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Bugsnax - Game Infinite Friends Review

(This is a GiFriends Community Review from one of our trusted GiFriends Members, Streamer @razorninja56. This "Review with GiFriends" is an independant review, who's opinion's belong to the writer. Follow Razor for awesome streaming content on Twitch)

When I first heard of Bugsnax last year, I didn’t know what to expect. All I really knew is that it was launching with the PS5 and it was developed by Young Horses, the developers of the hit indie game, Octodad. But once it came out, I thought I’d give it a try and stream it as well. Little did I know, it would become one of my favorite games of the year thanks to its charming visuals and compelling characters.

Right when I started, it reminded me of Pokemon Snap. In a sense that you’re exploring this foreign land, studying and capturing the strange and wacky cast of Bugsnax that inhabit it. Catching the Bugsnax was fun since each one requires different methods of approaching it, and the game is not afraid to let the player figure out for themselves. In addition, you’re helping bring back the inhabitants of Snaktooth Island and solving the mystery of the island. The characters in this game are surprisingly deep and are all memorable and charming in their own way. I was eager to do all their quests to understand why they came to the island and what they learned along the way. In conclusion, if you have a sense of adventure and love collecting creatures, I highly recommend that you check out Bugsnax.


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