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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War MULTIPLAYER - Game Infinite Review

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer is not a bad game; because Modern Warfare is a great game. The problem is is clicking Cntrl-A and then Cntrl-C and then Cntrl-V is not a GOOD GAME DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY.

For those of you that are not nerdy enough on computers, that’s ok. I’m essentially saying Multiplayer Cold War is a laughable copy and paste job.

I want to be clear, this game should always have been marketed as a “Destiny style” expansion for Modern Warfare. They should have said, that they wanted to continue the warzone and modernwarefare experience for a second year, and sold this as a 30-40$ expansion. Cold War Weapons, Maps, ect... Had they done this strategy this review would be very different.

They did not. They marketed this as a whole new game, and there just is almost difference in the multiplayer portion of this game. The menu’s, the gunplay, the hud, all are side by side near identical. This mode is in every way a shamless copy and paste job with just new maps and weapons. It reminds me of the complaints of the awful state of sports games where developers have actually been caught copy and pasting the same game for resale.

At the branding of a “stand alone expansion” at 30-40$ this bundle would have been an amazing value. But the choice to try to package the identical multiplayer as a whole new game is insulting to gamers.

Yes, I’m aware that Call of Duty’s yearly “sameness” is a meme, but never have they been this Madden 21 shameless about it.

Whatever you do, just play modern warfare. Activision really

Missed the mark to turn Modern Warfare and Warzone into a true liveservice and instead went for the greedy full release cash grab.

I was always worried about this game due to the fact that Activision needed to pull in trearch just to finish everything on time. A shift in strategy away from the yearly release to a consitent live service with expansions would have been great. This model works well for Destiny 2 and other games. The Battle Pass has proven financially well for Call of Duty so far.

All this release proves that there is no reason to invest in the game because it will all be reset for no reason next year.


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