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New Game News - JULY 2021

(This article will focus on new game releases, not necessarily games that launched previously but have their next-gen versions arriving, but may include major game seasonal updates or expansions, or "major" ports.)

July has arrived and with it a host of platform specific games that will appeal to those on specific platforms. Xbox fans who happen to have gotten a hold of the Series X can look forward to Flight Simulator landing on Series X/S; while Nintendo fans can enjoy titles such as Zelda and Pokemon getting exciting new titles. We are big fans of the Nier universe, so much you can enjoy our Nier universe Gi Channel over on Nier Infinite; so we are very excited for the Western, English release of Nier Reincarnation.

"New Game News" showcases some major game releases of the month! Scroll down to see if any of the major releases appeal to you!

1. Nier Reincarnation (Western + English release)

Release Date: 7/28/21

Platforms: iOS, Android

Developer: Applibot Inc.

Publisher: Square Enix

We absolutely love the Nier universe and it's characters. 2B to this day is one of my favorite characters, and especially machine characters in gaming. One of the most fascinating things about the Nier games is it's take on variable perspective gameplay. Nier Reincarnation proves to be no exception with the trailers showing changes in gameplay perspective and even art style. We see glimpses of beautiful rendered cutscenes, 3D action adventure gameplay, but also 2D, 2.5D gameplay, and more artistic art styles. This could turn out to be really amazing, or really disjointed. I am concerned that this is a mobile only release at launch. I want to know why that is. Why can't this be multi-platform?

2. Chernobylite (leaves early access)

Release Date: 7/28/21

Platforms: PC leaves Early Access + console release

Developer: The Farm 51

Publisher: All in! Games

Ok so I will admit that this game wasn't even on my radar. I thought it was just another cookie cutter horror game walking simulator. However, I have a weakness, an Achilles heel for time travel. I watched the trailer for this game in preparation for this article and there were mentions to the space-time continuum and changing the past? Does this game have some time of time travel sci-fi? What does this mean? It looks spooky and with an intriguing atmosphere. It is definitely on my radar now! Check it out.

3. Pokemon Unite (Switch Launch)

Release Date: July 2021

Platforms: Switch

Developer: Timi Studios, The Pokemon Company

Publisher: Nintendo, The Pokemon Company

I have never been a big MOBA fan or even a Pokemon player. I have played maybe 2 hours of league of legends and even less of a Pokemon game. So as to exactly why I have been really looking forward to Pokemon Unite is really beyond me. It just looks fun to me. I enjoy more the casual MOBA Arena of Valor when it launched on the Switch, and thought it was pretty fun. This console/mobile MOBA looks similar; and I like the art style; as well as the chance at maybe getting to know some of the Pokemon universe.

4. Flight Simulator (Xbox Series X/S Release)

Release Date: 7/27/21

Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X / S

Developer: Asobo Studio

Publisher: Xbox Game Studios, Aerosoft

I have been a little vocal on my opinion that I think it was a huge mistake for Microsoft to greenlit "PC first" titles during a CONSOLE LAUNCH YEAR. It makes no marketing sense to me. In a year where Microsoft needed to convince gamers why they should buy a Series X, they were ok with Gears Tactics and Flight Simulator to launch on PC months before the Xbox versions. If one version needed to be prioritized it should be the Xbox versions. That being said, I think that Microsoft is having trouble with their own 2 year cross-gen strategy because it's taken quite a while to get Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X, and there is still no word on an Xbox One version if it ever does arrive. Flight Simulator is a graphical powerhouse, and a very visually impressive game. It is no small feat to recreate a 1:1 map of Earth in a VIDEO GAME.

5. Zelda Skyward Sword HD

Release Date: 7/16/21

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Developer: Nintendo

Publisher: Nintendo

For Legend of Zelda fans who just can't wait any longer for BOTW2, they are being given a temporary gift to hold them over in the form of the HD version of Skyward Sword. Controversial Amiibo's aside, this game looks to excite fans looking for something Zelda related to play.

6. The Ascent

Release Date: 7/29/21

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S

Developer: Neon Giant

Publisher: Curve Digital

While this title sounds like a lame title for a horror movie about people climbing a haunted mountain cave, you'd be forgiven if you didn't get it was a futuristic Cyberpunk clone. Ascent is here for all the gamers who are disappointed in Cyberpunk 2077, if you can get past the top down, indie-esque perspective. If you just need more of the Cyberpunk genre, or if you are one of the hundreds of millions of gamers on PS4 or Xbox One who CD Project Red just forgot existed, then maybe give Ascent a try?

6. Swords of Legends Online

Release Date: 7/9/21

Platforms: PC

Developer: Wangyuan Shengtang Entertainment Technology co

Publisher: Gameforg

I am not a huge MMO fan, however, SOLO has just a beautiful art style and world that it has intrigued me and been on my radar for a little while. We only recently learned of it's July release date, and might be a interesting sleeper quality experience for the year.

As always, stay tuned here on Game Infinite News for the latest gaming news! Check back next month for New Game Tuesday!


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