systems I have ever seen for a shooter. With some many weapons, variants, mods, and combat strategies you need to memorize to survive, picking one gun for this list is really hard. The BFG9000? Surely. The Chaingun? God I love that thing. For this list I had to pick the super-shotgun because I loved the mobility of combining a Gatling gun with a shotgun. Gosh is it satisfying.

4. The Sausage Repeater - Butter Royale

You may not have heard of this game, as it was painfully snubbed in a lot of major game lists and critical circles, but Butter Royale is an absolute blast to play. It is a cartoon, top down, twin-stick shooter, Battle Royale, set in an ultra-cartoony world and with goofy gimmick of "food-based" weapons. Popcorn butter launchers, ketchup squirt guns, you get the idea. The best gun in the game that I always go for is the Sausage Repeater, which is an OP Gatling gun of meaty death. All dirty jokes you can think of aside, this is one of the most guns to use in 2020.

3. Shield of Chaos - Hades

Gosh, if "peer pressure" exists in the gaming industry than Hades is the prime example. Where the hell did this game come from? I never even heard of it until it was at the Game Awards. Then all the major outlets started putting it high in ALL the end of year lists. Not a single "Best of 2020" list seemed absent of this game. I have never felt more pressured to play a game in my life! Good god I get it Hades is fucking great IGN leave me alone. I barely have had enough time to play the game to experience for my own lists. ....finally broke down and just played it, and yes yes it is every bit as awesome as they all have been saying. Yes, the shield of chaos is one of the most fun, chaotic, and ridiculous weapons of all time, and yes it makes you feel like fucking Captain America himself, LEAVE ME ALONE.

2. Spiderbot - Watchdogs Legion

What is the perfect game weapon? Maybe one with near limitless range. Maybe one that can insta-kill almost any enemy NPC? Maybe one that is silent and goes unseen? Maybe one you can use from such a distance you are never in danger? Maybe one that can take out enemies on the other side of locked doors? Well the spider bot is all of these. This little OP plot device in Watch Dog Legion could have easily been an awful part of the game if execute poorly, but it is everything but. It is fun to use, and is one of the most powerful things in the whole game. The game makes you use the spider-bot so much in order to complete missions, that you will feel like you spend as much time controlling one as you do the human characters, but because they are just so fun to play as you won't mind it one bit. They are incredibly fun, and offer such creative flexibility to taking on missions. I absolutely loved sneaking around as a spider bot and electrocuting all the enemies of an area before I just had the character walk in effortlessly to the end objective.

1. The Buster Sword - Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Have I said enough how much I LOVE Final Fantasy 7 Remake? Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the game that made me finally give the whole Final Fantasy universe a real try. I love everything about this amazing game. It has phenomal world, graphics, art, music, characters, and combat. This was an easy choice for number 1 with Cloud's buster sword. Even when I unlocked more powerful variants of Cloud's sword in the game, I refused to change away from the classic appearance for the entire game. His sword is just so cool looking, but more the combat was so fun to play. The impossibly sized sword felt like it had the weight and gravity that something at that size would actually have, while at the same time was completely believable to watch Cloud manipulate it with the specificity and grace of a tiny blade. I reminded me of the Chaoseater in Darksiders, and in my mind just made it so awesome to see a human weilding a sword that I associate with something like that. Something else that made it incredible, was that the vast majority of enemy NPC's used projectiles in some way, and not only was it handled believable that a sword makes any sense in this universe, but more so the combat was balanced well enough to keep it fun.


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