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Creator Interview - MrGunn_art

We got to step into the art of MrGunn Art where iconic characters come to life with incredible detail. Prepare to be captivated by the art of Mr Gunn Art, an incredibly talented fan artist we have been following for years. We got to interview them and learn about their journey, process, and gallery.

Check out these galleries below, with high-quality renditions of beloved characters like Lara Croft, the brave adventurer; 2B, the well known android warrior; Power Girl, the epitome of strength and grace; and Tifa Lockhart, the fierce and beloved martial artist, and many more.

MrGunn Art Interview -

GI: Tell us about your journey? How long have you been drawing? What are some of your favorite accomplishments? What do you love about it?

Gunn: I honestly can’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawing. When I was little I would create characters and tape them up on the walls of my bedroom. It got to the point where I had to start taping them onto the ceiling because I ran out of room. This eventually led to the desire to become a character concept artist which I inevitably failed to do. However, during that phase of my life I did create some designs that made their way into the Dark Souls game, which is definitely an accomplishment I’m proud of. Since then my goals have shifted and I just enjoy creating artwork that expresses positivity, openness and a celebration of general nerdy culture.

(Gunn Misc.)

GI: What draws you to fan art creation? How do these characters inspire your creative process?

Gunn: I started creating fan art for much the same reason as anyone else; I enjoy these characters and the media that brought them to life. I suppose you could think of my artwork as an homage to these characters and all of the creativity that fashioned them.

GI: How do you approach incorporating your own unique style into fan art while still maintaining the recognizable features and essence of characters?

Gunn: There are times where this can be a tough situation, for example, my re-creation of Betty Boop. She is a heavily stylized character. What I ended up doing was breaking down the various aspects of her character design, like her red flapper dress and her iconic hairstyle, then looked at various examples of those things via historical photos, cosplay, and artwork to determine how best to represent the character from my own point of view.

GI: For our Tomb Raider Infinite Community, tell us about the Tomb Raider piece you did? Did it offer any challenges? What drew you to draw Lara Croft?

Gunn: Lara Croft is a classic character. It would be remiss of me not to create some artwork of her. My biggest challenge was deciding on how I wanted to represent her. She has a lot of varying designs and environments she could fit into. Ultimately, I stuck to a more hands-on adventurous and strong portrayal of her.

GI: For our Final Fantasy Infinite Community, tell us more about your Tifa Lockhart piece? What drew you to her character?

Gunn: Final Fantasy VII was my favorite game growing up and I still love that cast of characters. It’s hard to think of a reason not to love Tifa. She’s a nice person trying to do the right thing and has the power to back it up. She has all of the qualities you would want of a hero.

GI: Among the characters you've done, is there one you particularly enjoy illustrating or find challenging to capture in your artwork? (Do you have a favorite character or art piece you have done) Do you have an upcoming artwork you would like to tease for our readers?

Gunn: There are a few pieces I’ve created that I feel quite proud of but my personal favorite character is 2b from Nier: Automata so I find myself returning to her quite often, if only for some quick sketches or ideas that I never fully finish. She is also one of the most challenging for me as she is actually a character with a very deep and complex narrative.

GI: Lastly for our Nier Infinite community, your 2b is easily some of our favorite pieces. Tell us about your ICONIC 2b art pieces and the background that went into making them.

Nier: Automata has quickly become my favorite game of all time. I’m a big sucker for philosophical concepts, duality and finding hope in a hopeless world. It’s truly the ultimate humanist tale. I wanted to represent 2b as she first appears to us, with action, while providing a couple small hints to her fans.

Thank you for stopping by our Creator Interview. Make sure to check out Gunn for amazing fan arts. If you have a creator you want us to feature, make sure to let us know on your favorite social media.


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