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Creator Interview - Carlaa.Quinn

Carlaa.Quinn is a remarkable cosplayer known for her stunning portrayal of characters like Harley Quinn or Ashoka Tano and more. We first discovered her when we were building our DC Creator Round Up and have subsequently enjoyed her amazing cosplays. With meticulous attention to detail, she flawlessly replicates many iconic looks, from the vibrant hair and makeup to the perfectly recreated costumes and accessories.



Carlaa.quinn Interview -

GI: Can you tell us about your cosplay journey? What drew you to cosplay? How long have you been doing it? Do you have a favourite?

Carlaa: I started cosplay in 2016! I dressed as the original Squad Harley for Halloween and I loved wearing her, I then found through Instagram hashtags that cosplay existed and it spiralled from there.

I can’t say I have a favourite it’s like picking a favourite child! I love Harley as she started it all for me, and Ahsoka as she was the first cosplay I properly crafted and I’m so proud of her.

(Harley Quinn Cosplay: Carlaa.Quinn Photographer(s): @philturner.cosplaypics, @benjones_photography)

GI: Can you share what initially drew you to cosplay as Harley Quinn and Ahsoka Tano? What do these characters mean to you personally, and how do they resonate with you?

Carlaa: For Harls I loved the film I loved Harley’s character she’s quite a lot like me, don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad haha! She’s so fun and sassy she’s just perfect, the suicide squad outfit is one of my favourites too!

Ahsoka was the first SW character I really fell in love with to the point of wanting to cosplay! She’s so strong and caring but she’s also not perfect which makes her human and relatable.

GI: Cosplaying involves a lot of dedication and attention to detail. How do you approach the process of creating and assembling the cosplays?

Carlaa: Squad Harley I’ve been working on for YEARS to make her look accurate from getting the costume as close as I can to also the makeup contouring to make

My face look similar to hers. Finding as many references as possible and also the Harley community between 2016-2019 were amazing in finding references fabrics pretty much everything we all needed!

In general I try and pay as much attention to all my cosplays weathering, makeup as much as I can to make them accurate.

(Carlaa Misc.)

GI: Harley Quinn and Ahsoka Tano have distinct personalities and characteristics. How do you embody and portray their unique traits while in character? How does it feel to step into their shoes, so to speak, during conventions or events?

Carlaa: Wearing the outfit and all the makeup hair, headpieces whatever really helps set into character. A lot of times I watch the films/ series the night before which gives a fresh reminder of the characters. Having an obsession with the characters really does help too

GI: Both Harley Quinn and Ahsoka Tano have undergone various changes in appearance and storylines across different media. How do you decide which version of these characters to cosplay, and what factors influence your choice?

Carlaa: For Harley I’ve portrayed so many of them it hasn’t really been a matter of deciding which one I want to do most!! I’ve done multiple looks of Harley’s from birds of prey, suicide squad and classic. I really just choose my favourite styles and makeup and go from there. With ahsoka I was a lot more picky my absolute favourite look of hers was Siege from season 7. As much as I love her, the cosplay is very uncomfortable with body paint and headpieces so I’m not ready yet to do another ahsoka look

GI: How do you interact with fellow fans and enthusiasts while cosplaying? What kind of reactions or interactions do you usually get from fans of the respective franchises?

Carlaa: A lot of fellow fans/enthusiasts are cosplayers and friends of mine it’s great discussing cosplays we have in common or helping each other out with a new cosplay and finding details in outfits.

Others are people who follow me who love the characters or people I meet at events and they are always so lovely a lot of the time they are meeting their favourite characters as such so it’s always super fun! You do get the odd toxic message or fan but they are massively outweighed by the good.

GI: Do you have an upcoming project you would like to share, or a character you have always wanted to

Carlaa: Upcoming i have Shin Hati from Ahsoka, dream characters at the moment is Ahsoka the white, and a super park accurate Cinderella cosplay!

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