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Creator Round Up - FALLOUT

With the massively popular success of the Amazon Prime Fallout TV show I was inspired to select FALLOUT for the theme of May's Creator Theme! We were able to host some truly incredible Fallout themed cosplay and fan art community polls. The cosplay and fan art communities truly delivered when it came to bringing the Vault-tech, power armor, Nuca-cola, and more elements to life.

From Ghouls, to Vault girls, to Power armor suits, we have some truly amazing apocalyptic creations to showcase for you in this months Creator Round Up!


(On a more personal side note, head of Game Infinite, Jesse, is welcoming a new child into the world and will taking some time away. This will be in a separate news update on social as well. As such, it will be a little quite across the Gi world for a little bit. There will be no Creator Theme or Round Up in June. Original Gi content in June will be limited. Infinite Summer 24 is still planned, but expected for July.)

These creators have not paid for this feature and may or may not be affiliated with Game Infinite. Some creators may be GiFreinds members, but GiFriends is a free program. Content used with permission or content we own. Content is not featured in any particular order. Artist quality is our opinion, and we cannot guarantee that you will be satisfied with their work or time table if you commission them. Game Infinite is not responsible for these artists work and you hire/collaborate with them at your own risk.

This LIST is a collection, in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. This IS NOT a ranking. 

Sarahspectre - Cosplayer

Cosplay: Sarahspectre Photographer Credits: @samurai_jill / @ssnwwc

Sarah Spectre is a talented cosplayer known for her high-quality costumes and attention to detail. Her Vault Girl cosplay is particularly impressive, capturing the iconic look from the Fallout video game series. We were blwon away by her poses, shot locatins, and quality she brought to this look. Keep an eye out for more of her amazing cosplays!

Dragunova_cos - Cosplayer

Cosplayer: dragunova_cos Photographer Credits: @eosandy_

Dragounova just absolutely blows away any fan of Fallout. From her Vault girl to robotics and armor cosplays she is truly NEXT LEVEL when it comes to the Fallout fandom. We were really excited when she agreed to be a part of our Creator Round Up!

zappit_props - Prop maker

Creator: zappit_props / Featured Cosplayers: zac_the_bacc

Cosplay can be a team effort. From the photographers who help translate the hard work of a cosplayer on screen, to editors who bring cool effects, to the people who help make cosplays for people who want to be in front of the camera without the manufacturing, cosplay is a multifaceted effort at times. Today is a rare opportunity to showcase a talented prop maker who has a passion for Fallout. Zappit_props has made some really incredible Fallout cosplays for fellow creators to wear. We knew we HAD to get them for this Round Up!

Elenyafrost - Cosplayer

Cosplayer: Elenyafrost Photographer Credits:

Were this revealed to be an official poster for a live action Fallout film/show, instead of a cosplay, I would have believed it. The pose, the angle of the shot, the effects, make this a S tier poster worthy shot. The cinematography and detail of this cosplay is just beyond incredible and we were very excited to be able to feature Elenyafrost and Aleksander here.

Cainivorous - Cosplayer

Cosplayer: Cainivorous / Photographer Credits: shamelesspinup

Coke tastes better in a glass bottle. This is an undeniable fact of the universe. Another undeniable fact of the universe is that Cainivorous absolutely KILLS IT in their nuka-cola inspired FALLOUT nuka girl cosplay. This just ICONIC shot blends 1950's, PInup Girl, Coka-cola, and FALLOUT into one fantastic and fun cospaly shoot.

Slaywithbrandy (xxbrandy) - Cosplayer

Cosplayer: slaywithbrandy

Any serious fan of Game Infinite has got to know about Brandy by now! Brandy is a super talented cosplayer and streamer who we have featured en masse. She has been an State of Gaming Guest on our Youtube channel. She has been a long time supporter through our old GiFriends program. In fact, Brandy may be one of our oldest creator friends of this platform from when not long after we first started. She brings regular tiktok, reels, twitch, youtube, and other amazing content. When we were planing a FALLOUT Month, it just was not possible to move forward until we knew we could include her amazing Vaultgirl content. Please check her out and support her brand!

If Brandy's creator work inspires you, you should see more of her cosplay, journey, and insights at her Game Infinite Creator Interview here:

Yaekana.cosplayer - Cosplayer

Yaekana brings a fun twist to this fun cosplay. We absolutely just enjoyed this fun Vaultgirl / Power Armor Helmet candid photo. It's charmingly goofy and we just knew it had it's place in this list.

Thegingerohsnap - Cosplayer - WINNER BEST FALLOUT COSPLAY (Community Poll)

Cosplayer: Thegingerohsnap / Photographer Credits: wheres_devin

Nuka-girl is an absolutely ICONIC part of the FALLOUT franchise, and seeing Gingerohsnap bring this 1950's pinup style character to life really personified this character. With inspiration from old coke pin up style artwork this character and cosplay just blows any fan of the franchise away.

Zombiesoupjunkyard - Cosplayer

Photographer Credits: lorihallphotography

When setting out to prepare for FALLOUT month on Gi, I really hoped to secure one massive all out Power Armor cosplay. The degree of difficulty that goes into armor cosplays like this just has to be appreciated. Zombiesoupjunkyard DID NOT disappoint, and just destroyed with this epic cosplay.

Erikabuckmaster - Fan Artist

Fan Artist: Erikabuckmaster

Fallout celebrates the 1950's era style, vibe, and artwork. The nuka-cola and recreation of old coke style pinup art is hand in hand with Fallout. Erika really brings this to life in their take on this style to deliver a more modern cartoon/animated look. We really enjoyed their entry and the ability to feature it here.

Craig_bruyn - Fan Artist - WINNER BEST FALLOUT FAN ART (Community Poll)

Fan Artist: craig_bruyn

Craig_bruyn has an instantly recognizable cartoon style that meshs so well with the world of Fallout. It is unserious, over exaggerated, and just feels like it would be at home in an animated tv series. I really liked this entry, and was excited to have the opportunity to include it.

Shinzchang - Fan Artist

Fan Artist: shinzchang

We really enjoyed shinzchang's style and water color effect in bringing Lucy to life. When we came across this fanart, we just knew it had to be included in our Fallout month.

Vimkerk - Artist

Fan Artist: Vimkerk

Vimkerk made our mouths drop when seeing the absolutley photo-hyper realistic art. I am not entirely sure how they bring their amazing pieces to life. I think it feels like some kind of 3D render art, while some look like ultra detailed sketeches. However they do this, their Fallout content is incredible.

Pillowtalkpinups - Fan Artist

Fan Artist: pillowtalkpinups

Pillowtalkpinups absolutely succeeds in blending the Amazon adaptations Lucy with the 1950's pin up style of this universe and games, in a way that honors the promotional images used to promote the show as well. We absolutely enjoyed their take on Lucy, and if you like pinup art style, you should certainly consider following them.

Atomic.cerulean - Fan Artist

Fan Artist: atomic.cerulean

When searching for artists for our May Fallout theme, it was immediately clear to us that Atomic.cerulean was a Fallout superfan! Their work just kept poppin up, and already with the show they had a plethora of art from the TV show as well as the games. It was hard to pick our favorites!

Novembercosplay - Cosplayer

Cosplayer novembercosplay

Photograph Credits: darwinimages

Novembercosplay is another amazing take on the Vaultgirl cosplay. We think what she really nails is the vibe and settings in her cosplay. She personifies her cosplay and brings it to life in fun ways.

Snowcrowe_renders - 3D Art / Renders

Snowcrowe always amazes us with their high quliaty and fun render arts. They take characters ingame and bring them to life in exciting ways. With all the hype surrounding Fallout lately, we really enjoyed the opportunity to include Snowcrowe in our May Theme Round Up.

Flowergirlbrooke - Cosplayer

We first discovered Brooke thanks to her fanstic Lara Croft, Aerith, DBH's Kara cosplays. When she dropped this epic Vaultgirl cosplay during our very own Fallout theme for the month of May, we were excited to sneak her amazing cosplay in at the last minute, and we couldn't think of a better way to end our Fallout theme month than with this epic shot! Sadly as this was a last minute finale, she was not a participant in our community voted creator poll, but this is a top tier cosplay in our book! Feel free to show some love for her work by following her here Flowergirlbrooke



Thank you for stopping by our Creator Round Up! Make sure to drop some follows for any creators here you enjoyed! If you would like to see us feature a particular creator or a particular theme you would like to see, let us know in the comments on this social post, or send us a DM!


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